Friday, May 16, 2014

FFF - Bridal Woes

Hey FFF is Back at Ad Court

"Not now mom!"  I said hanging up the phone.  She always had a way of calling me at the most inconvenient time.

And then I realized she was calling to hear the good news, so she supposed.  Dear God H you ass hole!  How could you!  Not only did you plan this stupid *hit you had to go and tell my mom.  Of course this has been her dream all along but you should know it's not mine.  And sure all the girls in my high school would have wanted this type of romance but I'm not that type of girl.

Now I'm just sitting here, head in hands, wondering how you could be the best *uck ever.  How could you be there when I need and want you and off signing clients when I don't.  You made yourself into just the guy I crave enough never to lose interest.

I thought tonight was just another one of your silly games.  I've enjoyed being your French Maid or little school girl.  I even enjoyed going to that crazy costume party down in Newport Beach as John and Yoko and then having sex on the beach.  You always seemed to kick sex up into another gear when we played dress up.  Oh geez, speaking of kicking it into another gear; wow that night I was your upscale biker *itch and you screwed me up against your classy Beezer*.  Too much - and so much fun.

But mom once said "a leopard doesn't change it's spots."  I always took that to mean ass holes will be ass holes.  I didn't realize that nice guys will eventually show their spots and try to be nice guys even when they are with "not"-nice girls.

Yeah, when you said dress as bride and groom and meet at the Ritz I did think it was another silly game.  And then you had to go and ask that stupid question that ruins everything.

You know this is not what I want.  So now I have to decide between you and freedom.  Why can't I just have your dick and eat it too and stay happy and single as well!

*uck you H!

More vintage hot chics on Euro motorcycle pictures:

*    Note - a Beezer is a "colloquial" term for a British made BSR motorcycle where BSR stands for British Sterling Revolver.  I've never owned a Beezer but I heard the name many years ago when reading Hell's Angels.  The author, Hunter S. Thompson, rode one with the Angels back in the 60's.

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Daring to be Darling said...

Pretty much couldn't stop laughing all the way through, then I got to:
"Why can't I just have your dick and eat it too " and cracked up!
Too funny Ryan !!

Thank you for reading my blog btw :-)