Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wash Away My Troubles

OMG I just realized that the last time I wrote about current events in my life Crimea was still in the Ukraine, Ashley Wagner was only getting *ucked over in men's dreams, and I still remembered when my yard was green as opposed to this white stuff that has been hanging around for the past two months.

But near as I can remember back in early February I wrote about getting back in touch with Alecia and how I got a feeling that might lead to something.  Well, maybe I didn't write that but I was thinking it.  Well, sometimes I think that when a women walks past me in a store it will lead to something but you know I am a guy!  :)

Anyway that last post about Alecia began our story here.  And shame on me for waiting so long for part II, I actually had to go back and read the whole thing so I could remember what I said.

So the gist of that post (if you are like me and would really prefer the Cliff's Notes version) was that Alecia was planning a charity evening at work and needed help.  And like all women do who need help she called Ryan!

Alecia gave me all the who, what, where, when, why, and how but we felt like we should meet at the place this event was to be held.  I had been there before but thought it would be helpful to meet because I really didn't want "the day of" to be the first time I had seen her since the last time I had seen her naked whilst having sex.  I'm just professional that way.

So we set a time a few days after that first telephone conversation and a week prior to the event.  Unfortunately on that day Alecia sent me a text early saying she was sick and couldn't come to work but that one of her office-mates could give me a tour of the event venue.  Now here is a new twist on the game.  Do I go because this is (after all) job related or not (thus signifying the only reason for this whole operation was to see her).  Ryan, ever the professional, decided to go anyway.  Besides, I had bought her a treat at the local bakery (as I had done before and as she had throw out as a hint that she wished me to do again) and wanted to leave it at her office rather than go stale.  OK so I'm professional and hate to see things go to waste.

I did make it to her office.  I mentioned to her office-mate I had something for Alecia.  She ushered me back to Alecia's office and I set the "goodie box" on her desk.

And then I stood in shock as I saw the dozen burning candles placed neatly below what I might describe as OMG a "shrine of pictures" to Ryan!!!!

Psyche!  That didn't happen, her office was pretty plain actually.

So we toured the place where the event was to be held.  I had been there before but I got a "lay of the land" and knew what was needed the next week.  I said my good byes and got in my car and headed towards work.  Not two blocks down the road I got a text from Alecia saying "call me."

I did and thankfully I got the closure I had wanted for 2+ years.  You see in life you have to be careful coming to conclusions because there is always a backstory.

Oh wait, you probably were thinking she was asking me about the meeting.  She did and we spoke briefly on it but soon the conversation turned to where we both were in life.

I told her nothing new in my world, still a lot of indecision on unresolved marital conflict.  As for Alecia she was divorced and living in a new home.  She had the kids during the week, the X had them on the weekend.  She liked her new job and things, albeit tough, were OK.

And then I had to ask  THE question "why did you stop communicating? Was it my snarky comment I made about 'getting my money's worth on the hotel room?'"

Her response floored me!

No it wasn't that she called me an SOB for that a-hole comment.  Fact is she didn't even remember it.  She said that at that time she was at a crossroads in her life and scared.  She said that she had met other men on the site and they made her feel like a whore.  She didn't understand them, they were there but for some reason in their eyes she was a slut for being there.  She said "you were so different..."

And there was my closure.  Sure it took 2+ years to hear that and there were no guarantees I was going to get laid from this new connection but I could not have ever heard anything more rewarding than what Alecia had just said.

Wow, do I want to write anything more today or do I want to wait until Putin annexes New Jersey?  I say he and Christie deserve each other!  :)

But here on blog time the event is just a week away and surely now Alecia and I will meet face to face finally (again)?!

How about we wait until April to see where this thing goes?

And you know what, I still see Sandee as well.  And was there another adventure somewhere amid all those snows?  I think there was!

Stay tuned!

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