Monday, August 29, 2011

So Happy that You're here with Me

Or Back Up to Speed

First, to Ms. Tempting Sweets - you owe me a damn post!  The answers to my lyrics were going to be an entire post for me and now you've flushed that down the toilet with your perfect response.  So now I'm scrambling to come up with something on the fly.  Thanks!  But wow, you do know your music!

Oh also, are we done now with natural disasters around here.  I could go a whole 'nother 100 years without an earthquake and hurricane in the same week or as I heard it Hurriquakapocalipse.  No natural disasters, that's why I live here!  If I wanted disaster I would live in SF or NO or Detroit for Christ sakes!

Sorry for that rant, so to continue.

I have been drifting for about 2 months out of laziness but have enjoyed recapping my top 10 posts with a little additional information.  I hope you have re-enjoyed those posts!  Give me about one more week (I do actually work sometimes) and then I'll move forward in my bloglifestory.  But first, since I am ever the meticulous, I'll recap where I am in my blog world.  And from this point forward I will try to accelerate and catch up to my current world.  Writing in the past allows you to contemplate but makes it difficult to write about interesting things that sometimes occur in the present.

So for this somewhat blase post I have chosen some more mushy Babies/John Waite lyrics.  But I am happy you're hear with me, it has been such a blast seeing that people read my posts and the comments are like a happy potion to me!  Sorry, I get silly that way sometimes.  :)

When last I wrote about Sandra in my blog-life I was creeping toward the holidays in Winter, 2010 enjoying the last few days of the first decade of the new millineum.

You may remember that I am a 40-something guy living in the Greater DC area and married to a wonderfully hot wife, Shannon, who had recently chosen to seek affection outside of the marriage (she first, then I).  And that wonderfully hot wife also tends to have a HOT temper and tends to see it's her mission in life to make sure I know the world is not centered around me (see my Shannon stories for further details).

So about 3 years ago I developed a friendship with another woman in town, Renee.  I became very close with her but never acted on my emotions.

Then a little over a year ago I stumbled upon a little website called Ashley Madison.  I had some wonderful first steps out into that new world, though all failed.  Then I found a wonderful blog called Ashley and Me and found my pathway to success.  Over the next 6 months I would meet 2 women through Ashley Madison first Alecia and then Sandra.

My relationship with Alecia was very short lived.  Sandra however was still with me and things were going great into the holidays.

So everything in life was good.  A great home, wonderful kids, a good job with benefits, my health, a steady marriage with an extra-curricular affair on the side.  All a guy would ever want.  Surely this is the good life and hopefully nothing would change. 


Anonymous said...

LOL! You're too funny! Come on! You can and you should still put up that lyric post. We'd all like to read what you have to say about the lyrics/songs and why you picked them, etc...

Glad you survived the Hurriquakapocalipse. I hope this is it -- "for a whole 'nother 100 years". ;-)

Thanks for putting up the links to your past posts. I do have some catching up to do.

Happy Monday (hurriquakapocalipse-free)

Riff Dog said...

Two months of laziness? Hey, at least you were posting! As opposed to some other lazy ass . . .

Now, should we be reading between the lines on "hopefully nothing would change" ;-)

Rosie said...

As Riff hinted -- that seemed to be a cliffhanger. But then I do have two more posts to read yet.