Monday, May 30, 2016

Sanitation, Expiration date, Question Everything

"or shut and be a victim of authority

Warning, live without warning
I say warning, live without warning....."

A few days ago I mentioned coming across a charming lady on AM last fall.  I was pretty sure Sunny was real. She had a photo on her profile which usually means fake but that photo, while cute, was not overwhelmingly flattering.  She also stated on her profile she was 49.  Not to say that there are no women who are 49 on the site but those that are usually have profiles that say there are anywhere between 39-42, truth in age is a rare commodity on AM.  Of course she could have been 62 I guess?

From her profile she did seem pretty cool.  "Looking for fun and adventure....,"  "need a new start, someone who challenges and invigorates me...,"  all typical types of profile needs and wants.  And yet, no statements of "I'll rock ur world..." or "you take care of me and I'll take over in the bedroom..."  Again, indications, I've come to find of reality and not internet Cat-fishing.  In fact Sunny even talked about food, wine, and travel; all things I enjoy.

Things went great once we got onto e-mail.  What often is the case when I'm in the "wtf" state of mind is that I just become myself and don't worry about writing the wrong thing on e-mails.  And, of course, that is when you are always most successful with ladies.

In Sunny's case, she seemed uber cool, a guys dream.  She loves college football, though an alum of a Big State U rival.  We had fun picking on each other's teams.  She loves food, we exchanged recipes and memories of our favorite restaurants; many of which were roadside BBQ joints throughout the Carolinas.  She loves the coast of the Carolinas and had many memories and I shared mine.

I was thinking this was looking pretty good.  Of course I'm shallow and looks count.  Something else that peeked my interest was that she grew up a "beauty queen" and was still involved in local pageants.  She looks perhaps like Sandra Locke.

She also seemed to have a pretty stable and successful career.  I've come to find that is a good thing.  I have no problem paying for lunch, gifts, hotel rooms but often wealth disparity can be an issue in theses types of  relationships.  Things (AM-wise) were actually the most comfortable with Sandra and I as she was quite independently wealthy, or rather her husband was, and looked at me somewhat as a boy-toy.  I was thinking Sunny might be an opportunity to have one of those easy-breezy unemotional "sex buddies" kind of things.  We were trying to find a time to meet for lunch and unfortunately we were both traveling a bit.  But I felt sure we would meet some time soon.

Have I mentioned that I am rather curious?  I'd like to think not "stalker'ish," just curious.  Another thing I've found out in my time on AM and Blogger, kind of like the saying all of us on Earth have just six degrees of separation, is that all of us can be found on google with less than six pieces of information, probably about four.

At this point I knew Sunny's real name (not Sunny, I'm not so stupid as to give you one piece of information on a blogging site) - point one.  I knew approximately where she lived from AM - point two and I knew her job - point three.  And of course I have a picture.  Which btw, do you know about clicking "google image" on a photo?  We'll talk about that later but for now I know what Sunny looked like.  Of course, I'm not creepy, she knew about as much about me as I did of her and she had my photo as well; mostly sun glass photos though.

Oh yeah, and I knew about that pageant stuff as well.

Sunny looks much better than this director!
So while Sunny was away, Ryan couldn't help playing curious and googling.  And yep, that was her in that Linkedin photo.  Wow, she does seem interesting and cute.  And there was a link to her pageant involvement, I bet there will be some nice photos there.

Yep, she looks nice in that gown!

Hey that place looks familiar, I think I've been to that place.  Click to next picture.....   Hey that place is just down the street, I wonder how often she makes it up here.  Click to next picture.... Hey that girl Sunny is with looks very familiar.  Yikes, she looks familiar because I know her!  Yikes, I don't know Sunny and she doesn't know me; but we sure know a lot of people and places together!

And so there is the moral of today's story:

*     If you are just on AM don't be so concerned about "local guys/girls."  Traveling 25+ miles is a pain but anonymity among AM friends is certainly less painful
*     Be careful how much you put out there ahead of the first "meet and greet."  Make sure you know the person you are considering for as your new "sex buddy."  Or more importantly make sure you don't know them or that they are not your daughter's reading teacher or your wife's hair stylist!
*     Don't give out pictures that tell who you are and what you do and don't send pictures that are already on internet sites that say who your are, such as Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

That's all for now.  Sorry for no sex.  I suppose I could have lied and said we had sex first and then I found out about the pageant stuff but it's all the trips and falls that make this AM stuff interesting in the end anyway.

Have a Happy Memorial Day as we reflect on those who have sacrificed so that we can do stupid things like screwing around on social dating sites and blogging about it.  I wish I could honor that sacrifice with a higher purpose.

Gen John Logan statue in DC
Btw, Memorial Day was first celebrated as Decoration Day in 1868 when veterans of the Union Army, the Grand Army of the Republic, gathered to remember the Civil War dead by decorating graves.  The group was organized by General John Logan, who served under General US Grant in the Union Army of the Potomac.  President Lydon Johnson created Memorial Day officially as a Federal Holiday in 1966.


LapsedCatholic said...

You made me smile today from a grey and windy England. I learnt my lesson the hard way regarding this! When AM got hacked last summer I realised my email address on LInkedin was linked etc etc I was naive. I wished I remembered your tips about sunglasses. It is such a shame though as Sunny sounded ideal, still perhaps you still have enough credits to have a little search again.

Agree about us sad bloggers on days off, it is Bank Holiday here in the UK. A day when people decide that decorating needs to be done and garden centres visited and £££ of plants bought. I did that yesterday and they will sit on a bench for a few weeks until I plant them!

A busy week ahead for me, all "pay" with a little work makes LapsedCatholic happy. Off to hum the River from Bruce Springsteen

Same sassy girl said...

Excellent advice! So sorry your research backed you out of meeting her. Try again soon!