Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jeder War ein Grosser Krieger Hielten Sich Fuer Captain Kirk

Listening to this song yesterday I realized that I was almost to 99 blog posts.  WOW!  And if I'm almost to 99 blog posts that means I'm almost to 100.  That should call for some type of celebration!

It seems like whenever anyone gets close to 100 of something anymore they always go back and recap the top 10 of that something.  And now I have an ingenuously lazy concept.  Rather than actually writing 11 more entries why don't I just cut and paste my Top 10 Ryan's posts and that will get me to 99 and then I can wrap up with something really smart.  But in the mean time I can catch a break and give myself a few weeks to think up something relevant, or at least something that will take up 2 pages.  :)

So over the next few weeks I will re-post my Top 10 Ryan's AM Adventures Posts.  Perhaps I will task myself to add some annotations as to why these posts are my favorites or how I came to write them.  There will be no quantitative analysis here just the posts that I had the most fun writing and that probably had the least relevance to the advancement of mankind.  And maybe for some of you new readers I can take you back to the silliest stuff back in the archives.

At the risk of sounding snooty please give me a shout if there was anything you have particularly enjoyed, it may affect my ratings!

Wow, this will be fun - I feel like Casey Kasem!


Adam said...

I had the 45 of this song - it had the German version on one side and the unbelievably stupid English version of the lyrics on the other side. Of course, I loved it back then. Plus, Nena was foreign and hot!

Congrats on the milestone (or the soon-to-come milestone)

Myli said...

I like the idea of doing a Top 10 and having your 100th post be something original. I may steal you idea as I get close to my 100th! Oh and great choice of song too! It never ceases to make me smile when I hear it! :)

Ryan Beaumont said...

@ Adam - but what did you think about Nena's hairy underarms? A bit of a shocker to a young dumb American like me in my youth!

@ Asian Girl - please do and I'll look forward to it!

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Anything with the words "Captain Kirk" is an automatic panty-dropper. 'Nuff said.

Adam said...

Aww man, I had totally blocked out the part about the hairy underarms! Gross!!! Thanks for reminding me :(

Ryan Beaumont said...

Ms I,

Captain Kirk (I live in DC), Captain Kirk (come to DC),
Captain Kirk (you'll love DC), ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, Captain Kirk!

Little Miss Me said...


I think a top 10 is an awesome idea