Friday, June 30, 2017

No New Tale to Tell

You know summer is always the best time of year and its really been where I've had all my success on AM.  I met Alecia in May, Sandra in July, and Sandee in August.  So as the heat of summer comes over the Valley I get a little nostagic itch to see if I still have that same old Ryan message magic.  AM is a new game with a lot of new ladies in town, could they would they respond to an old Ryan or perhaps could we find a new Ryan.  Only time and about 25 credits will tell.  The amount of credits would be the amount that I have still on account across my two AM accounts.

So maybe just for the hay of it and to generate some final blog posts before I fade away to the dark web, I'll send some notes out to the AM world each month over the next few and lets see what happens.  I'll give you a little perspective, for what it worth, on what catches my eye.

To start out let's start with a note I've already written (as I'm usually writing about past events anyway).

PotomacDesires surprised me with an unsolicited note last month.  No, a wink from a 30-something lady is nothing new; probably an on-line host.  But she was "attached," didn't have a photo on her profile (bikinis on boats usually means host), was not ridiculously proportioned (e.g. not 5'10" and 110 pounds, again that typically means host or fishing), and actually had some feedback check marks that included the always important "better in person!"

Well I didn't think about it much at first, I'm in semi-retirement.  But then wait!  OMG, she has shared private photos!  I click, hmmmm...., interesting.  Shower image, a little cleavage, a little "cheeky" if you know what I mean but not overtly sexual.  I've gotten those overtly sexual private photos before, very good indication of somebody fishing for video sex/chat.  This seems plausible and overall a somewhat interesting profile though a bit brief.  Humble, again nothing screaming "online host."

OH, and she had looked at my profile.  Never write anyone who has not looked at your profile, even if they have winked or favorited, or sent you a big cherry gift. In fact if they do send you a gift don't write.  No woman who actually wants to meet a man is going to send a "virtual" cherry to some 40's something random guy on a social network!

Anyway here is PotomacDesires:

Am I looking for you?
  • Age: 33 (Aries)
  • Location: **********, Maryland, United States
  • Height: 5'4" (163cm)
  • Weight: 140 lbs (64kg) - Average/medium
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • My Limits: Whatever Excites Me
  • Status: Attached Female seeking Males
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
  • Smoking Habits: Never
Preferences and encounters I am open to:
I'm looking for a guy who can bring some spice into my life. Please be considerate and thoughtful if you wish to contact me. Can't wait to meet you.
Top of Form
Member Feedback:

gives good chat

pursues fantasies

worth the time

better in person

hot to trot


better over time

keeps promises


Well, I thought; what the heck, what's 5 credits among friends.  So I drafted my first note in a LONG, Long, long, time......

Ms. Desire,
You have a very friendly face that I'd like to see in person! So you're looking for some spice in your life. Well, I'm a foodie and my favorite spices are saffron and rosemary. They are ever so slightly sweet and tangy. They add to food's natural flavors by enhancing and not dominating. They make food not only interesting but tantalizing from the moment you recognize the aroma. That is how I am. I like people for who they are. I like people to feel free to be themselves with me. Like saffron and rosemary I enhance and allow people to go where they desire and I enjoy that journey with them.

Care to add some spices together along a certain journey in our lovely area? Some wonderful spiceful adventures along that river between us! Perhaps a walk, perhaps a wine tasting, perhaps just being in the moment between the river's current and the mountains. And then......

Well, let's talk about that.

Hope you have a wonderful night Ms. Desire,

Eh, not so bad for being out of practice.  Who knows?

As in the past any style critics are invited and appreciated!  :)

Btw, were you interested in seeing my for-real AM profile?  OK, here it is:

Just to Satisfy You
  • Age: 46 (Capricorn)
  • Location: Somewhere Near the Potomac, United States
  • Height: 6'0" (183cm)
  • Weight: 185 lbs (84kg) - Fit
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • My Limits: Undecided
  • Status: Attached Male seeking Females
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
  • Smoking Habits: Never
Preferences and encounters I am open to: edit
When I met you in the restaurant. I could tell you were no debutant.....

Just looking for someone who is cool and fun and we can be silly and slightly refined when absolutely necessary. But mostly just fun.

But I hope you won't see me in my ragged company. Because what we are all looking for is a magic kind of medicine that no doctor can prescribe.

And of course you will leave saying "some of your time is like one glass of water, it just keeps me thirsty for wine."

So lets not check boxes let's say shared passion and an opportunity to be completely "in the moment" with someone who is fascinating and shares joyous moments in a captivating alternative place just for us.

