Monday, December 5, 2011

Give Me What I've Always Missed

Late May and June is always my favorite time of year.  Work and life in general just seem to slow down.  Shannon's work schedule tends to pick up however in May and throughout the summer.  Several years ago that would upset me that just when I had a lot of time she hit the road.  But now it just meant that while the cat was away the mouse could play and now the mouse had a play partner so things were looking good.

Anyway the other night I was listening to Dark Wave on XM radio and heard the above song from Love and Rockets.  To me it's a very peaceful song that echoes my feeling in late May and that song will track a lot of the feelings I had over last summer and over this and perhaps the next and the next Sandra post.

By late May it had been 4 months since I had seen Sandra except for breakfast at an IHOP.  And as sexy as an IHOP parking lot may sound, I just was not going to do anything more than kiss there (that's sarcasm btw).  Call me old-fashioned!  :)  I wish I could have a parking lot fetish like other bloggers, all those parking lot sex posts out there are always so hot, but alas I can only be me!

But Shannon was going to be traveling each week for multiple days for the entire month of June.  The opportunities for all day excusions abounded!  I was excited, Sandra was too.

Week 1 failed; Sandra had a family emergency, her son-in-law was being an ass and intervention was needed.  Week 2 failed as I had health issues with daughters that kept me home whilst wife was on the road. A day of cleaning house and watching Wizards of Waverly Place with a sick child can be fun and relaxing but after two days it's no longer as much fun as sex.  But what can you do; as I had learned patience always paid.

Week 3 finally looked promising with no family emergencies on the horizon as our Tuesday afternoon approached.  We didn't plan for any romantic diversion such as a walk or intimate lunch just meet at the hotel; I brought wine and hummus with pita chips as was the norm.

As an aside, I finally got smart and went back to the hotel the next morning and switched payment to cash for the room.  Until then I had always paid with my credit card.  I am the CFO of the family, Shannon wants nothing to do with actual payment of anything so it was never a big risk.  Additionally, I get my credit card statements sent via e-mail; statements never come in the mail.  However, cash money seemed like a better option to really get that risk down to almost zero.

Oh wait I started talking about paying for the room before I said we actually had sex.  Well, we did, and it was great as usual!  Except that I was starting to perform to blog posts.  Meaning that now that I was six months into my blog I found myself doing things that would play well on the blog.  Actually, to be honest, this concept was getting in the way of fun.  I found myself stressed at performing up to the standards of what would sound good on the blog.  Now as I have said I am no ED case.  However, many guys suffer from the opposite - meaning they can get it up but can't gush it out.  As time went on I found no problem getting it harder but it was getting harder and harder to "cum" to an end.  I think the first few times you go at it for 30 minutes+ it's exciting but after awhile you just want it great for a reasonable amount of time and then move onto something else (like a shower or massage or CNN, etc).

Anyway, I found myself having to think about other women to finally get to orgasm.  Is that bad?

Hmmm?  I think what was worse was that not only was the blogging so fun; the things I was interested in blogging about (other than Sandra) were starting to overtake my Sandra posts.

Such an interesting conundrum?  If you do not find yourself excited and aroused by blogging about your lover does it mean they are not meant to be your lover?  Is it bad if I am more interested at poking fun at other bloggers, talking about looking at women's butts at the gym, or telling of my experience as a fake female on AM than I am about writing about the sex acts with my affair partner?  I'm not sure but it seems bad, idk?

Well, I wasn't as disappointed when week 4 failed; week 3 sex had been so satisfying and I had July 4th travel scheduled.

July the 4th was fun with the family as always.  We have a lot of traditions that are fun but I will have to save those for my family fun blog - The Good Guy Adventures of a Bad Guy Gone Pussy Whipped!  :)

Alas, July looked promising as Shannon again would be on the road often and Doug (that's Sandra's husband I introduced him last week) was going to be out of town as well.  The thought of going to her house and enjoying the hot tub, pool, mountain views was exciting.

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Kat said...

I know what you mena about blogging being fun, but getting in the way of fun. I wrote about the time that JJ was so focused on having "raunchy sex" for the blog that it interferred with the whole thing. We had a good laugh about it.

Also, I have multiple blogs so I can get my thoughts out on non-sex topics somewhere else. IT means that my PWK readers don't get to know as much of me as they might like, but it's also much safer that way.