Monday, January 10, 2011

This Sucks!

Just a quick post today and nothing about Ashley Madison, music, or sex.  My weekend had the following incidents:

1.     Window busts as child opens & gust of wind catches, thank god child not harmed other than small cut.
2.     Garage door brace and bolts pop off imobilizing door.
3.     While cleaning basement find standing water in corner.

So I was able to gingerly remove broken glass and then remove window from frame.  I had some construction plastic so I was able to duct tape (greatist invention) 2 layers of plastic to frame with good success.  Child patched up as well.  Will take window to get glass replaced later today.

I threaded a coat hanger through door and through brace of pulley on garage door and door now works -good enough for government work as they say :)

Peeled back insulation from wall, worried about crack in foundation.  Luckily it was only pin prick leak in water pipe for outdoor faucet.  Will have to call insurance later this morning.

Oh well, other daughter won basketball game on Sunday.  She is cute and plucky and plays tenacious "D."  To use a football term she is a "shut down corner" on defense.

All in a days work as they say!  I guess us guys still have some uses :)

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Jessy said...

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