Monday, March 16, 2015

Here Comes the Mirror Man, Says He's a People Fan

My Experiences on Ashley Madison

Just in case you have not picked up on it there are two things I'd like to tell you about myself today:  1)  I have a high need to be needed and love giving my opinion, 2)  I have just a bit of an ego.  Really, I think it's just those two combined that have always produced a need in me to be recognized for thoughtfulness or simply producing something worth reading.  I love the Ben Franklin quote, if one wishes to be famous "write something worth reading or do something worth writing."

I always got a big kick in high school and college writing for the school newspaper.  Even when pledging a fraternity I had the unique goal of getting an article published in the national magazine which I eventually accomplished.  That idea of writing something worth reading and doing something worth writing has probably been why blogging has been such a joy.

OK, one other thing about me, I often segue.

"Here Comes the Mirror Man" is a 1982 release by the Human League.  It hit #2 on the UK charts and was a minor hit in the US.  The beat is a tip of the authors hats to their love of Motown, as you can hear those influences in the background vocal "ooohhhh ahhhs."  The Human League's lead singer, Philip Oakley, later revealed that the "Mirror Man" referred to in the song alluded to Adam Ant and the song was a cautionary tale warning one to not lose touch with reality.

About a month ago I was approached, as were a lot of you out there in the blogosphere, about producing an article or simply answering a series of questions about my experiences on Ashley Madison for a new sexuality blog/platform.  Of course when you start the introduction to me with

  "We are constantly on the lookout to feature interesting and talented guests on our magazine to promote their work and have them share their opinions with our readers."

you kind of have me at hello!  :)

Wow, that really does look like me!  :)
The Managing Editor sent me a list of questions and I said I would get back to him in a few days.  Of course with me I couldn't just answer the questions, I needed a theme.  Luckily XM radio came to the rescue as it always does.  On the way home one afternoon I heard that Human League song "Here Comes the Mirror Man" and along with some sports analogies I had my thoughts in order.  There is no sense in me re-writing those thoughts here so please click on the link above at the start of this post and read the article for yourself along with the other many interesting articles in the on-line magazine.  I believe one of our friends Kitty produced an article as well for us to enjoy!

The one other thought I will leave you just to elaborate here a little on that article is this:

"you can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest.  Honestly it's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they are going to do something incredible stupid!"

Now I've used that quote many times but it does sort of coordinate with the message of the "Mirror Man."  Or to quote Shakespeare, "to thine own self be true."  As odd as it might be to say in the murky swamp that is Ashley Madison, there is no better place to be honest with others but more importantly to yourself.  Ashley Madison can provide validation, brutal honesty, a referendum, and/or many other things that can give you a healing band-aide for a few moments or perhaps to just look into the mirror and see what the world sees in you.  You can get that vision and perhaps begin a healing process or a transformation but that can only start with being honest with yourself.  If you try to be a mirror man that thinks the world will be enamored with your bo-flex chest and abs you are likely to just get back the false light of hubris and a lot of read and deleted messages.  But in those murky waters of AM honesty is likely to yield the affirmation you seek.

As the song says:

"the water shines, a pebble skips across the face....  a dozen times then disappears, not a trace left behind.  The thrower turns and walks away.  A change of mind another start, a brand new day...."

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