Monday, December 19, 2011

Nothing's Entangled or Twisted or Wrenched

I am sure it comes as no surprise that I am not exactly the world's most spiritual person.  And I don't mean religion here.  I mean I'm not really a person that looks at crystals or thinks about fate.  No, I'm a live and let live kind of guy and as long as my teams are winning and I'm getting laid occasionally that is about all their is in life for me.  Bottom line = I'm not too deep!  Other than my daughters of course; they are what's most important!  But they are perfect so I don't need to worry much about them.

But at times one must ponder deep thoughts.  I do like the concept of feng shui (balance).  I think it is very important to us folks in this genre.  We have chosen to stray but how much straying is acceptable or more importantly good for you (and others)? It was so relaxing after I first met Alisha, thinking I had found somebody and didn't need to log onto AM anymore.  Of course she ditched me and then I found Sandra.  Again, I felt relaxed knowing I didn't need to "look"anymore.  But of course I did and found Keeley.  And then when I had found two women I realized that it can be too much.  So Keeley and I went our separate ways.  Btw, those links above will take you straight to the sex posts (I'm courteous that way).

But of course by then I found I enjoyed the chase!  And so after Keeley I continued writing to women on AM.  But through the early winter, 2011 most of my encounters were of the e-mail queen variety.  Soon, as I got into blogging, I started to become a little bored with AM.  And let's face it, the interaction with other bloggers was starting to fulfill some of that feng shui.  Through most of spring, 2011 I visited AM very infrequently and was on somewhat of a losing streak; but in truth I was not investing much effort in the process.

And so after three paragraphs I get to my point of the day.  As I was anticipating things going downhill with Sandra and I was becoming a little frustrated with AM I decided to take a little detour.   Change teams if you will and hoping I don't turn out like a Brett Favre!  So I decided to go down the Plenty of Fish path.  I had read about other bloggers trying it so I thought I would test my luck.  Btw those lyrics above are from that hippie faux Grateful Dead band Phish - I liked the connection.

Today's Point:     Plenty of Fish vs Ashley Madison

So on one late July day when I didn't have a whole lot to do I signed up.  Navigating through POF, it seemed as if you could accomplish a fair amount of research without putting any money down - that is a good.  I also found out that you can actually send a message (more than a wink) without putting any money down - that is a good.  And later, I found out that you can get a message back without putting any money down - that is a good.  And I even found out that the women on POF seem to be a little more forward as I was getting some nods or winks or whatever it is they do on POF; far more than I had ever gotten on AM and that was good.

And lo and behold even one of my old e-mail queens from AM (Lonely in DC) sent me an unsolicited note!  This was looking fairly good!  I did renew my e-mail conversation with Lonely for about a week but again she faded away.

I seemed like I had a real good batting average.  A lot of women wrote back and wrote a few times but I never could get to the e-mail stage.  What I found was that the pool of married but looking was not very deep or at least attractively deep and attractively deep and in my general  area.  Once you did a detailed search other women would pop up above.  Those women always looked vastly more interesting but when you looked at their profile they were invariably not looking for married men.

In the end POF seemed like a lot of wheel spinning.  I guess a few dollars would have greased the wheels a bit but again it was a monthly fee.  I am very much against a monthly fee because as I have found out it is hell to cancel once you start it.  In the end you have to communicate with someone in India or Antarctica to cancel it and it takes several phone calls and it usually doesn't get done the first time around.  Since I had been down that path before with other sites I just wasn't in the mood to try with POF.

I also got the feeling that some of the single gals appeared a bit hookerish.  I guess I shouldn't be so judgemental but as Chris Rock says "you may not be a hooker but you're sure wearing the uniform!"  This one lady I wrote to was wearing a football jersey cut off just below her breasts, had on skin tight shorts, had that "eye black" under her eyes, and was carrying a football.  Hot girl + like's football = Ryan  Interested.  But when I mentioned my normal Nutcracker dancing stuff she replied "tell me about this nutcrackin'"  Wow, when I get turned off because of lack of culture it's getting bad!

And so like that Phish song I got Nothing..........

Any thoughts/experiences out there on the pros/cons of POF vs. AM?

But notice I still don't have a link to Ashley Madison so I am still not on their payroll.  It's a feng shui thing; once I start taking money for any of this blogging stuff I lose the artsy appeal of it all!  :)

And in the end I am a man of my art.  Wait Ryan, you started this by saying how shallow you were and now you are trying to tell them how artsy you are - what kind of idiot are you!  :)

Anyway, remember how on Friday I was talking about how fast blog time goes.  Well, I was just in December, 2010 a few weeks ago in my blog and now I have sped forward to August, 2011 - wow how time flies out here.

I wonder if anything interesting has happened since August????


Rosie said...

What? Wait! That was a cliffhanger. I recognized it from somewhere else. You can't fool me. And I don't see why you'd have to pay on POF. Surely the enhanced features can't be much. You did use the Intimate Encounters part didn't you? Calling it Intimate Encounters give off a certain finesse that at least sounds classy. I found the guy I was with for 3 years there.

AlleyG8r said...

I've used POF for a while...only got one successful contact, and it turned out she wanted a platonic friend (although she's turned out to be a very good friend). I hate to sound snobbish, but POF seems to attract a very particular class of people, for no discernible reason. I've had e-mail exchanges with some great people there, don't get me wrong, but they almost always are from rural areas that would be hell to get to.