Friday, June 3, 2011

She's Always a Woman to Me

I was not in the mood to write a FFF this week.  I have another Shannon post slated for Monday but no other relevant thoughts for the end of the week.  So here is some music I have come across recently.  I am absolutely addicted to YouTube and love to come across rare performances.

Here are some of my favorite ladies:

     Awesome group of musicians accompanying Tina Turner on a Phil Specter song.  Wouldn't it be great if love could always be this innocent.

     Bow down to the alter of Aretha and say Hallelujah!  Great way to transition a Simon & Garfunkle song into a religious experience.

     Linda Ronstadt with the Eagles, enough said - love country rock.  I imagine a lot women are around this blogging world because they feel this way.

      It feels weird saying I love Dolly Parton but she is a great writer (rare for a country singer).  This is a cover of a classic bluegrass song though but it shows her range.  Interesting juxtaposition between thinking you caught your lover cheating and finding they were not!

OK, with all this veneration of women I have to throw in one evil woman song.

     Here is Shann.., I mean Christine's tune by the Flying Burrito Brothers.  The Flying Burrito Brothers were an offshoot of the Byrds and inspired a lot of modern country rock or outlaw country of the 70's.

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Riff Dog said...

Funny, I guess Flying Burrito Brothers would have been considered rock at the time, but with that pedal steel guitar featured so predominantly, they'd be considered straight up country today.