Wednesday, March 9, 2011

She Saw the Look in His Eyes

"I'm talkin' about character. I'm talkin' about - hell. Leo, I ain't embarrassed to use the word - I'm talkin' about ethics."   -   Johnny Casper from Miller's Crossing

I love Gangster movies and this is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite gangster movies.  Of course the thought of a ruthless mob boss talking about ethics is hilarious but when you think about it ethics is always relative to the situation.  To me the proper way to run illegal liquor (in the case of Miller's Crossing) is odd but to the mobsters there are rules and ethics about their work.

So what does this have to do with anything?  Well, today I did not intend to write an entry.  This is in fact a rare occasion where I am writing directly and off the cuff into Blogger.  But this morning Wally Cleaver on Sex and the Shitty had a wonderful and insightful entry about men and how we relate to women on a "friendly" basis.  The one quote I didn't see in his post from that same Chris Rock bit is when Chris eloquently states correctly that "men are as faithful as their options."  So true, we are just like dogs around food, as faithful as our options!

Anyway, I had read Wally's post while briefly stopping by the office.  I then went over to the gym and spent my time exercising and contemplating the wisdom of the entry and happened upon an ethical paradox.  Hence, the link with the quote above.

And before I start I would really like some female feedback after this (please)!

So here is what happened.  I like to finish a workout with a big blow-out on the rowing machine for about 10 minutes.  The rowing machine is directly behind the row of Stair Masters.  Often while rowing I have noticed that if a women is on the stair master they almost always turn around at one point to see if I'm stairing at their rear end (I'm sure this is instinct).  And of course sometimes I am :)  Today I was on the rowing machine and of course there was a woman on the Stair Master.  She is probably around 40 and fairly attractive.  I have seen her around but don't know her.  Now as much as I portray myself as a cad I am actually a fairly decent guy.  So during my workout I focused my attention on the Will & Grace episode on the TV in front of the machines (Fox was on the other TV and on ESPN they were talking about the Miami Heat's latest choke) and paid no attention to this lady's behind.  Of course inevitably I noticed her out of the corner of my eye look back.  Proudly I knew that she saw there was nothing to fear, the galant Ryan was admirably watching Will & Grace and paying no attention to her!

But then I thought, is this galant?  Is this the right thing?  Dare I say, is this the ethical choice?

This poor lady may now be wondering, is my ass not good enough for this guy?  At 40 am I over the hill, am I not to be coveted any more?

So there-in lies the ethical question of the day?  To look or not to look?  What should the aspiring gentlemen do?

Thoughts anyone?  Or as they used to say on SNL's Coffee Tawk "tawk amongst yourselves."

I'm feeling a little vaclempt :)


France said...

Well next time you see her, make sure you stare at her behind!! It's nice to be noticed... just don't drool. :)

Rosie said...

And the answer isss --- It depends. Somedays I'm likin' my ass and wouldn't mind a nice look of approval. And someday's -- not so much. And some guys's I don't like their appearance and so don't like them glaring at my rear. Sorry no easy answer. And I work out almost every day.

Misty Mountains said...

Ok, my opinion is that no matter what is right or wrong - women (and men too) love a compliment. If someone is checking out my ass (and you throw a little smile in), then I'd take that as a compliment. Now, if you were staring at it with a sour look on your face that's another story! Today I was walking out of a store and an older gentleman working the door stopped me and out of the blue said "I just have to say that you have the most beautiful eyes, but I bet that isn't the first time you've heard that!" Actually, it doesn't matter if it was the first or the 20th made me smile and made this girls night just a little better. Check out her ass - and maybe, in a non creepy way, let her know you liked it.

Unknown said...

First. Stop watching Wil and Grace, she'll think you're gay, thus not interested in her.

Second, don't stare. Glance over. And when she turns her head, just smile.

Everyone is checking out everyone all the time. No need to try and fake it. Just don't drool as was said above.

Ryan Beaumont said...

Thanks for the comments ladies (and guy). Next time I'm at the gym I'll just go up to the first cute girl and say "If I told you you had a beautiful bottom would you hold it against me?" :)