Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gettin' Funky on the Mic Like a' Old Batch of o' Collard Greens

Nothing says food like Snoop Dogg!  You say Ryan "yo dude, ur wak; what up dogg!"

But wait, Snoop's really is into food.  And he is into my kind of food!  Check out this clip from his interview with Larry King several years ago.  Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles, my kind of place; eating an Oscar is definitely a Bucket List thing for Ryan!  By that I mean the Oscar that is on Roscoe's menu (see clip; it's chicken wings, grits, and waffles); I wasn't implying that I wanted to go down on a dude named Oscar!  :)

So now you have no clue what the *uck I'm going to talk about today.  Except you can check the tag at the bottom and see food.  Which sort of means I might be doing some recipe type thingy or talking about low class diners, drive-ins, and dives.

Actually, I just wanted an excuse to upload that Snoop Dogg clip because I love it so much.

Happy 4th!
But today is July 4th so let's do talk about food and more specifically one of my favorite things in life - Grillin' baby!

But you say you want to eat more healthy, no burgers this July.  Great, let's do chicken.

Except the problem is, chicken can come out so dry on the grill.  What to do?  Hey, that's why I'm here; nothing like some free advise!

So here is Ryan's easy steps to grillin' and chillin' to the bestest and moistest hot and juicy chicken on the grill.

*    Point 1:  Let's keep it boned!

I believe in boning a lot of things.  Oh wait, I'm talking about food today.  Anyway, a lot of people automatically go for boneless chicken breast but by going boneless you take out 2 components of flavor or more importantly sealing in flavor namely skin and bones.  I prefer to cook with 8-cut or bone-in chicken.  It's easier to cook and preserves flavor.

*     Point 2:  Keep the Juices Flowing!

Grilling is fun but by definition it is a very quick way to cook meat using high heat.  Grilling meat all the way is a surefire way to overcook and produce sawdust.  But use the grill for what you really want, searing the meat to seal in flavor.  Once you have seared the chicken make sure there is room on the grill to move it away from the direct flame.  Again, the skin on chicken helps because the skin provides a barrier between the meat and the heat.  The skin will in a sense cauterize, sealing in the juice and preserving flavor.  Once you get that nice grill mark on the skin move the piece to the side of the grill and close the grill to bring the internal temperature to 165 degrees without scorching it.  Some grills have rotisserie pieces inside or a shelf above the flame and off the direct heat.  If your grill has this use it, it's a good tool.  Regardless, keeping the skin on and cooking more gently along with bathing it in warm juice will bring your breasts to the point where the juice will just burst out spewing it's hot wetness as you fork it!

*     Point 3:  A BBQ Enema is Great Foreplay!

Giving your chicken a brining or marination bath will make it ready to be perfect for you.  A simple chicken broth, butter, and herbs makes a wonderful bath for your chicken.  If you do want that BBQ flavor mix about 2 cups of your favorite BBQ sause with equal water for 8 pieces of chicken and make sure it's covered in syrupy wetness.  Add some fresh herbs, mustard, or even some cider vinegar to enhance the flavor.  Let the chicken sit in that bath overnight to soak in the flavor.  After it's bath and before grilling shake on some dry BBQ rub or some Fried Chicken Seasoning or just roll your breasts in some fresh herbs like rosemary and chives.  Then gently place on grill.

*     Point 4:  Start Hot and Fast but end it Low and Slow

I have to admit while I love to grill I'm an old school romantic; I still love it low and slow and with some tenderness.  Sure I love that crescendo of the hot juices busting into my ever ready mouth.  But I enjoy the lead up to it, the gentle basting and massaging to get my meat just right.  So as I said you can sear the skin on the grill but get your breasts off of that direct heat and cook them low and slow.  To some extent marination can adversely affect the texture of the meat by steaming it through evaporation.  Because of that cooking marinated meat low and slow is even more important.  As I said before if your grill has a rotisserie insert use it for the majority of the cooking process.

So with these few points in mind you will have that juicy chick begging you to put it in your mouth and spew it's hot juicy wetness down your throat!

Oh and as for those greens in the title if you want some get 'em fresh from some old dude named Cletus at a roadside place down an old dirt road.  Wash and pick them well and boil them for several hours with a ham bone and some cider vinegar!

Hey but in the end it "Ain't nuthin' but a 'G' thang!"

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Love your tips! Happy 4th!