Thursday, June 16, 2011

Take Me Away to Nowhere Plains there is a Wait so Long

“So long, so long….

Da da da da da da daaaah!

Here comes your post (man)

Big tale on the blog-shere writin’….”

Oops, sorry I was intending to write something, not slander Pixie lyrics.  Which btw, I am trying to work something up that to me is really really big!  Which really means it will be a mindless waste of time.  I’m trying to re-write some lyrics to an 80’s song I heard the other night and morph it into a celebration of some of my favorite (lady) blogs.  So assuming I have plenty of time to waste this week I’ll try to have it out some time next week.  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

So the last time I was with Sandra we just had lunch at a little country inn.  And we promised that the next time we met we would skip lunch and go right to what we had met each other for in the first place.

So the next time came the next week.  I got a reservation at a hotel between us that was just up the road from that inn.  I arrived a few minutes early and went up to the room and dropped off my duffel bag. 

I don’t know why I always take my duffel bag.  It does have a brush, cologne, tic-tac’s, and some useful stuff along with my work-out gear.  I guess it’s just that in the check in process having a piece of potential luggage legitimizes the process (for me at least).  I doubt the very nice girl at the front desk really cared though as she told me about next morning’s Continental Breakfast I would not likely be around to enjoy.

Sandra called a few minutes later and I could see her drive up from the scenic parking lot view from the window.  I walked down to meet her.  She was in all black today – very hot and she was driving her Jeep today rather than the Beemer (also hot).  We walked up the stairs and past the hotel engineer, I wonder if we made him think of something other than the HVAC he was preparing to work on?

I opened the room door and walked ahead toward a bottle of wine I was going to open.  Sandra grabbed me around the waste from behind and said my panties are already wet!

So suddenly I forgot about the wine and turned around and we kissed and I pulled her in tight to my chest.  We stayed there for a few minutes but then I worked my mouth down to her neck and then to her breast.  She didn’t delay the suspense as she took off her dress and threw it on the chair and then took off her heels.

She then gently nudged me onto the bed and unbuttoned my shirt and then my pants.  I leaned back and she crawled on top of me.  She was now on all fours on top of me, kissing me and moving her hands slowly underneath my undershirt.

After my shirt was off she rose up and took off her bra and panties and then took off my mine (underwear that is – not panties)!

Without hesitation she moved on top of me and I was in her in an instance.  She was very wet.  I just leaned back and enjoyed her on top of me.  For the next few minutes she alternated grinding on top of me and leaning down and burying my face in her breasts.

After about 5 minutes she started to tense up a bit.  I accelerated my penetration and soon after she had an orgasm that I would more accurately describe as an eruption.

I shudder at sounding like a rookie but really I had never experienced anything like this.  Pouring a pitcher of water onto my crotch would be as accurate a description of the feel of the sheer volume of liquid that poured out onto me as saying she had an intense orgasm.  For a moment I thought we had gone down the "golden road" but it wasn't that warm.

Sandra giggled, smiled, and apologized but really no apology was needed – that was fantastic!

I was not quite finished yet so we rolled over kissed and had sex for another 5 minutes or so until I came.

Then as before we just cuddled and talked.  It was very comfortable.  Sandra is someone who wants to please; sometimes I feel a bit guilty just laying there listening to her and enjoying the feel of her long nails gentle tickle across my chest back and forth.

Of course, I love a good shower so eventually we moved there.  A nice long, relaxing shower with plenty of kissing and oral stimulation pumped us up for a wet round II starting off from behind and ending up on top.

So again, all is good.  I think the second time may be the charm here and I don’t think I have said anything stupid like I did with Alecia.

At least by the fact that we were already talking about the next time as we left, I assumed I was a prized commodity!

“Da da da da da da daaaah!

there goes your post (man)


Kat said...

HI Ryan--

Wow! It sounds like a great time. Good for you! And yes, talking about "next time" is definitely a good sign.

About the duffel's not a bad idea. Believe it or not, it had never occurred to me to have some "luggage" to enhance credibility. I guess I have never really cared about what the hotel clerks thought.

Wave Rider said...

Sounds perfect ... Sandra is one lucky gal and glad that you didn't freak when she ejaculated. Consider yourself talented if you can cause that response in a woman. ;)

France said...

Mmmm that sounded great.

Thanks for the tip about the overnight bag. I never bothered with appearances! I loved knowing we had breakfast included the next morning when we knew the key would be left in the room just a few hours after checking in!