Friday, June 27, 2014

FFF - Rolling Stock

It's Friday so get on board with us!
Next stop is Station FFF with Advizor!

Her:  Oh, excuse me - I didn't realize we were so close?

Him:  We are close, but framed with those gorgeous Jimmy Choos those are legs that need no apology.

Her:  (with demure look) Thank you sir for noticing. 

Him:  Oh I notice much with beautiful classy women.

Her:  Am I that.

Him:  Oh and more

Her:  Go on

Him:  I see you peering intently, what do those pretty blue eyes see?

Her:  Oh just my hobby.

Him:  Nothing about you says Sudoku.

Her:  Not that (giggling)

Him:  And so

Her:  If you must I blog a bit

Him:  How interesting, about what?

Her:  I'd say best practices, what are you doing?

Him:   Well, as a matter of fact I have a few flirtations with Blogging as well.

Her:  Oh do tell

Him:  About what

Her:  What it is you blog about?

Him:  I would say best practices as well.

Her:  Best practices of what

Him:  Relationships

Her:  Relationships? What relationships

Him:  Relationships you blog about because you can't talk about them

Her:  Now you have my interest, you must tell me more.

Him:  Be careful to ask for something that might be a burden to you once you know.

Her:  Oh good sir, burden me; I'll decide if it's worth it.

Him:  I write about illicit relationships

Her:  How do you define illicit

Him:  Good question, relationships most people would shun.

Her:  Why would people shun your relationships?

Him:  Because they were found through alternative venues.

Her:  You talk in circles good sir, is this a habit.

Him:  Talking in circles can be good, you never lose track of where you are going.

Her:  So I guess I need to be direct then

Him:  Perhaps but mind you I can be direct in a very indirect way

Her:  OK, what is the venue for the illicit relationship you speak of.

Him:  Ah well then, where most refracted truth is found these days.

Her:  And if I was looking for refracted truth where would I find it.

Him:  Ah you pinned me down, I can only answer directly to that; the internet.

Her:  Now you really have my attention!

Him:  Why, most women stop here.

Her:  Perhaps my best practices delve in this area as well.

Him:  Now you have my attention.  Can I ask why you are on this train.

Her:  Adventure and Enlightenment and perhaps the occasional perk.

Him:  Well that could be why we are on any train, why this train

Her:  Because this train takes me there.

Him:  And where is there?  Or should I say, what is there.

Her:  Others that seek the same as I

Him:  I wonder if we are going there together then?

Her:  Are seeking adventure and enlightenment.

Him:  Perhaps, perhaps not.  Perhaps, I'm going where you are for my own reasons.

Her:  One of my favorite novels says "it doesn't matter where we are going, just that we are going"

Him:  Ah yes, I've read that novel - I loved the soundtrack to the movie.

Her:  Do you like music.

Him:  I do too much perhaps, it seems all that I do in life I link to a song or lyric.

Her:  You know I know someone like that.

Him:  So where are you going.

Her:  A conference, a blogging conference.

Him:  I see, well maybe we are going to the same place.

Her:  So this blog you write about and your love of music; do you intertwine them?

Him:  You know that's a good question.  But it is so cramped in here.  I actually have a cabin, perhaps we could discuss our interests in enlightenment and adventure in detail in a more private setting.

Her:  That sounds delish (as they both get up and start walking down the aisle of the train).
Him:  (walking just behind her with arm gently on her shoulder and leaning to her ear) Do you ride the Acela often?
Her:  Oh yes darling, it's the only way to get to the city.

Him:  Yes it is.  This way my dear (opening door to private cabin).  By the way, my name is Ryan

Her:  Meow!


Seeking Connection said...

Yummy. Dreamy. Makes want a similar clandestine hook up. Love the photos.

Advizor54 said...

Oh how I do love the witty banter.

A great take and terrific writing with the perfect pictures to match.

Excellent, and, BTW, i added your link to the list, I don't want you being left out of the parade of praise you so richly deserve.

Same sassy girl said...

Mmm...this was a delight! I adore the dialogue format! So great FFFing with you!

Sillyone said...

I love answers that are non-answers. Great, witty take.