Monday, January 3, 2011

Are You Ready for a New Sensation

Before I move forward in my story I will tell you about my other dual personality.  I have very diverse taste in music.  When I am transporting children around the county in our van with satellite radio I of course get the latest in “tween” pop until I drop them off to wherever we are destined.  Yes, unfortunately I am well versed in Selena, Hanna, Demi, the Jo Bros, etc.  In fact we were listening to Disney’s top 50 countdown on Friday night and I called Disney’s #1 song, J Beebs – Baby!  I do love the Ludicres lyric in that song though:

“Oh I was star struck, she woke me up daily, don't need no Starbucks”

I am a coffee snob you know J

Once the kiddies are out of the car I turn the old satellite radio to 80’s and 90’s Alt Rock with an occasional venture into Hair Nation for some kicks.

When not transporting children I am in the car with terrestrial radio and I love listening to a local Classic Country station.  Yep, one day Stone Temple Pilots the next Johnny Cash and all that trash!  Or one of my other favorites Just to Satisfy You by Waylon Jennings which ended up being my caption on my AM profile.  I though “Just to Satisfy You” was a very succinct mission statement!

So my first Ashley Madison date, with Alecia, is to be in the afternoon for a drink at a bar in her town the Tuesday after our first meeting.  She gives me the name of the bar and I “google” the address.  I drive over, the bar is in a strip mall but when I arrive I see it is closed.  Oh no, I call Alecia and she is across the street at a Glory Days Grill (not really, true name held back to protect the guilty).

I walk in and see her at the bar; she already has a glass of wine and is again “tanked out” and looking great.  She turns and stands as I walk up and says “you look good.”  “Well thank you I say.”  I hand her a bottle of Viognier I bought for her at a local vineyard and she is very pleased.  Alecia orders me a glass of wine and a hor’s d’ouevre (I think stuffed mushrooms?) and continues an apparent earlier conversation she was having with the bar tender, she is really cool and confident.  Soon she does turn to me on her bar stool and slides closer to me.  Her knees are slightly apart and my knees are touching just inside her’s as we sit close to one another on the bar stools.  I guess she has a fairly small personal body space or likes me because she does lean in as we speak.  I try to be gentlemanly and maintain eye contact and not be too obvious as she looks great in that loose tank top.  It’s not too hard because she has beautiful brown eyes that seem to look right through me.  She asks me what I like to drink and if I drink a lot.  I tell the truth, I am really not a big drinker.  I could put down a 12 pack in college but I really don’t enjoy more than 2 drinks anymore.  She says she drinks too much and tells how she and her girlfriends put down bottles of wine by her pool.  She tells me that she did have one affair with a friend in the neighborhood.  She also tells me she has told her best friend about me and showed my picture to her (and I guess I have gotten the “friend seal of approval”).  She asks me if I have had an affair (answer No) and asks me a lot about Shannon and if I think Shannon is still having an affair.  I say I don’t think so, but Alecia disagrees.  Anyway, we spend almost 2 hours talking about our lives, careers, and travels.  The time breezes by as I continue to be intrigued by her.  I stay to my 2 drink limit.  Alecia had about 4 glasses of wine but I think she has a high tolerance, I am sure she could drink me under the table.  Toward the end she smiles and says “can I kiss you?”  Now who would say no to that!  So she leans forward and kisses me gently just slightly touching lips.  The kiss lingers for what seemed an eternity although it was probably just a few seconds.  I start to instinctively and respectfully pull back but Alecia gently pulls me back for a few more delightful moments.  She smiles at me and says “you know we are going to have sex, you’re going to like me, I’m very good.”

Alecia pays the bar bill before I get a chance.  I was surprised as I had mentally prepared myself to be the “Sugar Daddy” in this process.  Alecia says she doesn’t want to owe anyone and I can certainly respect that.  I walk her to her car and we talk a bit more.  We agree to meet for a picnic at a place I really like about 30 minutes away from both of our towns.  As we say good bye she looks around to see if anyone is watching.  She is in a van so we are blocked from view of the road.   She presses her body next to mine and gives me a deep, long, and passionate kiss embracing me around the neck and pulling me into her as she presses her tongue to mine.  Again, it seems to last forever although it probably was not more than 10-15 seconds.  I was a little worried about her driving home but she insists that she is OK to drive.  So we part with the eager anticipation of soon meeting for a romantic get away and the hope that this is the start of something great!

That night I send her a You Tube link to an Elton John bluegrass version of his song Country Comfort from an Earl Scruggs compellation CD I really like.  She writes back and says:

“I love the song and the fact that you wanted to share it with me.. THANK YOU!  Music is on the top of my favorite things list”

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