Friday, June 10, 2011

Gotta Get Your Lovin'

A long time ago I started a blog just to get some thoughts down on paper and to perhaps emulate some others that I had begun to admire.  After a few days I started to see that I had actually gotten a few hits.  And then I finally got a comment, I guess I was relevant.  Or at least someone thought it worthy to say something about my experiences.

Well, the other day someone wrote to me asking that I pass something along to my readers.  My readers? Wow - thanks for thinking so well of me.  So my readers would include a few people I slobber attention on, 2 oddballs in Malaysia, 1 guy named Borat in Kazakhstan, and a very affectionate Nigerian princess who says she will be all mine if I send her a cashiers check for $40,000!

But if your still interested here you go.  A cool band in Boulder, CO (The Amends) would like you to listen to some new music - some of which tends to focus on extracurricular relationship material.  My personal favorite though is a Dance song (see below).

Take a listen, I think you'll like them.  They are on Facebook as well so "like" them there as well!  If you want to read about them here are some links.  They have very raw rock/blues sound but several of the songs will get you moving.

Facebook link here:

And here is a link to more songs:!/theamends

But I guess before I get too big headed I should say that Me, from The Secret Life of Me mentioned The Amends yesterday so I guess they are casting a big net - but I appreciate persistence and they are good.  Let's see if you can get Riff to take a listen though he is the guy you really need!

And for my next groupie I'll take any lady that just wants me for my mind!


J said...

I received the same email from them...I hadn't listen to their music quite yet...and hey, I'm one of your readers. I'm not a princess, or in Malaysia!

Riff Dog said...

That's fun stuff. I got the email too, although I hadn't listened until here. I give these credit for doing what it takes. It takes balls to send out emails like that. Considering we guys in this game do the same thing, I think we can relate! ;-)

Interestingly, either the live part of the video is flipped, or else there are two left handed guitar players and a leftie drummer. I'm guessing the video is flipped, because when the guy switched to piano, the wrong hand seemed to be doing the fast parts.

France said...

I got that email too, but I haven't had a chance to link them up just yet.

Can I be your princess? ;)

Myli said...

I am one of your readers and I love your blog! You have 3x as many followers as I do and I consider my small following to be "readers" lol.

Tyler said...

Hey it's Tyler from The Amends. Thanks Ryan, for the compliments-- I'm glad you liked our stuff.

Same to J, Riff Dog, and France. You're right, we emailed a bunch of you guys because as Ryan said, some of the "extracurricular" elements of our songs might make a good fit. The net's not too big though, ha. We're just starting out, trying to do all of this ourselves, so the fact that you guys talked about us so early on is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.