Friday, August 5, 2011

#3 Working Double Time on the Seduction Line

Ryan's Liner Notes:  It's funny that looking back in time we often remember the funny things and the failures and forget some of the successes; maybe it is true that we learn more from failure.  Of course as we live life each moment, success is far more enjoyable at that particular moment.  I am down to #3 on my count and as I look back I have only put failures and reflections in my top 10, what's my problem, am I a masochist?

OK, so the remedy is to put one of my successes in my top 10.  So here is one of my successes and since it is likely that my top favorite post will involve a colossal bumbling failure or some funny poke at Riff Dog let's just call this Ryan's #1 successful sex post!


Working Double Time on the Seduction Line
OK, so I admit I am someone who is always trying to please.  And with that I have tended to err on the side of using more chic-friendly lyrics for my blog titles.  Of course I have been choosing lyrics Shannon would choose for those blog entries but I have found myself thinking through a lot of Smiths, Cure, Depeche Mode type lyrics for other days as well all because as I say I tend to want to please.  But don’t think I am ever going to find a way to weave in “All the Single Ladies” into a blog entry!

But today I am going full on Guy with some AC/DC lyrics.

So again I have fallen behind in my Sandra tale.  So in my blog life we are now into September.  It is clear Sandra is interested in me we just have to find the right time and space to as she said “consummate this affair!”

Well that time finally presented itself.  I had a light day of work, the cat was away from the house, and it was just a wonderful day to have as I said “an indoor picnic.”

I knew it would be good when Sandra wrote back and said she had just purchased a vintage dress off e-bay that would look great draped over a hotel chair!  J

I like a woman who thinks like that!

So we agreed to meet at a hotel at our half-way point.  I called ahead and got an early 2 pm check in and arrived about 2:15 and called Sandra – she was on her way and would be there in about 15 minutes, I gave her the room number.  No worries now, I’m an old pro at this (well I’ve done it twice now so not quite as nervous).

And of course I did bring an indoor picnic.  A nice bottle of a sweet white wine, some fruit, and Sabra red pepper hummus (great product btw) with pita chips, all things I know Sandra likes, because I’m such a good affair partner!  J

Right at 2:30 I get that wonderful knock on the door and there is Sandra and there is that wonderful dress I hope to take off of her imminently!

But we did sit on the edge of the bed and shared some wine, a snack, and talked for a little bit.  As usual Sandra had a lot of stories about her many puppies.  But Sandra is not coy like Alicia and after a bit she stopped everything and said “OK, you can kiss me now, handsome.”

And I did so eagerly and she kissed back plunging her tongue to mine.  I then kissed her check and down to her neck and stopped there for a few moments.  Soon, I continued kissing down her arm as I unzipped her dress in the back.  She then backed up slightly and pulled the dress down and slowly took off her bra.  I then moved my kissing over to her breasts and gave her just a gentle nibble between the back of my tongue and my bottom teeth.  She gave a quick sign.

I then kissed my way down her belly as I slowly pulled her dress down and then backed up and pulled it off as she lay back on the bed.   Next, off came the shoes and then I kissed my way down her very long legs and lingered right at the top of her right thigh for a bit.  I then pulled off her panties. 

Here I have to admit I took a bit of a double take.  Everything looked great mind you but I guess obtuse me wasn’t expecting a Brazilian wax from a woman in her late 40’s but that A OK with me!  I didn’t linger on the thought long as I quickly moved my tongue around her and then into her slowly moving around her clit.  Sandra was starting to groan and arching her back so I knew she was close.  So I backed up a little and then put my middle finger deeply into her massaging inside and against her pubic bone.  She soon let out a deep sign and organsmed.

She threw her arms back, signed, looked at me and said – “that was wonderful, come here now I want you inside of me.”

She didn’t have to tell me twice.  This felt great!

I believe I have mentioned before Shannon is not always really active with sex, she tends to enjoy being serviced and can tend to just be along for the ride.  At the risk of sounding crude Sandra knows how to have sex.  I love the feel of the missionary position because of the intimacy and the feeling of the pelvis moving together in rhythm.  This felt in sync.  However, as I have also mentioned I am the anti-Viagra guy and sometimes have trouble relaxing enough to come.  I think as the archetypal pleaser I tend to focus on the lady and not on me getting off.  But after about 30 minutes (I assume I was not looking at the clock) I sensed now would be a good time for a break so I did my best to relax and let it flow, and it did fairly soon after.

At that point we were fairly tired and sweaty.  This always tends to be the most satisfying part just laying there and remaining “in the moment.”

We probably just talked for about an hour.  I was on my back and Sandra leaning over slightly occasionally lightly massaging my chest with her long beautiful nails.

Something about water has always been erotic for me so I was glad when Sandra was OK with a communal shower.  So we moved to the shower and kissed, soaped, kissed, etc for some time.

At one point Sandra bent over and grinded against me.  That was all I needed to bring on round #2!

But here was the funny challenge.  I am 6 feet tall so slightly above average, Sandra is 5 foot 10 definitely above average.  Most ladies I have been with in similar situations have been in the 5 ft 6 inch range.  Well long story short since guys hips are set lower than women I was finding myself on my tip toes in order to have standing in front of the mirror bathroom sex.  I’m sorry I enjoy laughing at myself.

Anyway, it was fun but was not likely to produce an orgasm from me so we moved to the bed, still dripping wet and continued.  I yes I very much enjoyed being behind and alternately looking down and into the mirror as Sandra moved toward orgasm 3 or 4 (lost count).  And I gladly had my second.

We moved back to the shower for some cuddling and clean up and then got dressed and visited for a bit more and then we had to go back to our lives.

But for about 3 hours it was bliss!

Yeah you, shook me all night (afternoon) long!


Myli said...

Standing sex is always a challenge for me because I'm so short! But I find that height isn't always an issue. I had no problems doing it with my 6'4" boyfriend, but my 5'7" boyfriend was impossible. Weird how that works. lol

France said...

Standing sex face to face never really did it for me. I am also vertically challenged!