Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ryan's Repeats - 88 Lines About 44 Women (bloggers)

You know as I go through the blog I remember posts I forgot about.  Last month in a fit about comments I re-posted my Airline Meet 'n Seat post.  But last week when I was looking for a June, 2011 post to re-post I remembered this post which actually is the post that had the most legitimate comments. I also got a comment from Ms Inconspicuous which was always an even more special and rare treat than a comment from Riff.  I think the only comment I ever valued more was probably from Kimberly Errant Wife when I made her "lmfao!"  But I guess I'll have to get to that post next month.

But what I really enjoyed about reviewing this old post was remembering those past bloggers that (now so unfortunately long gone) were the "it" bloggers when I first started out.  Wow how I tried to emulate Riff and admired Ms I, Elle, Kim and how much I looked forward to posts from Holly.  I miss those days and I miss those bloggers but I do have fond memories.  Hopefully this is a nice way to remember as well.

But really some advice here, nothing gets comments like mentioning other bloggers and putting links to everyone's blog.  Maybe that's why I got so many comments on this post.  I guess maybe that goes along with that "attracting more bees with honey" thing I heard once.

Anyway this is a cute but rather silly song.  I can only hope you think the same of this blog!  :)

Author's note:  as I was writing this post I was also thinking about that Jim Carroll song "These are the People Who Died."  Jim Carroll btw is the author of the autobiography "The Basketball Diaries" that was later made into a movie and starred Leo DiCaprio as Carroll.  More useless info from Ryan I guess!

But I finished this song with the lyrics mentioning Holly as I always felt a kindred spirit with her.  That Jim Carroll song ends with the lyrics "and Eddie I miss you more than all the others and I salute you brother; this song is for you my brother."

And so for all those old bloggers this song (and post) is for you my brothers!  :)

Ryan's Repeat
from June 20th, 2011........

The other day Richard Blade from XM's First Wave played the song below by the Nails.  Please take a quick listen to get the rhythm.  Rarely in my life do moments of inspiration occur for me, let's face it - I'm not that deep!  But by the end of the ride I decided that I owed the world and more importantly the women of the bloggosphere an Ode!  So soon I started to mentally write my version of 88 Lines about 36 Women (& 24 Bloggers) - my ode to some of the ladies who inspire me!

88 Lines About 36 Women (& 24 Bloggers)
by Ryan B

Belle Amie was the first to Follow
Now I'm sure she doth think me Hollow
Kimberly was my first girl blog desire
If I could have her I know I would retire
Jane you are so non-PC
You must think me a complete weenie
Misty one day I'll see you at the track
If I do I probably won't come back

Hmmmm...Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mmmmmmm

Southern Red I love your town
I'm just so glad you didn't drown
Agnes why are you so fraught
Come stay with me I'll make sure we don't get caught
Scarlett your boy names sound so English
Ryan's Irish how'd you like that dish 
Wave Rider that profile pic is fun, it fills me with glee
I drive right past it don't you see

Hmmmm...Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mmmmmmm

Rocker Girl that girl is you
What's on your mind tell me true
Ella I like when you write of the Shire
I'd be glad to jump on, I'm for hire
J you seem to like your vodka
Wow, nothing rhymes just let me be your Screwdriva'
Me you say you want some suga'
Change that to salt and chase me down with tequila

Hmmmm...Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mmmmmmm

Lady Inconspicuous I love that you like bluegrass
But my o' my you have one fine as. (pair of eyes) :)
Elle you are so young and fine
If I were not so old I'd make you mine
Coquette if Riff is not enough for you
Fly to DC, we know how to screw
And Riff some say you are a gal
So that is why I include you now

Hmmmm...Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mmmmmmm

Pocket Rocketz your FFF's are fun
But don't let that mascara run
Suburban Mom I'm sure you're hot
But I'm a foodie too, I enjoy reading what's in your pot
Dusty Bunny your blog is a bit creepy
Counting down to Halloween I see, I still read it with glee
Sadie, wow you wrote the book
Now what can I do to get a look

Hmmmm...Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mmmmmmm

OK so since I don't read enough
Let's search my blog to get more stuff
Miranda you seemed so cute and sassy
A secret pic from your wedding now that was classy
Beach Bunny you're always online
I write and write to no reply
Suzanne you said I was an ass
I'm sure you're not to be the last

Hmmmm...Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mmmmmmm

Ciao Bella you really like your shoes
I wish I could've taken off those Jimmy Choos
E Red you want a Sugar Daddy
I'm not real liquid but I know you'd like this laddy
Brian are you looking for the walrus?
That was John but what about us
Renee sometimes I still see you at the gym
No rhyme hear 'cause in my mind I just say damn your fine

Hmmmm...Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mmmmmmm

Alecia you never did say no
You just didn't tell me where to go
Sandra thanks for all you do
Yeah that's an easy rhyme 'cause I surely like doing it with you
Leah you love to chat and chat
I wonder if you'd actually come back
Keeley ooh I loved that accent it was a wonder
You made me enjoy it all down under

Hmmmm...Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mmmmmmm

Spring Flower I wrote about your dreams
Now I want to make you scream
GLNO for some reason your travels seem like my wife
but its no cause I think for strife
Cracklin' Rosie your a store bought woman
but you make me sing like a guitar hummin'
Sorry Rosie I didn't mean to steal
'Cause your comments always keep it real

Hmmmm...Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mmmmmmm

 Shannon dear I list you here
But you truly make me need to drink a beer
Because I take all your shit
Surely you'd let me lick your clit
And since I just cut the grass
Why oh why can't I have some (gl)ass
Ah but dear you are still so fine
I wish I still enjoyed you slowly like sweet red wine

Hmmmm...Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mmmmmmm

Kat you know you have such class
You tell us how to *uck your ass
And I know your always on the prowl
One day I would like to make you howl
Holly I save you for last
'cause reading you I always have a blast
But Holly dear I think I like you best
One day you might just be my quest

Hmmmm...Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mmmmmmm

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You ever notice how this blog always seems to post things right after Riff posts something???  Don't you just hate a shameless leech!  :)  Hey, and I just moved up to reading on a 5th grade level so if I missed you be patient, I'm trying to catch up - I'm sure I can come up with more stupid lyrics somewhere down the road!


Same sassy girl said...

Ah, the memories. So many of these women helped me directly and indirectly.

I am such a doofus sometimes... sat here for a long time trying to figure out why I didn't get a mention and then it hit me... I wasn't blogging then! Ha ha ha.

Ryan Beaumont said...

@ Sassy - darn, I wish you hadn't stopped to think about it, I'd of loved to see you go all Diva on me for leaving you out! :)

I think I had you in my Seuss post a few months ago though!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ryan,

Those certainly were the good old days, when all our favorite bloggers were actively writing. As you well know, you have always been a favorite of mine, and no doubt, we are kindred spirits. And I'm still here, even though I've faded into the background ;)