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Kat's Chain - Good Times and Riches and Son of a Bitches I've Seen More than I Can Recall

Spring Break Sex

For each of Kat's Chain posts I have written about an experience I had not yet written about.  I like to keep it original you know!  However I'm going to part from that just slightly and rehash something I've written about before.  Yet the stratagem this time is that I have not written about this experience on this blog.

Sugarloaf Key, Florida
My first Spring Break sex post was as a guest blogger on Kat's Blog on September 9th, 2011.  At the time Kat was inviting other bloggers to post on her blog and do "Fantasy Friday" posts.  I was jealous because Somewhere Man had already written a Fantasy Friday post on Kat's blog so I had to jump in.  In my post (on Kat's blog) there was some fantasy, I'll give you that, but it was based in reality.  I kind of like the fantasy better but the reality wasn't so bad either.  So for today I'll give you the reality behind that "Fantasy" post from long ago.

But before I get to that I have to say I'm not really a "Parrot-head" but I do enjoy Jimmy Buffet and nothing will get you in the mood for Spring Break like a Jimmy Buffet song.  I enjoy many of his songs but I think the lyric above from the song Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitudes is one of my all time favorite.

So let's talk about Julia and a Spring Break long ago in college and in my heyday so to speak!

One Guy, 4 ladies - what fun!
As I mentioned in the post on Kat's blog, back one Spring Break in the early '90's I went on a trip to the Keys with one of my best friends Meredith and her 3 (yes 3!) roommates.  I have to admit I had thoughts that something might "happen" between Meredith and I.  She was probably the most enjoyable person I have ever spent time with and I could really drown in those beautiful blue eyes.  Meredith's roommates were not real attractive though.  Well one roommate, Julia, I had never really paid attention to.  She and her boyfriend were quite the "grudge couple."  While I do have Liberal tendencies I have to say the noxious fog of Patchouli smell that was always emanating from Julia was a big turn-off for me.  But collectively the ladies were a fun group and I looked forward to the get-away.

As we started down the road the three M's (as they were often called, Meredith's other roommates were Maggie and Melinda) drifted to the back to sleep and I was left with Julia as shot-gun.  It was OK, she liked music and she ended up being pretty interesting to talk to and apparently she had forgotten her jar of Patchouli.  In fact, sans boyfriend she cleaned up pretty good!  :)

By the time we got to the Keys (about 18 hours later) she and I had established a pretty good rapport.

Upon arriving at our campsite (I don't think I mentioned that we were going to be camping) I had to get out and get some fresh air.  I took a jog down the road the campsite was on (and away from Rt 1).  About a mile down the road I came across a washed out bridge.  The road continued on the other side but I decided not to wade across the water.  But the image of where that road might lead held to my psyche.

That night we headed into Key West for dinner.  For some reason, I can't remember now, we headed back to the campsite somewhat early with a case of beer and intentions of drinking it.  Apparently Julia was not a beer drinker.  I am but I'm also opportunistic.  Julia had noticed a wine store right at the intersection of Rt 1 and the road to the campsite.  She wanted to go and I wanted to accommodate so we took a stroll to said wine store and selected a bottle of George de Boeuf Beaujolais Village to consume.  There was an inlet that ran along the road to the entrance of Sugar Loaf key where we were staying.  After opening our bottle and beginning to share (directly sipping from the bottle) we meandered over to a dock along that inlet.  We soon found ourselves sitting on someone's boat, sipping our George de Boeuf, and gazing at the stars in the Florida sky.  By habit my arm found it's way around Julia's shoulder and by instinct my mouth found hers and soon we were enjoying a tasty kiss with a hint of dry red table wine.  Yes, her lips were an excellent year, aged to perfection with just the right tannins, floral notes, and no Oakey ending on the palate!  Away from her grungy boyfriend her hair was soft and there was not pungent odor of "hippy smell," just the seductive feel of her soft slight body next to mine in the warm night air.

Unfortunately the drunkin' M's found us and we were interrupted.  But I had resolved to revisit that kiss and I thought I knew just the place to find it again, perhaps beyond that washed out bridge I had found earlier in the day.

The next day in the late afternoon after a day at the beach I asked Julia if she wanted to take a walk and she said yes.

