Friday, April 19, 2013

FFF - Stolen (Moments)

Happy F-F-Friday!
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"Let me take you to another place where nothing ever seems to matter..."
It was a hot morning in Port Jose.  She walked back from the bathroom and knelt over me.  As I looked up into her eyes and heard the soft sounds of the jazz composition in the background I wondered if this was a stolen moment.  Her soft cafe au lait skin and long dark hair reminded me of another composer of a Stolen Moment.
Tired of school and the jazz scene in Georgetown I took a semester off.  I mixed coffee and adventure by signing on to teach  English to "coffee kids".  I hopped a plane down to Guatemala and trekked into the Antigua region.
My Senora de Compania was Angelica.  She would take me to the village, introduce me, and make sure I had what I needed to begin.  She immediately spotted my saxophone and prodded me to play for her.  Along the route I gave her an ongoing jazz session as the bumpy roads allowed.
In the coming days we became quite taken with one another.  She liked to sing back in her home town on the coast and could use a skilled musician to accompany her.  I agreed and we decided to venture down to Port Jose for a weekend "get-away."  She spoke a lot of her family and growing up on the coast but when we arrived we went directly to the bar to an upstairs studio where we could "arrejuntarse."  I didn't know what it meant but given there was just one mattress in the corner I had my hopes!

That night we performed at a small nightclub.  In that smoky hot club the sound of my saxophone melted into her angelic voice.  If musical notes could intertwine into a sexual grasp ours did that night.  We made love on that stage to that Harlem Blues song and others.

As much as we made love on stage, that night we fucked.  On that mattress we changed keys from our harmonious romantic pairing of the stage performance to a fast and sweaty rhythmic syncopation in that hot Port Jose room.

And now I look up at Angelica's warm eyes and beautiful naked body and wonder which act was truly stolen and which was real.
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Same sassy girl said...

Wow! I am declaring you the winner this week... music, Guatemala... romance... sexy... YUM! So fun FFFing with you!

Anonymous said...

Daaaaymmn! I can smell the smoke, the coffee. A well painted picture dear!

Unknown said...

I am a sucker for backstory in erotic fiction....this one does it for me...sets a heavy seductive mood that resonates past the last word.