Friday, September 12, 2014

FFF - Burning Man

We've Got a Steaming Hot Punk Mess of an FFF Today!

date -  September 1, 2019

The dust and smoke is settled now on the playa, people are moving around, and I'm back to reality.

My darling Devon!
I saw her on the first day and thought I recognized her.  "It's that odd girl from school; the one always looking at me."  But I never thought much about her although something told me she would be hot in bed.  I speculated that beneath those ill-fitting clothes was one luscious body.  All the girls here were toned and tanned which made me wish ever so slightly to taste that sweet creamy alabaster skin and stare into those deep blue eyes.

On the second night she approached me.  She had confidence, no longer the demure girl from then.  I felt like stalked prey.  I think she was glad I couldn't remember her name.  She replied "that's right nobody remembers my name from school but I'm Devon now. Say the right things this week and I doubt you will forget me again."  Then she walked away.

The last night at midnight as the playa burned she crawled into my tent.  Without a word she pulled me close and forced her tongue into my mouth and grabbed my crotch.  She then bent down pulling my pants with her and taking me into her mouth.  After a time she looked up and smiled and said "let's finish this."  She pushed me down and mounted me.  Looking at those soft milky breast and blue eyes brought me quickly to a finish.

The next morning I woke up to her gazing at me.  I couldn't think of what to say but I stammered "you know I never said anything to you last night." "Yes baby," she replied smiling; "you said just the right thing."

She got up and started walking out.  I grabbed her and exclaimed "don't go, I think I love you."  Devon replied "oh baby, this isn't love, this is illusion leading us back to reality," and continued out of the tent.  I followed behind, squinting as the morning sun and smoke attacked my eyes.

A girl laying near us exclaimed as she peered under her Steam Punk goggles, "Devon you slut were you fucking him instead of me last night.  I thought I heard you screaming; damn you!  The bitches will make you pay now!"

The punk girl then sat up and pulled up the tarp on which she had been lounging revealing a throng of hot lesbians just now waking from the previous night's orgy.

Devon looked back and sheepishly said "so it was great seeing you again and thanks for letting us know what all the fuss was about.  I guess I better get back to reality now.  They (smiling and pointing at the girls) get so jealous.  Take care of yourself."

I think I said "great seeing you too."  But I was really just trying to figure out fact from fantasy amid the rugged self-reliant illusion of Burning Man.

OK, so I used a forbidden word but the title to the post shouldn't count, right?  Oh wait I used in at the end as well.  Anyway Ad the picture was from the frickin' Burning Man festival, how can I not use that word!

I think I used more than my allotted words as well, as usual.  But then again it's my suggestion so sue me!  :)

Extra Credit:  This may be cheating as I can't say I've ever worn something crazy during an orgasm.  But on one Halloween I did dress up in a girls waitress uniform.  It belonged to a girl I was chasing and later I did catch her so in a way that crazy uniform lead to an orgasm.  And yes I was pretty slim in college, slim enough to fit into that jean skirt - here is the story.

OH and look what I found:

The Girls of Burning Man!
take a look

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Advizor54 said...

Rules are made to be broken, especially at burning man.

I'm trying NOT to imagine you in a denim skirt, so thank you for wanting to poke my brain out with a stick.

True story - I met a girl at a bar, made out with her in the parking lot, got SCREAMED at by her female lover as she realized what was going, it was a Great and Horrible moment.

Thank for joining in, you are welcome any and every time.