Sunday, July 14, 2013

To the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show

Or I'll Remove the Cause but Not the Symptom!

Man it's been a long time since I've seen Rocky Horror.  I remember sneaking in a six pack into the theater and watching it at that late show in college back in the day.  In retrospect I'm sure that the chicks who dressed up like Janet and ran around the theatre in their undies were not quite as hot as Susan Sarandon.  But at that point I generally had on my "beer goggles" so it was all good to me!

You know I write this blog and I come up with musical lyrics for my titles for each post.  Because of that you would probably think all I think about is music.  But people who really know me know I don't walk around quoting musical lyrics.  No, in fact, I actually spend most of my time quoting movies.  It's simpler than coming up with my own thoughts, just like using music lyrics is easier than coming up with my own titles.

But of course I would not use movie quotes for titles because that would be too obvious if someone who knew me ever read this blog!  :)

But it hit me just the other day that the perfect way to meld by mind and my blog would be through that ultimate cult classic, the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  And no I'm not really a transvestite doctor from outer space!

What does have me thinking about the Rocky Horror Picture Show is what Sandee and I did last week.

Sandee is so fun because I can always be myself around her.  In real life I have not seen anything other than a "kid friendly" movie in probably 5 years.  I think the last movie Shannon and I saw together was Up in the Air, which just made me come away thinking that I had just watched Shannon on film in the form of Alex for the past 2 hours.  Sandee on the other hand loves movies and particularly loves Will Ferrell.  As you might guess I like Will Ferrell also!  We saw the Campaign together some time ago.  The other quirky thing Sandee loves is horror movies - she can't get enough of them.  We did see the Hunger Games together which was fine but I'm not really into the slasher/monster/vampires vs werewolves vs zombies stuff.  Finally Sandee did get me to watch a scary movie a few months ago.  It kind of sucked but we had fun.  The only troubling thing was the movie was set in and around DC and even had some remote scenes set in areas I knew well so I walked away a little spooked.

Anyway, I'm rambling.  All those movies we saw in the daylight; slinking away to an afternoon matinee with all the other creepy people who have nothing better to do on a Tuesday at 3 pm than to see killer teen tributes fight one another on screen (btw - go District 12; that's home you know)!

But all you bloggers of this genre know that one thing that we want most but get the least is that opportunity to feel normal or, let's be real, get to see one another after the sun goes down.

Last week Ryan had some alone time which only happens about once per year.  On this special night Sandee too was available.  And what better way to celebrate our alone-ness than to be together at the Late Night Picture Show!  In this case it was World War Z, something I knew Sandee would like.

Did someone say Free Slurpee Day!
We met at the theatre at 9 pm.  My first thought as I watched Sandee get out of her car - WOW!  It is so nice when a gorgeous woman takes the time to look her most gorgeous for you.  Sandee was in a tight, cotton, low cut sundress and smelled wonderful and had a big wide smile as she walked up to me.  For my part I enjoyed her seeing me in my normal non-work attire of shorts, a "muscle tee shirt (sorry to brag)," and sandals.

I paid for the tickets and we got our seats in the back of the theatre.  Now if I was Kat, I'd be writing about how Sandee gave me a blow-job about now.  Wait, if I was Kat I'd be giving the blowjob.  Wait, that's gross!  Forget about it; I'm not Frank-N-Furter nor am I Kat.

Well, I'd like to say (like Kat) we had copious amounts of hand jobs and oral sex in the back of the theatre but frankly I was trying to make sure I was not giving everybody a golden shower at the shock of Zombies jumping out at me!  Yes, I'm a little bit of a fraidy-cat when it comes to spooky movies.   Sure that's TMI but this is a blog, who cares!  Sandee was so sweet though and didn't give me a hard time about it!  :)

But the movie finally ended and I survived.  We walked out toward the cars and I knew I just couldn't say goodbye.  We went for a drive in Sandee's car and just talked for about 30 minutes.  When we got back to the theatre we kissed in Sandee's car for a great length of time.  Unfortunately it was quiet cramped.  I invited her over to my van and we kissed goodnight for some time more.

Normally I'm a very in control type of person.  In spite of the opportunity the night presented itself I had not really thought about the possibility of spending the night together.  However, as she now sat in my lap in my arms with her hands massaging the back of my head impulse commanded me to ask "would you like to come home with me."

She didn't say no.

We continued to kiss.  I was not sure if no answer meant yes or no.  Should I stop kissing her, let her return to the passenger side of the car, and drive away?  Should I offer a hotel instead?

Unfortunately for all her attributes a negative with Sandee is a lack of communication.  Frankly, I think at that moment I could have just commanded her to come home with me.  But I'm not that kind of guy.

I pressed again.  I knew the answer that she wanted to give.  Should I push for it.  I was pretty sure if I was forceful I could get her to do almost anything at that moment.

