Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

Or Crikey, Somebody is Actually Reading this!

Back somewhere in the early 20th century, or maybe just in the mid-80's I took the SAT's in preparation for college.  Now I'll admit I am no braniac, I got 1090 both times.  But the SAT allows you to take the top score on each part of the test; top math and top verbal.  One time I did better on math, one time I did better on verbal.  Collectively I ended up with an 1110 (math = 560, verbal = 550).  So basically I am a right down the center, average, vanilla guy.

It's funny, my blog-friend Kat was once paying me a compliment by saying that you never know what you'll find on my blog.  That is true to a point because I use lyrics as my titles not titles such as "Not Getting Laid Today" or "Ditched Again!"

But in reviewing my blog in celebration of my blogaversary the other week I noticed the same consistent trends that I have always had in my life.  I guess blogging does reflect reality.

To date I have written 158 posts (including today's).  The most posts I have written in a month is 14 on 5 occasions.  The least I have written in a month is 10 on two occasions which happened to be the first two months of my blog.  That's an average of 12.3 posts/month with almost no random error in the distribution. 

In most cases I'll post something about my own current (really 8 months past) situation or over the past year my Shannon story early in the week and then some type of observation later in the week.  If something else hits me or I like a TMI or FFF I add that as well.  But basically I was amazed to see that I seem to hit par each month; month after month.

Again, just a boring old, average, vanilla guy.  Which amazingly enough is what I was trying to show when I decided to start this blog.  An average Joe's experiences in this new information highway of infidelity!

Hmmm... what else do I want to say today.  Or really want to say last Tuesday as this is an autopost, currently I am actually in-route to a ski vacation!   :)

Well, I guess my advice to bloggers is as follows, (and you have to understand this is coming from a guy who has no other blogs and is doing this for the first time) take it easy.  Enjoy this and don't burn out - it can really be fun over the long haul and it just keeps getting funner and funner (hey remember I only got a 550 verbal).

I would say if you want to get recognized comment on and join other blogs and link your favorite blogs to your blog.  I think there is often a "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" code.  I certainly have to thank Riff for adding me to his blog roll; nothing drives hits like a new Riff Dog post.  But Kat, Mrs. I, Elle, and many others have been great to add me to their rolls and have driven a lot of traffic my way.  Share information as well.  One thing I LOVE to do is send a picture or an article to one of my blog friends that I think will fit their blog better than mine.  I get no greater pleasure than seeing something I sent to a fellow blogger on their blog!

Oh yeah, and sex sells too.  Make a note of that Ryan - more sex in 2012, it always drives hits!  Wait, would sheep count too?


Naughty Kitty said...

LOL...all I got was "More sex in 2012". AMEN to that sista!

Elle said...

Sex does sell! I think my readers are tired of seeing the "Not Getting Laid Today" titles of my posts! I think we all need a healthy dose of booty for the 2012 season.

Is it too late to send Santa my wish list?

Elle said...

P.S. Happy Vacationing!

*shakes fist at you while setting an alarm for 6:00 AM