Saturday, September 30, 2017

And You Can Feel it All Around You, but it's Something You Just Can't Touch

Brett Favre, Muhammad Ali, Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights, Vanilla Ice, Van Halen....., sometime you should really know when to quit.  But you keep thinking, I still have a few more credits why not try a few more times and try to recapture that past glory.  So recently I've been scrolling through those 40-something profiles within 50 miles and looking for a lady between 5' and 5'10" that has written something "not canned" and does not have a profile photo in a bikini and makes no mention of wanting to have a "sausage party," or have a profile name like CumNGetit, all indications of an on-line host.  As an aside, with my new sign-ons to AM I sure have become popular in China, everyday some K-pop looking chic winks at me and sometimes they even send me a cherry imogi gift.  Who knew!?

But seriously I do have a few credits and just like Brett I can't walk away from that urge to throw one more TD pass.  So I continue to look for interesting ladies.

The other night it came down to three ladies.  One seemed very sweet, with a fogged picture of a brunette that appeared to be your third grade teacher.  All she wrote was "I'm looking for a man who can offer me the passion and excitement that is missing from my marriage," with no checks.  That just looked like a host with carpal tunnel and can't write anymore (seriously AM got a lawsuit once from a host who sued from getting carpal tunnel).  A 50 year that is 5'2" and 115 looked very interesting particularly given that she's into "daring rendezvous" and has 17 checks for "looks better in person!"  That has to be a slam dunk, right?!  But then again who wants sloppy 18ths on "pursues fantasies" and "salacious!"

So I settled on Alexa.  Here is Alexa's profile (slightly modified to protect the guilty).  I thought she was pretty interesting and who can resist the same Meyers-Briggs personality type as Jane Austen!  I speak Meyers-Briggs and happen to be, on some non-social days, an INTJ; except when I'm more in my Ryan personality and then I'm more ENTJ.  Anyway, she was too much of a challenge to pass up.  My note is below.  I thought it was pretty good!

Seeking Dom
  • Age: 49 (*******)
  • Location: *******, Virginia, United States
  • Height: 5'4" (157cm)
  • Weight: 125 lbs (59kg) - Fit
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • My Limits: Something Long Term
  • Status: Attached Female seeking Males
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
  • Smoking Habits: Never
Preferences and encounters I am open to:
Being Submissive/Slave, Bondage, Spanking, Blindfolding, Role Playing, Threesome, Open to Experimentation, Aggressiveness, Gentleness, Good With Your Hands, Sensual Massage, Extended Foreplay/Teasing, Likes to Give Oral Sex, Likes to Receive Oral Sex, Someone Who Can Teach Me, Likes to be Watched/Exhibitionism, Lots of Stamina, Dressing Up/Lingerie, Kissing

This is more than just hard sex. Has to be a physical attraction, first. Then, you have to be intelligent, quick-witted, and be able to string together more than two words to form a sentence. If you're the least bit arrogant or conceited, I will feel it. If you are not able, due to your schedule, or not interested, in daily communication, preferably a combination of e-mail, text, or another chat app., do not contact me. If you do not live in the DC Metro area, do not contact me If you have no sense of humor, really don't contact me. I expect well-educated, well-traveled, well-read. I have no time for game players or men who only want to chat erotically, so if that interests you, move on. And if we do decide to meet, dress like a Dom, not like a slob. A three piece suit, while not necessary, is noticed. Put some care into your dress. I expect to meet you at least one time to chat over a meal, to determine if there is any substance and depth, or if there is only a shallow surface. Most importantly, be discriminating, as I am very much so, and be capable of caring about a woman outside of the sex. I look for patterns and notice this more than words or your actions. Patterns speak volumes. I'm an INTJ. Read up on what that means before you contact me. If you do, you'll know much of what you need to know.
What really turns me on:
A Professional/Well Groomed, Stylish/Classy, Muscular/Fit Body, Sense of Humor, Imagination, Creative and Adventurous, Aggressive/Take Charge Nature, Confidence, A Good Listener, Good Communicator, Good Personal Hygiene, High Sex Drive, Dislikes Routine, Likes Routine, Has a Secret Love Nest, Disease Free, Drug Free, Casual/Social Drinker, Discretion/Secrecy
What I'm looking for:
Travel, Shopping for Sexy Clothes/Lingerie, Fine Dining/Candle Lit Dinners, Music Lover, Dancing, Theatre, Motorcycles, Visiting Adult Swing Clubs, Daring Rendezvous, Watching Sports, Playing Sports, Erotic Literature, Physical Fitness, Photography, Skinny Dipping, Long Drives, Wine Tasting, I Am a Social Drinker

Member Feedback:
gives good chat
pursues fantasies
worth the time
better in person
hot to trot
better over time
keeps promises

Here is my note to Alexa:

Wow Alexa, (Zodiac sign) and INTJ I feel like I need to write to myself. So what would turn me on in a note, let me think....? Oh wait you don't want arrogant and conceited. That's good because its really about how we feel together in that certain moment. Sure I'm confident but I'm confident enough to go on the journey side by side making sure each is equally fascinated by the trip.

So Ms INTJ did they tell you in school it's lonely at the top as an INTJ. Good to have someone to walk along side you that is as imaginative and thoughtful; and likes to be precise with plans. How's that for a run on sentence with WAY more than two words. So how about a walk at Great Falls and some wine tasting at a spot where we can discuss the change of seasons, your thoughts on Balanchine vs Vaganova, or even how the Nats will do in the playoffs and be back in time to beat rush hour. I'm balanced and precise that way!

I have a BS in Business, a Minor in English, and an MBA so I'm fairly thoughtful unless you are a *** grad and then my degrees from Big State U make me somewhat lacking in cognitive sophistication. But at least I can be self deprecating and funny!

So please take a few of your 2,000 available characters to tell me what inspires you so I can be a good listener!

And even though I'm an INTJ as well you don't have to just stick to the 5W's and H and just the facts, maam!

Take Care and have a great evening!


Well the next day I got two messages from AM in my in-box, YEAH!  But when I checked closer one was "priority message opened" and the other was "key access request."  Wow, Ms. INTJ, such mixed messages; I thought us INTJ's were all about "fish or cut bait."  OK, OK, so I sent her my private photos; all classy mind you!  No, chesty mirror shots, and private parts.  My favorite is me in front of the alligators at Disney!  Yes I think it says daring with enough liquidity to afford a pricey vacation as well!  :)

Unfortunately an hour later she pulled her profile.  DANG!

Or did I miss again
I think I missed again, oh
Oh, I missed again, oh
I think I missed again, oh......

Note:   As of this morning she is back on line but now do I spend another $79 to follow up????