Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Senorita, I’m in Trouble Again, and I Can’t Get Free, Hear Exactly What the Doctor Ordered, Come and Talk to Me

Everyone likes a little old Van Halen, right?  To put me on a timeline my first big concert out with the guys and no adult supervision was on the Van Halen 1984 tour.  I think it was about 4 or 5 of us and we had a case of Old Milwaukee.  Unfortunately for me we ate at Wendy’s before drinking and I was stuffed and I just wasn’t able to drink fast enough to get drunk before the concert which was perturbing me.  So I “shotgunned” a beer to expedite and then promptly regurgitated my Wendy’s double cheeseburger just outside the car door (of course it may have been the “Old ‘swill”).  Oh well, the concert was great and at least I was able to be safe driver going home.  And, in hindsight, I’m glad I got to see them before they turned into Van Hagar (although 5150 is a great album in its own right).  Sorry, that memory probably doesn’t go well with this blog entry but so what this is my story.

So I drive over to Alecia’s office and ask for her at the front desk.  Alecia told me before that the receptionist will just think I am a business contact, I am in business attire so everything should be OK and it is close to the end of the day anyway.  In fact in her message she said we are all “tanked out” meaning jeans and tank tops – this may be interesting.  So I wait a few minutes nervously looking at some pamphlets.  Finally I hear a somewhat familiar voice coming down the hall.  And around the corner is Alecia.  Yep, I can safely check “looks better in person,” on her AM profile if I were that type of guy (I don’t leave checks on AM btw, I like to keep things to myself good or bad).  Alecia is in a cute burgundy tank top which reveals her fantastic tan and beautiful long toned arms.  She has long strait brunette hair just parted to the side.  She has a fairly big, dangly, and somewhat “earthy and native-American’ish” silver necklace.  She is wearing very tight, straight leg jeans (my daughter calls them skinny jeans), and elegant black high heel sandals.  And, as I said, her face has that tough but very attractive Pink (the singer) look.  I also quickly note, little make-up, just naturally attractive.  I let her walk a bit ahead as we go back to her office and she looks FANTASTIC.  A side note, we don’t often recognize how important shoulders are in appearance.  To get that great female silhouette and for cloths to “hang well” straight, well toned, and long shoulders (equal to hips) are a big plus.  I am definitely a leg man, but shoulders are important.

So we sit in Alecia’s office and talk for about 30 minutes.  She tells me more about her work and her family and her home.  She lives in a big house on about 40 acres on land her husband’s family owns.  She has a pool and a lot of ATV trails.  She is sounding very cool.  Apparently her husband is pretty selfish, absent, and career driven.  Let me also pick back up with her career.  She is more of an occupational therapist/job and life skills coach, working with the mentally and physically disabled on life skills and placing them into training and job opportunities as well as organizing transportation to job sites.  So by now I am not as psyched-out.  She takes a call while we are talking and one of her staff sticks there head in the door and it is very comforting to see her interact with others, she is very confident and candid but also very warm and caring.  She then takes me on a tour of her office.  There are a lot of rooms for training, skills assessment, etc.  We actually make a connection here because I have done some non-profit work in this life skills area.  I think she really enjoyed talking about and showing off her work to someone who was interested.

Things finish well and she walks me to my car.  She had already given me her business card and cell phone number and said she would be in the car tomorrow traveling with some time to talk.  So we have a 9 am cell phone date for tomorrow.  She gets ahead of that always awkward ending by saying she would kiss me but it was not a good place, she says “we’ll have to save that for later.”  I watch her as she walks away, she has a great walk!  After about 10 paces she turns back to me and smiles and waves.  Wow, she is really cool, I am liking this!

When I get back to my office I have the following note in my inbox:

“wanted to share I completely enjoyed meeting you R.. I found you extremely handsome..articulate.. And.. You left me with the desire to want to learn more.. I hope I left you feeling the same.. Im glad the initial meeting is out of the way.. Now if we choose we can focus on the journey.. What were your thoughts driving home”? Are you smiling

So I guess she likes me as well.

The next day we do talk on the phone for about 30 minutes.  Again, the conversation is very natural.  She really does most of the talking.  She has a meeting at her daughter’s school that afternoon and a lot of soccer and baseball is coming up.  Again, I really actually enjoy listening more than talking.  We make tentative plans to go to lunch the next week.  Over the next few days she texts me (I e-mail back) often.  She says it’s like a scene from the movie “You’ve Got Mail.”  Being cute I write her a note and address it to Meg.  Later I get this angry e-mail saying

            “you called me meg, im not meg…. I hope you and meg find what you are looking for….

Fortunately, I get the following text before I read the above text:

Dear Tom,  OMG.. I am so very sorry...LOLLOL.. Im incrediblly exhausted from my work day..  It took me an hour to figure out who Meg was... LOLLOL.. I went outside to sit by the pool and WHAM.. It hit me..  Im Meg... Hopefully youre laughing as much as I am right now..

Wow, ain’t jealousy great!

So the following Tuesday we have our first date.

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Anonymous said...

I think it is pretty gutsy to have your first meet up at either's office. Don't make me worry about you being reckless.