Friday, January 21, 2011

I Might Like You Better if We Slept Together

I heard this song on the First Wave channel of XM Radio earlier this week.  I was waiting at the airport at 12:30 am to pick up Shannon from a Midwest trip.  She had accidentally booked a departure from one airport and a return to another; I did say she had a hectic schedule.  So me being her turn to guy for anything other than sex dutifully took her to the airport and was now waiting to pick her up.  This angry song seemed to fit my mood in more ways than one.  First Wave played Anarchy in the UK soon after so it was a good angry-fest!  We got home about 2:30 am and of course I had to be at work at the normal time a few hours later.

OK, so I said earlier in my blog I had cast my lot with some other web sites.  So let me retrace my steps.  In early to mid-May, approximately when I was writing to Miranda and just before Alecia I found Married but Playing, Adult Friend Finder, and a few others.  I will say that they are 99.9% junk.  They appear to mostly be the realm of escorts/prostitutes, erotic chatters, and those who enjoy displaying and watching videos.  I, on the other hand, enjoy reality far too much to find all of this tempting.  Except for blogging now, which in my case is just the retelling of past reality!

If you can believe it, these sites are even harder to navigate than Ashley Madison and mostly charge monthly fees that as I found are very hard to stop once started.  For my money there is nothing better than AM’s pay by credit method.  It may seem a bit high to send a letter for $5 but in the long run it is better.  And I think it is the best place to go to find real people that actually want to meet.  AM, if your out there I accept TIPS!

I did catch the interest of one lady on Married but Playing, Suzanne.  She was fairly local and seemed nice on her profile.  We exchanged notes and then e-mail addresses.  We e-mailed over about 2 weeks.  It seemed as if she had a rough life.  She was married to an older man that I think was in poor health.  She had an affair but the guy apparently cheated on her.  I finally broke down and asked her for a picture, since I wanted to know who I was writing too.  Through the interaction I had a gut feeling that I would not be attracted to her.  These other sites are not as good as AM with vital stats – remember the George Clooney quote “I like my mother, I stereotype, it’s faster.”  I hate to be shallow but it is what it is.

So Suzanne sent me 2 photos of herself.  She looked like a nice person and had a warm smile and I looked at the pictures about 3 times to make sure that I was definitely NOT attracted.  I felt miserable because I think she was pretty interested in me.  Me being the polite sort, I continued to write for a few more days, just “how is your day” type stuff, nothing even close to “let’s meet for coffee.”

I finally felt I should cut it off as I was starting to have some other irons in the fire and needed to concentrate.  So I sent her a message telling her:

“I have really enjoyed writing to you; you have made me feel very good about myself.  You are a good person and deserve the best.  However, after thinking it over I just can’t go down this road.  I wish you well, but I think it is best if I do not continue this.  Sincerely, Ryan”

OK, so with that kind note I am sure she will understand.  Right?  Wrong!

Here is what I get back:

“You started this!  I told you I was not just interested in sex.  You say you don’t want to go down this road but what you are saying is that you are not attracted to me.  I hate this.  You’re an ass!  Goodbye!

Wow!  Tell me how you really feel?

I didn’t write Suzanne back, I really felt bad.  I sincerely don’t want to hurt anyone!  And more than just the looks I could tell emotionally she would have been risky.

It was good though to have this interaction for as you know I was soon to be on the other end of the stick!

However, I always look on the bright side, when I was dumped I just chalked up to experience and counted myself ahead J  One thing I did later learn though, don’t always count on bad pictures, it may just be a test – hint for future!

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