Friday, July 24, 2015

Every Day We Have to Look in the Mirror

Sing the Underwear Song!

In my life I've always been about success through association.  So when I read about Tommy John underwear and their pursuit of the solution to the eternal question "why men feel strange about purchasing underwear," I was intrigued!  I thought to myself, the world needs Ryan Beaumont's comforting support in solving this shaky problem because lord knows I have the balls and the awkward approach to approach such an awkward dilemma!

In thinking about my response I immediately started digressing and thinking about some association that makes purchasing underwear fun and not at all strange.  I say this because I have absolutely no hangups with purchasing underwear.  In fact I quit enjoy it and it has provided me with some rather fun and enjoyable experiences.

Men's natural tendency is to think about underwear from a utilitarian perspective.  Does this undershirt stay tucked in?  Do I have to pull my dick out of the hole all the time?  All important stuff you know.  But can we as men aspire to a higher level of underwear self actualization!  In thinking about this I found that men only buy underwear for 17 years of their life, so perhaps it's not about having a hangup as much as simple laziness or being unimaginative about buying underwear.  I say between mom and your wife, use that period of your independent underwear buying life to establish notoriety and use it as a jumping off point to establish a sexy bond with your significant other.  Simply put let's talk about stepping up your game guys!

Let's explore an association and find out why men should relish the opportunity to seek and procure undergarments and in fact use it to their advantage!  Recently I wrote an article about Dads.  In it I talked about how much women love to adorn things.  You know what I'm talking about throw blankets and pillows on couches, matching towels and soap dishes.  Even if you only use that downstairs bathroom twice a month, your wife has to have just the right vanity and towel bar.

I say men are the ultimate accessory for women.  How we look says a lot about who they are and more importantly their sense of style and taste.  So let them give you advice on just the right skinny pants and shoes to wear and the perfect tie for that Brooks Brothers shirt and suit.  But don't end there, remember that soap dish in the downstairs bathroom; it matters to her.  And just like that soap dish what's going on downstairs, or rather underneath all that fashion, matters to her as well.  Get her involved, make it fun.  For Christ sake, let her shop with you for underwear.  It will lead to something, trust me!

Over the past few years Sandee and I often meet at an outlet center between where we work.  Often it's just for coffee but on a few occasions I've needed to shop for something such as a belt or shoes.  On one occasion I needed a belt.  I was using a gift card to pay and had a few bucks left.  Then the question was, what else to buy?  As is often the case boxers and briefs were near the cash register counter as an impulse purchase.  I jokingly told Sandee to pick out a pair she wanted to see me in or better yet pull off of me.  What was a joke turned into a sexy playful game of pick out the best pair of undergarments for Ryan.  Ryan is a fall so is maroon with anchors best?  Perhaps the forest green with elephants, or should we go patriotic with American flags.  We picked the forest green but really it didn't matter, it got us to thinking about how we looked underneath our work clothes and how much we wanted to see one another in those undergarments.  What was utilitarian became sexy in an instant and trust me the next time we met intimately I had that pair of underwear ready for her to take off!  :)

I do in fact own several pairs of Tommy John boxer briefs.  I do like that secure feeling.  I have found we do look so much better in well fitting clothes.  Cheap clothes are really made to fit a wide audience.  Better manufactured clothes are a bit more expensive but are also more intentional about how they adorn the human body.  Well fitting clothes frame and then shape and allow our shoulders and hips to form the underlying architecture of our body.  Ill fitting clothes make us look sloppy, well fitting clothes make us look sharp and well put together.

So I guess the message for today is be intentional about what you wear outside and inside and make it a fun thing to enjoy with those you enjoy!

Authors Notes:  As a Kenyan Anti-Colonial Socialist I of course abhor shamelessly promoting commercial products.  When I first started this blog and was fed numerous money making opportunities to merchandise my blog, I always turned away for the sake of art (that's your opportunity to laugh)!  But you know my ego and hubris can always be gotten and will usually over-take my morals when scratched just the right way.  So that is why today I relent and discuss underwear.  After all this is about the evolution of the human experience, or so my Id tells me when in conflict with artistic morals!

Hey can you believe there is an Underwear Expert blog!?

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.  So in keeping with the flow enjoy this fun Underwear song -

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