Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ryan's Repeats - The E Queens and Other Thoughtification

At first I just have to start the day by quoting those poignant lyrics by the enigmatic Disney Radio songstress Cher Lloyd!

"I wish I was tall, I wish I was fast; I wish I could shop with a bag full of cash.
'Cause if I want you I gotta have that.
I wish I had style, I wish I had flash; I wish I woke up with a butt and a rack!"

You know looking back on those "heady days" of flirting with all those AM E-Queens I really was emulating those Cher Lloyd lyrics.  You read a profile and think how can I come across as a little more "confident" or "kinky" or better yet how can I exemplify my knowledge of "cottage country!"  And of course we are all trying to project the fact that we are the most "clean and disease free!"

It really does seem like Anarchy defined; you think to yourself "I'm willing to be almost anything to this hot MILF because her profile reads 'hot and horny' and 'ready to be (my) love kitten.'  It's enough to drive a man to do some crazy things but hopefully maybe pause and take stock of one's life.

The other week I was chatting with Sassy about the vagaries of our peers and compatriots on Ashley Madison.  As we were discussing behavior it dawned on me that we need rules for this thing we've flocked to.  Of course me, who can only communicate through "song/movie quote," soon remembered the "Rules of Fight Club."  It was an "aha" moment!  Yes, this might be my Tyler Durden moment, I could stand before the masses and proclaim "THE RULES of Ashley Madison!"  But as Tyler was not a man but and image and a movement I didn't want to simply write this treatise on my blog, I wanted to pass it along or "pay it forward" so to speak.  So today after you read (or more likely skip over) my repeat post please check out the following blogs:


Each of these lovely ladies has agreed to be the conduit for my message about Ashley Madison and perhaps a higher calling as we endeavor to evolve along life's journey!  But more importantly they have agreed to give their analysis of this concept so please take a look - they are worth it!

BTW Cher, just so you know you are plenty cute for me; you REALLY don't need to grow a bigger butt and rack.  My only problem is that I'm old enough to be your dad.  But thanks for communicating that message to my daughter's that all they need to do is have a nice butt and rack and their life's problems will be solved!

Of course I suppose Cher's song could be sarcasm and poses some parallel allegorical analysis of how too often we equate success with physical beauty.  I watched the video to see if that was the case but unfortunately I'm a guy so I got carried away starring at her bu..eyes!  :)

Anyway below are links to a written project I completed some time ago.  That was a vital recording and accouting thereof my Adventures among those timed creatures the Ashley Madison "E-mail Queens" as Riff so aptly named them long ago.

Ryan's Repeats
from November 2011......

E-Queen #1:     Miss Soigne

E-Queen #2:     Aleah

E-Queen #3:     Mrs. Decorator

E-Queen #4:     NBA Girl

E-Queen #5:     Santa's Helper

OMG, I just realized something.  If Tyler Durden is right and I'm "not (my) *ucking khakis" what the hell am I going to wear from now on on casual Fridays!  :(

Oh well, because I'm all about education I have to share this with you also.  I saw it on the other day - it's so hilarious!

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Simplicity said...

Hi. Thanks for the guest post with The Rules of AM. was fun!