I asked again, "do you want to come home with me."

Guys, hint here:  never ask twice.  If she didn't say yes the first time it either meant no or that she just didn't want to say yes.  If you ask a second time it's just going to be no.  Best bet, take no answer as yes, she'll let you know if she really meant no.

That being said there is still honor in being a gentleman and asking a second time.

Her answer was a qualified no.  Unfortunately Sandee was not completely alone that night.  The husband was in town and was now texting and asking when she was going to be home.  He knew she was going to the movie and thanks to her quirkiness knew that she was prone to late night drives and coming and going as she pleased.  Most of the time she was out for late night drives because he had driven her off with his anger.  Apparently he did this too.  Bottom line there was still some time tonight but it wasn't going to be an all-nighter.

And then for the first time ever Sandee put forth an option.  She softly said to me "I have to get home fairly soon but I know a place we can go for a little bit."

That place was down a country road and then a right into a forgotten development started and then stopped abruptly many years ago when people stopped building new homes around here.  Now there was only a forsaken gravel road to a forgotten cul-de-sac where houses were meant to be.  But nothing was there now except the edge of the forest, the fire-flys, and the gentle soft sounds of the night.

I parked and we got into the back of the van.  I felt a little sleezy as I just am not a "do-it in the car kind of guy (although I have done it there before)."  I say that not because I am unimaginative, it's just that I feel Sandee deserves more than a teen-like screw in the back of a car.  But that is what we had that night.

Sandee now sat in the second row captain's chair of my van and I wasted little time placing myself on my knees in front of her.  I kissed her and in tandem my left hand pulled the lever to let the chair back.  I was now on top of her with her legs around me.  I pulled her dress down ahead of my lips as I kissed my way down her neck to her breasts.  Her nipples quickly hardened as I gently played with them with my tongue.  At the same time I moved my hands to her hips and then under her dress and into her panties.  She was now wet and positioned her hips to accomodate my fingers as they moved into her.  With two fingers massaging inside of her she started to move her hips rhythmically.  While at first I felt bad about our location now I wanted her to orgasm right there.  I rose up and slide her panties down and off her legs.  Her dress was now a mere sarong around her belly as she lay before me.

Her legs were now about my shoulders and I turned to kiss her knees.  Those pretty legs gleamed in the moonlight like lines on a dark country road leading to a hoped for restful place.  I kissed my way down to her.  For some reason Sandee has always stopped me from oral sex.  I think it's because she is not used to it and feels ashamed in a way.  I wanted to please her and have it be something she wanted and not a shameful act.  Pushing aside my gentlemanly manner now I force my way and my tongue into her.  This time she did not stop me.

I guess I can't say if she enjoyed it but somewhere between my fingers and my tongue she did sigh in gentle delight.  I rose up to my knees once again and she searched my pants for my cock and pulled it out and rubbed it admiringly.

I fell forward and was again kissing her.  Our hips were pressed together and I could feel our wetness together.  The thought of me being right on the precipice of her just needing one slight push to be inside of her was more than I could take.  I wanted to be in her if only for a moment.

A moment was what it had to be and all that it was, but it did feel great.  No, it was not because I "shot my wad" prematurely.  I could tell she was nervous now.  We had been at that secluded place for longer than we should have been.  I still needed to drive her back to her car and she had to drive back home.  And oh by the way I had to be up for work early the next day.

I hope it's moments like this that define us.  I'm pretty sure I could have talked her into screwing there for another hour if that is what I wanted.  Truth is though the gratification I needed was when she first got out of her car and looked like being with me was a big thing for her (at least she dressed that way).  Asking me to take her to a secluded spot so we could be together for a little longer was my second helping of gratification.  The final helping was seeing and feeling her stimulated and satisfied.

I guess that is what it's all about, knowing when to push and when to stop.  At least I think that is what it's all about.  I'm still learning this stuff, ya' know!  :)

But boy do I love those Late Night Double Feature Picture Shows!

And if you are feeling lucky take the Rocky Horror Picture Show personality test here!  I tested as Frank-N-Furter.  I'm sure it's because I'm sweet, sexy, and mischievous but sweet-transvestite?  Not so much!

And of course take a listen to that opening song from the movie!  Good night!   :)


Unknown said...

Crazy how small normal things that I take for granted with my husband, I actually crave and cherish with my lover. Walking down the street holding hands or kissing outside in the sunshine...occasionally, all I want to feel is that my lover and I have the right to be. That we aren't just made up of fleeting stolen moments. You are right. We want to feel normal.

Same sassy girl said...

Wow... this post struck me deep inside. Both in that I see every day things I'd like to share with Philip and know I never will... *sigh and in the "damn that was so HOT!" way! Had to read it over several times.

You are such a great writer! I adore the way you mix serious and sexy.