Monday, September 16, 2013

Ryan's Repeats - Been Up and Down for You

You know we all have stress in our lives.  My life is no different although I really can't complain because things are way more often good than they are bad for me.  In fact as Sandee would say I have a pretty wonderful life all things considered.  But blogging does take the edge off the little stress I do have.  It kind of allows me to lead that "Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and be that anecdotist and raconteur of relationships and lifestyle.  Usually I like to do that through the medium of humor.  Occasionally though I do like to make an attempt at some deep meaning.  This post was one of those times where I thought I could impart some knowledge or rather introduce some constructive thinking.  I still added some humor though; glad I found a way to bring Star Trek into the equation (one of my all time favorite shows)!

I do think we all need to assess, at times, "the nature of your current relationship?"  What box would you check?

As a note the employee I write about is still around and doing much better.  He has gone through a divorce but got his house.  Not to brag but you know knowing old Ryan has benefits.  I set him up with a lawyer friend of mine and he got him off the hook.  Once he (the lawyer friend) let the judge know about the wife's affinity for housing packs of cats her case was a bit comprimised.  You know what they say "better to be 'lawyer'd up than good!"   :)

Here is what I wrote further about the lawyer friend.

Speaking of perks I got to see REO Speedwagon backstage several years ago (lyrics above from their song Time for Me to Fly) per my job.  My God did they look old as dirt and I'm always intriged by how short and shrimpy so many famous people are (at least compared to me)!

By the way an updated version of the "Secret Life of Walter Mitty" is due out soon starring Ben Stiller and Kristen Wiig, you can bet I'll be there if Kristen is!  Cute and funny is just my speed and I bet she's better in person!

Ryan's Repeat
from September 26th, 2012.....

Or checking boxes

No I'm not talking about checking those Ashley Madison boxes today. I've been a bit reflective recently which is a rare thing for me unless it involves BBQ or the Redskins or maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd (just joking, I'm not that into Skynyrd - just wanted to see if you were paying attention)! Given that, I decided to sit down and write the following thoughts. Well not really, I had planned this post a while back but then I started writing about Shannon again and decided to push it back a little. I have a few more reflective posts in the queue so to speak in the coming weeks.

Time to fly? :(

About a month ago I had an employee who got into a little spat with his spouse. She managed to get him kicked out of the house. Well really she called the cops on him and a Sheriff's Deputy asked him to leave. He has some disabilities and I know his story a bit so I was very skeptical that this was in fact a domestic violence issue. To put it lightly his wife is "bat *hit craza'!" Well crazy if you consider ownership of 20+ cats correlated to craziness. Anyway, from what I know she is crazy and I know that he could be easily taken advantage of due to his disabilities so I decided I should help a little more than to just say take a few days off and tell me when you can return.

I won't go into very much detail but one thing really moved me when I was helping him. He showed me the order for his family court hearing. I was reading through it to help him make sense of what would be happening and what he would need to do.

And then I saw this particular section that is the basis of this post and seemed so profound in looking at mine or any marriage.

The question asked something like this:

Describe the nature of your current relationship (check all that apply)?

* Married
* Dating
* Living Together
* In a Sexual Relationship
* Had Children Together

It hit me immediately. I was trying to understand the document so I could explain to my employee the legalese. But immediately I started to think what would I be checking off (for real) if I was filling out this questionnaire about my marriage?

Married? Yes, that signed contract is still valid for us but I hardly feel married. To the extent that one can be in a "common law" marriage without marital relations I guess we are married but in a traditional sence certainly not. And more importantly there is hardly the desire to move ourselves out of the spot we have found ourselves. Is there concern for one another? Certainly, we both need one another's paychecks and we would never wish ill upon our children's other parent but in the end aggrevation is a poor way to show concern for someone in your life.

Got to interject here with my favorite Shannon quote.

Me - "I need you to support me"
Shannon - "I am supporting you by kicking your ass!"

Ahhhh...., that Shannon; God love her! Makes me feel like that Harry Mud dude from Star Trek.

Ryan on AM :)
Ryan at home :(

Dating? Not hardly, that would mean we would have to be talking to one another without the girls around. That is too difficult and weird. Each night she goes her way and I go mine, if I'm lucky!

Living Together? Yep, we generally do go to sleep under the same roof. But that is about it. Well actually even that is debatable as one of us is generally on the road about 2/3 days a week which is of course a blessing. So really we only live together about 50% of the time when you consider we each go our seperate ways on our free time as well.

In a Sexual Relationship? I'll pass, enough said.

Had Children Together? Yes, that is kind of why we are still together even when we really can't check all of the above. Isn't that often the case. The last foothold of a marriage is parenthood and in this troubled economy the necessity of two incomes that our consumptive society has somehow deemed necessary. Divorce may be a relief but it also may mean no more ballet lessons and that trip to Disney. How then does one walk toward happiness as you walk away from the sad face of a child who may miss out on a dream.

So one full check and two half checks for Ryan and Shannon.

My reflection that I wish to pass onto you today is think about what you would check if someone gave you that questionnaire the Sheriff's Deputy gave my co-worker. You need to be checking them all off and I'd say if you can't check at least 4 you need to be doing something about your life.

As for my co-worker I hooked him up with a lawyer friend of mine and he got a good ruling from the Family Court Judge. His wife was able to stay in the house for another 30 days and he moved in with his sister temporarily. Because the deed to the house was in his name he was able to move back in just recently and she has moved on. I have to add this because I just had to ask my lawyer friend about the likihood of domestic violence. He smiled, laughed a bit, and said "his wife is a pretty tough looking gal, I think she is well capable of taking care of herself." I thought as much. Not to make light of domestic violence which is of course a dispicable act but I wanted to make sure I was helping someone who truly deserved it. I think I did.

I've got another funny post I'm working on about my lawyer friend Danny. Hopefully I'll have that out in a few weeks. It's about Ryan's take on "couples dating" which of course means I'll take a Three Stooge'esque take on something others would consider sultry or taboo! :)



Simplicity said...

That was a truly kind thing to do!

I know it's been a crazy day up there today. I hope you and yours are doing well.

Ella said...

Blogging does take a bit of the stress away . . . but I don't want to think about relationships today. My brain might explode and that could get very messy.