How about a bottle of red, a bottle of white. I'll meet you anytime you want in our Loudoun winery. Or perhaps take in the views at Great Falls or any other journey you wish!
What really turns me on: edit
A Professional/Well Groomed, Stylish/Classy, Sense of Humor, Relaxed and Easy Going, Discretion/Secrecy, Casual/Social Drinker

Someone who inspires, enchants, enthralls, bewitches, and beguiles me and challenges me to be at my best.

I enjoy someone with a wide range of interests and I don't mind a challenging opinion.
What I'm looking for: edit
Travel, Picnics, Fine Dining/Candle Lit Dinners, Cooking/Barbequing, Music Lover, Politics, Watching Sports, Playing Sports, Physical Fitness, The Outdoors/Nature, Romantic Walks, Wine Tasting, I Am a Social Drinker

I enjoy hiking, biking, basketball, working out at the gym, swimming, racquetball, and just about anything that keeps me active. I love touring local vineyards and am a bit of a "foodie" so I enjoy fine dining.
Member Feedback:

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Days in the Sun

"Days in the Sun will return
We must believe as lovers do
that days in the sun
will come shining through...."

My mom passed away unexpectedly five months ago.  She didn't suffer from what I could tell and for that I feel a subtle peace.  Many have said, with consoling words, it was good that way.  I have seen friends who have struggled as their loved ones have passed away slowly and it is a lingering pain for all.  I am glad we did not go through that.  And yet for us there has been the lingering slow denouement of her life.  The final scene is next week when we close on her house.  There is a paradox of relief balanced with the sadness that this is a part of our life that is now concluding.

Preparing for this has been the main aspect of my life these past five months.  I've not seen much of the gym or Sandee; certainly no Ashley Madison (probably a good thing) and very little time to blog.  Rather, each day the words of that song chime in my head as I remember the peace that her home has given me over the past several years.  I move a sleeper sofa and I remember the night we were snowed in and I watched Ella Enchanted with my girls and ate popcorn in front of the TV on that very spot.  I move the grill and remember all the peaceful Sunday afternoons I spent cooking out, sipping on a Yingling, and keeping track of the NASCAR race or perhaps the Redskin's game just inside.

The last five months have had stressful hurdles to move past, the neighborhood memorial where our local friends stopped by to tell us how much they enjoyed her as a neighbor.  It was tough getting the house ready for guests in addition to our own life close by.  We prepared her shrimp creole and in the end had a wonderful time, surprised at how much impact she had had on this community though she only lived her this last decade.  Then there was the memorial back home to plan.  I drove down two days ahead and completed final arrangements.  Again, stress then alleviated by the joy of seeing so many friends.  As we moved past winter the house had to be made ready for sale.  Much cleaning and organizing, a yard sale, moving treasured family items to others and to our home.  Then finding an agent and arriving on price and ultimately negotiating with potential buyers.

Through it all she has seemed alive and certainly a presence in our life.  At first it was the cats who had to be fed and taken care of daily; mail that needed to be gathered.  Often it was the flour we didn't need to buy because she had a bag at her house; oh, we don't need to buy Windex she has plenty.  The neighbor needs sheets for their daughter going to college, she has an extra set we can give them.  The tasks so mundane and yet pleasant that her house and yes she was still in our life in some small way.

When her older cat died it was sad but a relief.  The cat who she fed and then took into her home was very happy every time we came down to visit.  He slowly latched onto my daughter and then one day we were able to get him to our house.  Though we already knew him he is now becoming part of our home.

Her best friend came up to pick up some furniture for her son.  We decided to have a final cookout and dinner at her house.  I remembered during the meal to look around the table and take a mental picture for my mind's photo album.  There was happiness and joy around the table and it was good to savior that last hospitable moment in the house.

I moved much of the last furniture a few days ago.  Funny, it reconnected me with Alecia.  One of the families she helps is moving to a new place and has nothing.  I took over two rooms worth of furniture and a kitchen worth of supplies.  It feels good that a new family will sit on that couch in front of that TV and sleep on that bed and keep their clothes in that dresser.

But as I continue to hear that song I realize the melancholy lyrics and chords amplify the loss I feel of her and in the life that is moving on for all of us, the life that my daughters led partially growing up in that house, the meals we had on those Sunday afternoon and holidays, the peaceful times watching Big State U on that big HD TV.  I miss her and I am anxious at how this event has so clearly defined the line of demarcation to this next phase of our life.  I can't believe both of my daughters will be in high school next year and that we are starting to plan for college.  These are exciting times but also pensive and certainly leave me longing (as the song lyrics say) for easier days gone by.  I can't help feel the lifeline of my family's childhood slowly fading as we clear out the final belongings.

I guess in the end, beyond the pictures and the quilts her lingering presence will be a happy cat purring on a bench in front of the upstairs window.  I think she would be happy with that.

"I can't go back into my childhood, one that my (mother) made secure.  I can feel a change in me.  I'm stronger now, but still not free....."