Hippy shake in the sand would be nice!
We walked down the road and found the washed out bridge.  We did wade through the water about 20 feet to the other side and continued down the road.  Toward the end of the road we did find the water and a secluded beach area.  We waded through the water and then just sat on the beach.  Julia laid back on the sand and closed her eyes (looking a bit like the young lady to our left).

Why didn't I *uck her on the boat!  :)
At some point she looked up at me squinting and beneath her arms and said "you look a bit tense, you should lay back and relax; it's very nice."  At some point our hands met and we held each other.  Eventually I broke the ice and rolled over and began kissing her.  Looking back I think this scene could have turned out much like my Fantasy Friday post.  I am pretty sure Julia would have been OK with it.  However, in this instance, I was the nervous Nellie.  You see this place seemed just a bit tooooo secluded and remote.  Something about the area just said "Colombian drug cartel hideout" to me.  IDK, I guess I was just paranoid but I couldn't concentrate.  I had images of us ending up like those college students in Tourista or the Beach.  Well those movies hadn't been written yet but hopefully you get the point.  I was out here to get laid not to be fodder for a teen slasher movie.

Anyway I chickened out (for now) and we walked back to the camp to get the M's for dinner.

That night we partied some more in Key West.  For some reason we came back around 11 pm (I think someone was already passed out drunk).  Julia and I had been keeping pretty close, dancing to the Carribbean sounds at Sloppy Joe's, we didn't want to leave.  So we struck a bargan (which was good for me).  We took the other girls back to the campsite, dropped them off, and Julia and I drove back to Key West.  Except this time we didn't stay that long.  We walked along the street for some time.  We found our way to another marina and shared some more moonlight kissing.  But nothing was going to happen there amid all the drunking college kids on Spring Break.  So I offered to get another bottle of "George" and we were off back to Sugarloaf Key.  For some reason we forgot to go back to the wine store.  Perhaps it was the fact that her hand was inside my pants massage my dick throughout the ride home.  We headed back to camp, me wishing the other girls were all in one tent (we had two).

As luck would have it the others were all in one tent and passed out.  That left tent #2 for Julia and I.  We crawled in and zipped the tent behind us.

As I turned around to her she flung her arms about me and we were kissing.  In one smooth move I ran my hands under her light fluffy tank top and glided it up and off her body.  She was not wearing a bra.  I quickly got out of my shirt and we were chest to chest kissing.  My next move was a similar sliding motion with my hands, this time in a downward motion under her shorts and down toward her knees.  She giggled slightly and then fell back onto her back.   I slid her pants the rest of the way off her legs.

My pants were quickly off and I was quickly onto her.  She was wet and I slide into her easily.  Soon our bodies were slick with sweat and our bodies glided over one another.  It felt like we would melt together.  Her wetness from inside adding to the sweat provided the perfectly slippery path along her inner thighs for me to slide in and out quickly and rhytmically.

Julia moved her lithe body into me pumping her hips into my thrusts.  Her high pitched voice squeeked as she came and I was not long after.

We were a sweaty mess and we just laid side by side for probably a half hour air drying in the night inside that tent.  We kissed a little more but I said I was thinking about taking a shower.

This post is getting a little long now so I will be short with the after-play.  Surfice to say I was not as paranoid about a shower with Julia in the family cabana of the camp park at 3 am in the morning.

The next morning we woke up in each other's arms.  It was a great night but I think Julia soon found herself missing Mr. Grunge.  I could tell her guilt precluded another night like before so I spent the rest of the week unsuccessfully chasing Meredith as I would off and on for another two years.  Because I'm a nice guy I let the night's events stay between Julia and I.

For all I know Julia and her grunge boyfriend flew away to Seattle and have a wonderful life together.  Although by now I'm sure they are in a split level in Redmond by now.

Oh well, such is life but as I like to say:

"With all of my running and all of my cunning if I couldn't laugh I would go insane..."  :)

And remember - as Jimmy says:

"The lower the latitude the better the attitude"

If you are interested here is the other Fantasy Friday post I did for Kat back in December, 2011.  It's an ode to a song and a lovely lady with lyrics intertwined into the tale.

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cammies on the floor said...

Always an opportunist, it would seem. Nicely written and sounds like an amazing trip. Also, how lucky were you to be the only man in the group?!