Friday, June 28, 2013

FFF - Stratagem

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"Thomas remember you said that if I won it would be my turn to do whatever I wanted."

"Yes darling, but the game is not over just yet."

"Oh Thomas, what is your stratagem now when mine is to only give myself to you."

"My dear Vicki remember,

Till willful loss of game atwixt two queens surprise me…”

"Oh Thomas why must you think in quotes and live for polo when all I want is to devour you!"

"Patience, my love.  The King's game can be such lovely foreplay.  Will you now take my pawn?"

"Yes I take your pawn and off come my panties.  You are quite coquettish but your center is now quite defeated and my Queen commands the board.  In two moves I'll have you in check.  And Thomas remember that this game is only a lovely foreplay when we end at mate!  Will your black now surrender to me."

"Oh my lady, how should one playing with the like of thee avoid being beaten?”

"Thomas do stop that, we are not in the Arabian Nights.  If you were not so delicious your theatrics would soon quite bore me.  Why must it be so hard with you."

"Because my dear nothing easily won is quite worth it in the end.  But my dear perhaps you are too anxious and have exposed your Queen.  Here, I can castle there and prolong the game for at least 15 more moves or at least enough to meet my gents for our afternoon chukker.  Think about those next moves or those panties will have been removed for naught."

"Thomas!  Really!  Why must it be so hard to fuck you!  When that is all I really want to do!  You have men rob banks for you, yet you don't need the money.  You play polo, golf, and ride that machine of yours for what experience I don't know.  I should have turned you in when I had the chance so the world could be rid of your churlish behavior.  And yet I hang on hoping that one lucky move may win you some day."

HNT - Ryan squares off against Sanee!
"Vicki don't you know once you win something you've mastered it and once you've mastered it then defeating it is no longer a sport."

"Thomas you are not a sport to me!  That night in Bangkok when you were finally rid of your adventures you took me places I didn't know existed.  Don't tell me you mastered me and now are off to your next adventure."

"There you go Vicki, the want in your eyes is all I need to yield (moving his hand to his king and slowly toppling it to the board).  I think those gents can wait until tomorrow for a chukker.  Will your Queen now take my castle.  I believe I have not yet mastered you and our adventure is yet to be experienced."

Take a look at this sexy game between Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway from the 1968 version of the Thomas Crown Affair


cammies on the floor said...

I would lose to a woman anxious to mate me as well. Well done, I quite feel like the lady most days, anxious and often expected to wait on a lover.

Word said...

Very nice. I liked your version of cat and mouse. :) And there is no sweeter loss than the one you give up on purpose.

(side note, your blog colors make is very difficult to read!)

Advizor54 said...

See, this is why checkers always beats chess, you get to start jumping each other right away.

:-) You've got a lot of high brow talking going on this week, putting the rest of us murders and ruffians to shame.

Thanks for being on the list!!

Same sassy girl said...

I feel totally outclassed! Amazing words, great music and very sexy movie clips! Wow! I wouldn't have seen all that from one sexy photo! Great FFFing with you!

Unknown said...

Nice plays on words. And the addition of the video was a plus. I love how he teases her right up until the end and gives in just in time.