Thursday, December 25, 2014

FFF - The Naughty List

Merry FFF'ing Christmas!
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Shae speaking....

It seems like every time I was naughty my mom would say "Shae, Santa's going to put you on his naughty list for that!"

But Santa and Christmas always seemed so far away and whatever I was doing that was so naughty was right now and oh so much fun.  More often than not I still did that something naughty and for some reason Santa still always found my house.  I always wondered if Santa really had something in his heart for naughty girls!

Flash forward to last night and I'm at my first company Christmas Soiree.  My boss is pretty cool and she likes her young hottie boys.  So rather than a traditional Santa she got the yummy barista/actor "wanna-be" from the Starbucks downstairs.  He always had my Caramel Macchiato ready at 8:05 each day for me because, being the naughty girl I, was always a bit late to work.  I was always in such a hurry so we never really spoke but he always had the nicest, slyest grin as I walked in.  There was something about him, I knew, if I ever got the chance to speak.  Perhaps tonight was my chance.

After about four Cosmopolitans I finally got my chance to sit on his lap and tell him what I wanted for Christmas.  I hoped he would appreciate my naughtiest Christmas outfit I had picked out for the occasion.

He asked me "have you been naughty or nice this year my pretty Shae?"

I smiled, batted my eyelashes, and whispered in his ear "do I look like a girl who's been naughty?"

He replied out loud "ho, ho, ho, Santa knows all my pretty one!"  Then he whispered in my ear "oh my Shae I bet you think you have been naughty but Santa likes to see just how naughty a girl can be!  I'm going to take a break in about 15 minutes, shall we meet in the naughty room in the back?"

I found my way back to my boss's dressing room where Santa was taking his break.  He asked me if I wanted a drink.  I said "I think 4 Cosmos is quite enough but I'd like to know if Santa's lips do in fact taste like Cherry"

Santa smiled and said "oh my you are naughty and forward as well!"

Santa pulled me into the closet and kissed me.  He was just as yummy as I had always imagined.  He kissed his way across my neck and down through the V of my plunging neck line all the while cleverly unbuckling my belt and dipping his hands into me like the sly elf he was.  As he knelt between my legs he looked up, smiled, and said "let's see what candy is in this little stocking stuffer."

His tongue was magic and drove me insane.

Before I knew it he was behind me gently nibbling at my neck.  I leaned forward and reached back grasping his long luscious cock and gently whispered "come Dasher and Dancer let's see how hard Blitzen can work!"

I looked up and saw Santa behind me, his chest glistening in the light.  That sly grin came across his face as he gently grasped my waist, sledded his way between my legs, and said "Shae, I bet you always knew how much Santa adores naughty girls!"

Now, of course, I've been naughty as is often the case and exceeded my word total.  Not to mention posting my FFF a day early.  But I did want you to have something fun to read after all those presents are opened!

But please let me say,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

Key Words: Santa
Forbidden Words: Party
Word Limit: 360
Extra Credit: have you ever been naughty in with Santa?!
Bonus Words: +50 if they get on/off the 


Kat said...

Damn, it's Friday again? And I missed FFF AGAIN?

But this was delightful. Thanks you, Shae. ;-)

Same sassy girl said...

Reading about other people's work parties always makes mine seem so... dull. Glad Shae had fun! and you told us about it!