Wednesday, January 12, 2011

But Now, Here We are so Whataya Want from Me

I am not a Pink fan but this seems to fit.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I have met Alecia Moore (aka Pink) sort of and that my Alecia looks a bit like her (but with long brown hair and no nose ring).  I will say I work in the hospitality industry and food and hospitality can often get you behind the scenes.  I have on occasion met and/or served a few famous people (e.g. Andy Griffith, Mrs. C from “Happy Days” and was on a plane once with Gilligan!).  One account I used to manage included an arena among other things and I got to get backstage for some great experiences.  Pink played at this venue one night.  I will always remember seeing her leaning up against the entrance from backstage and looking out into the arena as the road crew was doing final sound checks, etc.  She was smoking a cigarette and looking so cool.  A co-worker and I were joking and daring one another to go up to her and let her know that building code precludes any smoking within 20 feet of a state building.  We didn’t of course!  Something tells me I would have gotten a cigarette shoved where the sun don’t shine.  So I just walked past and said hi.  She looked at me and gave me a slight smile and a waved two fingers from her cigarette hand.  By the way regardless of your musical preferences she gives a great show!  And I do love her cover of the Linda Perry/4 Non-Blondes song “What’s Up” – I believe Linda Perry produced some of Pink’s albums.  Another show I saw at this arena and unexpectedly enjoyed was Nellie and the St. Lunatics; one I thought I would enjoy but hated was Matchbox Twenty.  Maybe later I will tell of some of my other backstage experiences including Nickelback, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc.

So it is rare in life when everything is just as your wish.  I was delighted that I had met someone with whom I was so mentally and physically attracted.  It was also spring, my favorite time of year!

That night I sent Alecia a nice Blue Mountain e-card to let her know how much our afternoon meant to me.  I followed it up with an e-mail.  Alecia had said her weekend was busy and would not be back to the office until Tuesday so I didn’t expect a response.  I did break down and call her Sunday just to see if she could talk but she didn’t answer.

However, Tuesday came and went and nothing from Alecia.  Then Wednesday came and went and no communication.  What happened, did I misread something?  Finally on Thursday I broke down and sent her the following e-mail around lunch.

“I've tried to get in touch with you all week, are you busy?  I had really hoped to talk to you about last week.  I feel like I fell short of communicating to you how much it meant to me.

 Before I go any further I really just want to say I think you are a fascinating, classy, cool, beautiful, and sexy woman and I am so glad to know you.  Regardless of what happens I want to make sure that we are both happy and satisfied with what we have done thus far.  I really want to continue seeing you; I think we can be very good for each other.  I enjoy the fact that we have common interests and I would be happy just sharing time with you.  The thought of some day having the opportunity to spend time traveling the area or maybe even a day trip to NYC or running away to the beach is exhilarating!  However, I understand life is a challenge and I am happy to be available for whatever you wish from me and what you are able to give.”

The end of the day came and no response.  Friday I dejectedly went into work but was delighted to have the following message in my inbox from late Thursday night:

i promise to write more later.. I'm sorry I didnt respond when I got back to work on Tues.  I got scared and needed a few days to try to figure it out. Let me check my schedule tomorrow and if I can perhaps we can meet at my office and talk about it..  Ill text tomorrow.. Promise A

OK, sigh of relief.  Privately I’m pissed, I mean “just communicate” but the part of me that is good at stepping outside of myself says you can’t know what other people are thinking or what their lives are like – take it easy and just be happy.

So I e-mail her back and say everything is OK, take your time, and let me know when we can see one another, maybe we can try the picnic again.

Monday afternoon I get a note from Alecia:

“can you get away tomorrow afternoon, earlier the better… I want to spend the afternoon with you… you let me know where to meet…A”

OK, that sounds good – do I assume hotel again?  For once my assumption is right.  We e-mail back and forth and agree to meet again at the ****ville Shariotte Resort and Comfort Suites at 1 pm tomorrow.  Again, I am on top of the world.

So I drive over to ****ville and check into the hotel and wait.  Alecia calls at 1 pm and says she hasn’t had lunch and wants to stop by Micky D’s on the way over.  I say OK.  About 30 minutes later she arrives.  We talk as she eats.  She has brought a bottle of Goldschlagger which she apparently enjoys but it has sat in her car and is very hot.  She insists I drink.  I politely choke down the hot spicy liquor because I don’t want to be rude.  She asks several times if I am mad at her and I continue to tell her no.  She again asks in several ways what I want out of the relationship.  I try to articulate that I don’t want to infringe on anyone’s family life I just want that “in the moment – third place” time with someone I enjoy and who enjoys me.  She does paraphrase and said that I was looking for someone to have romantic long walks with, etc. and even though she has a vision of sitting on a porch swing in her old age with someone she loves she not sure if she will ever be able to that.  On the other hand she tells me of a conference she attends each year near the Jersey shore and would love for me to come along.

After she finishes she says I probably won’t want to kiss her now since she had onions on her hamburger.  I assure her that I don’t care.  So I lean over and kiss her.

At that point she basically attacks me pushing me back onto the bed.  She straddles me and pulls off my shirt, unbuckles my belt, and then stands up and undresses on top of me.  She sits back down on top of me, again straddling me and moves over me simulating sex.  I move my hands up her legs and put my thumb inside of her rubbing inside.  After about a minute she leans up and reaches behind and we pull my pants off.  She rubs my dick and balls and then moves onto me.  As we have sex she alternates rubbing her breasts into my face and kissing me.  After several minutes she asks “are you going to come?”  I say yes but she orgasms first.  We roll over and I am on top with her legs wrapped around my waist.  Again, I can feel the pool of sweaty moisture between our stomachs.  This really turns me on and I do have a very intense orgasm.  Alecia seems very pleased.

After sex we cuddle and talk a bit and nap as we did the first time.  I think for her this what she was most looking forward to.  After about 30 minutes I get a little horney and start massaging her and kissing her back and neck.

Trying to turn her on I slide on top of her back while continuing to massage and try to rub my dick just outside of her.  She is so wet that I accidentally slip inside of her.  At that point we start having sex; me from behind.  She looks and feels so good!

Too soon Alecia gets a call from her daughter and realizes that she is running late for pick up and has to dash.  She quickly dresses and says there is no need for me to walk her out.

Another odd occurrence for me on this day and our previous hotel meeting was that just before we leave Alecia reaches in to her wallet and pulls out cash and hands it to me.  She did say she did not want to owe anyone and she was just paying half of the room charge but what an odd feeling!  Most of me was thinking, “hey I’ve got a good job just let me treat;” but then part of me was thinking “COOL, I feel like I’m a gigolo – she’s paying ME for sex;” yet part of me was thinking “ick… I feel like a gigolo, she’s paying me for sex.”  Weird!

After she leaves I decide to work out at the hotel gym since I was going to go to the gym anyway, take a shower, and head home.

On the way home I got a call from Alecia.  She wanted to see how I was doing.  I said I was OK and then I say one of those stupid things when one is trying to be funny – I say “I stuck around for a bit and went to the gym to get my money’s worth.”  Yes I can be my own best critic and that was just plain dumb!  Alecia says “I would have thought you already got your money’s worth.”  The conversation ends soon after with no immediate indication of damage done.  I hope I escaped that stupid and insensitive remark!  But do I ever get that type of luck?

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