Saturday, May 23, 2015

Then My Friend You're in a Carolina Day

I'm always reminded that someone close to me would always say "the skies are full of Carolina blue today," on a day such as today.  My friend is a UNC Tarheel fan thankfully, I'd hate to see a day full of Duke Blue Devil blue; that would be rather melancholy, don't you think.  Of course that slogan is of no value if you are a fan of the Wolf Pack, Demon Deacons, Pirates, Mountaineers, or even the Blue Hose or Camels!  But I suppose anyone from NC is a Tarheel on some level.

Livingston Taylor wrote a song called Carolina Day about a day just like today.  And yes that is James Taylor's brother.  JT and LT were born in Boston but grew up outside of that Carolina blue town of Chapel Hill.  LT later went back to Boston to attend prep school and eventually became a faculty member at Berklee College of Music.  I believe the song talks about happily traveling back to Carolina from Boston ("on a plane out of Logan") to enjoy one of those Carolina blue days with family.  The song also mentions his brother's (JT) fame but more importantly reflects the gentle tranquility one feels when you are floating through one of those Carolina blue days.

I walked past JT once back stage, I didn't notice him until I was past.  I looked back and realized who he was and said "hi."  Up close and even at a distance he looked like just another dowdy looking faculty member (I guess like his brother).  But he seemed like a really nice guy and he did give a great show.  He sang his Carolina song that night, not his brother's, but both are beautiful.

As is this time of year under Carolina blue skies, "breathing that clean fine southern air."

Last week we saw a lot of Carolina blue around here.  Sandee and I spent an entire day playing hooky from life under those Carolina blue skies along the banks of the Maryland side of the Potomac.  I suppose it didn't really matter where our feet were, our minds were in fact in those Carolina blue skies.

I've driven past Point of Rocks, MD several times and I knew it was just the type of quaint place Sandee and I would enjoy.  And even more importantly it is a great place to shove off in a kayak with a gentle current and a lot of interesting topography to enjoy.  We got to the river just before noon and shoved off from the banks, just below Rt. 15.  The currents were rather strong on this day so we labored up river first enjoying the warm air.  We came across an old lock-keepers house along the canal and got out and walked  up.  It is available for rent and Sandee said how nice it would be to spend a weekend there.  The house seemed somewhat primitive but the thought of spending a thought-free weekend with Sandee under primitive conditions seemed delightful.  We stopped on some rocks out in the river and sunned ourselves and talked much about nothing in particular.  The float back down river was much easier.  We went just past our start and paddled over to Heater Island in the middle of
the river.

Once there we explored the primitive foot worn trails.  Several vines hung from tall trees.  I jokingly swung on one and Sandee gleefully joined in, she is so child-like and joyful.  We talked about swinging from tree to tree in loin-clothes.  The thought got me to thinking how nice it would be to see Sandee in a loin-cloth.  We were alone on the island but on the southern side we felt completely detached from the world.  Under a tree and overlooking the river and the banks on the Virginia side I wrapped my arms around her from behind, kissed her neck, and breathed in the floral scent of her hair.  My hand moved down below her wait and into her yoga pants.  She sighed in her sweet, soft, feminine voice.  We retreated a few paces inland and found a sturdy fallen tree trunk.  I sat down and pulled Sandee's hips to me and ran my hands inside her pants and down the length of her legs.  She bent over and did likewise with me.  Half-naked she then straddled me.  Kissing her, feeling her chest to mine, and her hips moving across mine, it did not take long for us to orgasm together.  I remained in her for some time looking into her eyes and intermittently kissing, not saying much just taking in the moment.

We paddled back to the mainland and loaded up the kayaks.  I was hungry and their was a little restaurant close by.  However, pulling out of the parking lot I saw a sign for a local creamery.  We drove just a little East and came across Rock Point Creamery, a wonderful little shop with delicious homemade ice cream.  Kids were now coming in, obviously just out of school and onto their afternoon snack I suppose.  The ordinariness of the moment was tranquil and fulfilling.

From Point of Rocks we crossed the river again, this time by car.  I'm sure Sandee thought I was just going home but I had another destination in mind.   We drove down several country roads and then emerged by one of my favorite Loudoun County vineyards.  This is a special place for us, the first place I kissed Sandee beside the little pond adjacent to the tasting room.  We sat again at that same place and enjoyed the now late afternoon sun.

Even though we were not in Carolina, it was truly a lovely Carolina day.

Thinking now of the day I am reminded of another wonderful late-May day 21 years ago under Carolina blue skies.

Shannon and I had recently watched the Last of the Mohicans.
The movie is set in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.  But good tax breaks in North Carolina obviously convinced the movie makers to film down south.  The ending scenes of the movie were filmed at Chimney Rock, a gorgeous outcropping of granite overlooking Lake Lure that also features the dramatic 400 foot Hickory Nut Falls.  Shannon and I played hooky from life one day and drove across the state to Chimney Rock and enjoyed the beautiful late May day.  The only thing as wonderful as the sweet mountain air in my lungs was the feel of Shannon in my arms, kissing her a few paces off the trail along a glittering swift mountain stream.

Back then she was so laid back and in the moment.  At the time I knew I would be transferred soon with my company.  I knew I liked her, I was not sure I loved her.  Shannon was considering graduate school and surely didn't want to pass on life just to be with me.  But for now none of that mattered, just that we were there together under Carolina blue skies.

JT and LT
As the day got late we left and found a beautiful bed and breakfast with a vacancy and we decided to stay the night.  We were hot and tired and the deep, warm bath in the quaint country room was delightful.  We got out of the tub and didn't even bother drying off just flopping on the bed and falling into one another.  Our wet bodies glided over one another.

This was one of our first days together and probably the first time I saw myself spending a life with her.  Surely if one day could be so perfect, a life together would be more than wonderful.  If everyday life could just be so sweet?

I guess what's important to know is that,

"while taking care of business I found my Carolina day,
didn't let me down."


Same sassy girl said...

Wow... you hit two of my favorites in this post! I adore the Taylors' music. And whenever Sandee and you go "kayaking." Yum! So fantastic when a sexy blogger actually writes about sex. :)

Anonymous said...

Great post and agree with Sassy . . . nice to at long last hear about sex on this sex blog! 😉

Elle said...

Good for you, Ryan Beumont! You're still at it blogging away while most of us have been pushed out, faded away, or died (hopefully only figuratively... ). Weird circumstances have led me to smile and reminisce on my blogging days. They seem like a lifetime away. It's so nice to see that you're still out there!

Love from,

Elle ... :)