Monday, December 6, 2010

OH Mexico! - Feel a fool running your stateside games

So its Easter week and my daughters have Spring Break.  Every year we take some big trip over the break to somewhere special.  My wife travels a lot for work and gets a lot of airline mileage and hotel points.  So we can go largely for free.

A quick aside and against humility just in case you were seeing me as a jerk.  Let me point out that Old Ryan makes a great single dad for the 2 or 3 days a week when the spouse is on the road.  Yes I do laundry, make up beds, put hair in ponytails, make breakfast, help with homework, coach basketball, and get daughters to ballet.  We can talk about some of that later as that blends into the story.

Anyway, Mexico is great.  We actually make a great family and we enjoyed time on the beach, at a water park, ocean kayaking, and a lot of great food.  An aside, my wife and I are both in the hospitality industry so we know good food but I won’t blend cuisine into the blog for now.  I do love traveling to California, Florida, the Caribbean, etc because the produce is so diverse and fantastic.  My wife and I are dedicated parents and we make great “parenting partners,” I heard that phrase a few months ago, another great happy PC term to describe unhappily married people who dutifully forge along.  There is a daycare at the resort but we don’t take advantage because the girls keep us happy and adult time is usually just detached and awkward.  I do spend one great night in the resorts fitness center on the stair climber and happily watching the NCAA Championship between Duke and Butler.  I won’t weave sports into this blog but that was without a doubt the best game I have ever seen.  And I hate Duke (that should not give me away but no I am not a UNC grad) but you have to admire how well the game was played.

So we have a great week relaxing on the beach.  The resort has some great activities at night like Limbo, Karaoke, Disco Night, etc.  My girls have great personalities and it was fun to see them have such fun.

However, admittedly I find myself often thinking about a pretty brunette woman in Harrisburg, PA and what I might be willing to do.


Anonymous said...

Hold on a second... Duke v. Butler game? You need to catch us up to speed on what's been going on since April. ;) I won't hold your hatred for Duke against you, yet.

Ryan Beaumont said...

What has been going on since is the whole point of the blog of course :) I actually love Duke the campus (been there often) just not the basketball team so much. I have some Duke stories further back in my vaults but I will say I have walked accross the floor of Cameron. What's your connection? Don't tell me your from NC because there is nothing but out of state plates on Duke's campus.

GLNO said...

Hey Ryan - love what I'm reading so far and there is NOTHING wrong with interweaving some sports along the way. From my blog you will know I love the sports!!!!

I totally identify with the "parenting partners" concept as it explains me and my husband perfectly!

Funny - there are a lot of things already that I'm reading here that we have in similar - can't wait to keep reading!!!