Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'll Just Sit Tight through Shadows of the Night and Let it Ring for Evermore

A 1970’s song from Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) about calling on an old land line and letting the phone ring and ring because nobody answers.  Such an alien concept, hell that song was written even before answering machines were in vogue!

So here we are now in 2011 and with all these electronic devices still just trying to connect J

So today’s point is more about e-mail rather than telephones although with iPhones, Droids, Blackberries, etc. those lines are certainly starting to blur.  My point is “how many e-mail accounts does it take to have an affair?”

Back many years ago when Shannon was in graduate school I remember her getting an e-mail account at school.  It was intriguing because now a few times a week she could correspond with my dad who also had e-mail back there in the mid-90’s.  I had heard of Lotus Notes a few years back, but this world wide web thing seemed even better!

About a year later we finally got a home computer and signed up for AOL.  And I finally had an e-mail account although it was really Shannon’s and we just shared.  But we really didn’t have anyone to e-mail anyway so what did it matter.  I even used that old AOL address for work for several years.  And that is where things stayed until around 2000.

I didn't actually get a company e-mail address until late 1999 (still using that shared AOL up to that point), just getting in under that Y2K catastrophe (did anyone actually get any fallout).  By then you could get all the news on Yahoo so AOL didn’t seem relevant anymore so we dropped that service and I still just had one e-mail address just like I had one home address – things still seemed normal to a Gen-X child like me.

Through Yahoo I found out about Yahoo Groups.  And one techie friend of mine from high school had started one for my graduating class.  Hearing stuff about old friends seemed cool and you needed a Yahoo account so I signed up.  And oh by the way you got a Yahoo e-mail.  Well, it seemed like it would be good to send personal e-mail by way of a personal address rather than work so it seemed like a good idea.  So I was finally the proud owner of a second e-mail address.  This was kind of like owning a time-share now in addition to my primary home.  And with that new Yahoo account I could now play stupid games like NCAA Tourney pick-em’ and Fantasy Football, etc.

So technology was growing but not yet exponentially.  I pretty much stayed there for several years.

Then Facebook hit around 2006 and I got on the bandwagon.  So now I have my work e-mail, Yahoo, and Facebook.  We now truly have a second home at the beach so to speak!

Then about a year ago (as you know with my blog) I found Ashley Madison.  So now I have work e-mail, Yahoo, Facebook, and Ashley Madison.  Quite a bit to manage, but is it enough to have an affair?

You know the answer - not quite!

You see, I enjoy using my personal Yahoo account at home and I certainly can’t have one of my AM gals send a note to the account I may have open while I’m checking my Fantasy stats!  So I sign up for a second Yahoo e-mail and I can chat as well when I’m doing vital things at work.

So now I have work e-mail, Yahoo I, Yahoo II, Facebook, and Ashley Madison.  Wow, I guess we have the house, a condo at the beach, and a chalet in the mountains.  And, more importantly, we are getting close to acquiring the needed vehicles for executing a proper affair!

Of course after meeting someone on Ashley Madison I start to assume that they may take offense if they log on and see I was just there about 1 hour ago simply because curiosity got the better of me!  So I get another Ashley Madison account just in case I find someone that is too enticing to pass up.

Btw, rip off alert - Ashley Madison will charge you 25 credits for transferring credits accross accounts!

So now I have work e-mail, Yahoo I, Yahoo II, Facebook, Ashley Madison I, and Ashley Madison II.  And I won’t even talk about the Married but Playing and AFF type accounts as I found them to be worthless pretty quickly and thus moved on.  And yes, BINGO - we have our first success on AM!  But, as with so many things in life success is really never the end, it just shows us the doors to more opportunities!

Then about 8 months ago I started blogging.  I originally had my blog connected to my Yahoo e-mail account.  Quickly, however, I found that upon responding to a comment the receiver could see my name and the information I had on my Yahoo account.  That info might have been relevant to a certain chosen lady I was pursuing in my area but wasn’t exactly something I needed to share with someone from Seattle or Bangladesh!  Additionally, at present, I couldn’t chat with any of my blog friends so I had some significant challenges.  So I got my first Gmail address.

So now I have work e-mail, Yahoo I, Yahoo II, Facebook, Ashley Madison I, Ashley Madison II, and Gmail.  OMG, that's like a home, beach house, ski chalet, and private mischief condo in Arlington!  Hey, I'm starting to sound like a congressman - yeah, I've almost arrived!

But wait!  I start to notice that a lot of bloggers have Facebook accounts.  Wow, I would love to be Riff Dog’s friend.  But I certainly can’t “friend” Riff from my personal Anthony Weiner Facebook (that’s not actually my name, btw)!  So the other day I get the bright idea to start a Ryan Beaumont Facebook account.

So now I have work e-mail, Yahoo I, Yahoo II, Facebook I, Facebook II, Ashley Madison I, Ashley Madison II, and Gmail.  Wow!  Now I've gone way beyond time share or second home; we are now into the rhelm of one of those real estate Ponzi-like schemes sort of like the ones Ponch from CHiP's sells on TV.

I guess the only thing left is Twitter.  But I guess I still have Presidential aspiration so maybe I should hold off on that venue for now – you guys aren’t going to sell me out if you ever see me on FOX or MSNBC are you? J

But, you know, I still forget to get the right stuff Shannon wants from the store on the way home from work!  And from this blog it appears I still just get laid about 2 times a month.  L

Oh well, C’est la vie!

How many address do y’all have???


Rosie said...

This was a revelation. I just counted and I have 21 email accounts. Makes it sound like I'm a very busy gal. But actually they are like shoes. Each is used according to my whims and which persona I want to project.

Wave Rider said...

When did life get so complicated?! I loved how you laid out the evolutionary timeline of your online acquisitions ... you are one busy man.

Riff Dog said...

I hear you about that 25 credit "transfer fee." Pisses me off.

I think I have 3 mischief email addresses and 2 additional email addresses that are semi-mischief. (I use those 2 for legit stuff as well, but for times I worry about spam or something else I don't want mingling with my personal or work email addresses.)

AM accounts? About 12 or 15, but most are for "research." ;-)