Monday, December 9, 2019

Good People All, this Christmas Time

It's hard to believe it's been a year since I've put together a blog post.  I sort of stepped out of the way last year at this time ending at my 499th post.  It probably would be cooler for me to sit on 499 and shun the limelight of some perceived important plateau like 500 posts.  But Jz's cookie post calls to me so I'm going to blame her on my vanity.  It seems in vogue with the times.

Btw, times......, I always like to talk about the word of the year at this time each year.

And yet in these dystopian times (wait that was the word of the year in 1347).  In these *ucked up times, the word of the year is apparently "climate emergency" per Oxford and "existential" per, as in an existential climate emergency.  Hell, you can't even count on the Aussie's for comic relief!  The Australian National Dictionary Centre named "voice" as their word of the year.  As in I've found my "voice" to be bold enough to declare an "existential" "climate emergency."

Yesh, I just need some hot chocolate and a good Hallmark Christmas movie.
Oh, speaking of Hot Chocolate, that's my cookie this year.  Yeah, I know; hot chocolate is not a cookie but neither were the sausage balls or cranberry bread I submitted in year's prior.  You see I'm always in an "existential" crisis over following rules and since we are in a "climate emergency" and we don't have much more time to drink hot chocolate I think its best I find my "voice" and give you a great recipe.

This recipe comes from one of my favorite out of the way BBQ joints, the Hickory House in Jane Lew, WV.  Well if you are familiar with Jane Lew you would probably says its really closer to Weston but who am I kidding have any of you really taken the Jane Lew exit off of Rt 79 between Fairmont and Charleston?  Though if you haven't, you should!  But probably around Halloween.  The hot chocolate will still be good and you can go to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum about 5 miles down the road which really is in Weston, WV.   It will definitely scare you into an "existential" "(environmental) emergency" or at the very least you will find your "voice" with a loud scream!  :)

So anyway here is my (not so) cookie recipe!

Thanks for doing this Jz, you are existentially cool; even if you did temp me into this 500th post.  Shame on you!  

Psst...., Jz I'm really not mad at you.  I'm too southern to speak ill of someone in public, but I know you kind of like that kind of stuff.

Christmas Eve Creamy Hot Chocolate


*     1.5 Cups, Heavy Cream
*     6 Cups, Whole Milk
*     1 Can, Sweetened Condensed Milk (14 oz)
*     2 Cups, Milk Chocolate Chips
*     1 tsp, Vanilla Extract

*     Warm milk and heavy cream in Crockpot on medium
*     Once milk and cream warm stir in condensed milk, making sure it combines evenly
*     Continue to warm, do not allow milk to boil
*     Once mixture warm, slowly stir in chocolate chips in small portions until chips melted into liquid
*     Add Vanilly Extract, continue to stir to insure smoothly blended liquid

I did make this for a party last week and it is "existentially" rich and tasty!

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Have a cookie (recipe) from one of these great bloggers!

selkie  (blog here, recipe here)

And enjoy one of my favorite performers Allison Krauss perform a Wexford Carol


Same sassy girl said...

Hiya Ryan! Awesome to see your 500th post! And see a recipe I could make! So fun to share the cookie exchange with you! Have a fantastic holiday season! -Sassy

Jz said...

If you think I'm going to feel bad about tempting you to blog once more... Think Again!
I always enjoy your posts, as well as your recipes.
Plus now, apparently, you've also become my tour guide for all points south. (Let me know if you're headed up north and I'll reciprocate, k?)

That hot chocolate looks uh-MAZE-ing! Altho' I'm gonna be a rule-breaker myself and serve it a week late, on New Years Eve. (See what a rebel you're turning me into?)

Glad to see you, glad you played along, really glad to get this recipe!
Thank you, sunshine. :-)

messymimi said...

Thank you for the excuse to have both crock pots going at once, this sounds delightful!

Mrs Fever said...

In a crock pot!!! This will be fabulous for an at-work festive foods thing I have coming up -- thanks for sharing! :)

olivia said...

Hey, Ryan - great to see you here for this! It sounds so luscious - I will actually make this and love it. Thanks!

Lindy Thomas said...

Ryan thank you for sharing your hot chocolate recipe and the carol.
Hugs Lindy xx

ronnie said...

Sounds delicious. Ryan, thank you so much for sharing this recipe.


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