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Retro Summer - the Old Posts: Favorite New Sex - There She Goes Again, Racing Through My Brain

I guess there is no memory like the first time.  Of course this was not where I lost my virginity sexually but I did lose it from a fidelity standpoint.  I signed onto Ashley Madison in early April, 2011.  Over the next two months I had done a lot of research, written to a lot of women, honed my written skills, finally met someone, and now was in route to my first hotel encounter.  And yes we did have sex and oh how good it felt!

My time with Alecia was brief.  I would only meet her one more time but what an education it would be.

At the time of this momentous event in early late May, 2011 my blog was still six months away.  But when I got to writing about my encounter with Alecia I got another first.  That would be writing about sex.  Writing about this event was probably more scary than the actual act.  In the hotel room I was too horny to be nervous.  But I doubt literally that I had ever actually written out the word "fuck" on the computer in my entire life.  I'd said it a few times but never written it.  I know that sounds odd but for many of you, you understand how odd it is the first time you start writing your thoughts out about having sex.  We think about it all the time but actually sitting down and writing about it; well that ends up being something totally different.

So saying that this post is my favorite sex post is tribute to those two firsts, having sex with another woman and writing about it.  Oh and I guess it's also about having sex again as it had been a really, really, reaallllyyyy longggggg time since I had had sex prior to this day.

I've gone back in forth on how I feel about Alecia.  Happy because she was so hot and very good in bed. Angry because she never called back and just faded away.  Relieved because she is probably a little like Shannon in that she did not communicate feeling well and I felt tended to play games or say one thing but was looking for something else.

But I am horrible with closure and I always wanted to reach out to her one more time and at least talk it out so to speak.  I always wondered what I'd say if I met her again.  I always wondered if a path my lead us together again some day.  I wondered if life occurrences would lead me to want that.  I wondered.

Retro Summer (Favorite New Sex) - There She Goes Again, Racing Through My Brain
Originally posted January 7, 2011

I heard that song last night by the La’s on XM Radio First Wave last night and thought it would fit here.  But I am lost for musical commentary today.  Although I was sad to read that Jerry Rafferty (Baker Street) died earlier this week.

So for our second date I plan on taking Alecia to this great spot about 30 minutes south of where I live.  It is a quaint old country store that has been refurbished to be a gourmet wine and cheese shop and they also make great soup, sandwiches, quiches, etc as well as coffee and bakery items.  And the store is located across the street from a historic mill and there is a beautiful picnic area adjacent to a bubbling stream – very romantic, I am proud of myself.  Alecia has not heard of the place so I send her a link and she says it looks interesting.  I am excited and eager.

On the morning of the day we are to meet I get an e-mail from Alecia.

“husband is out of town and I don’t want to be too far away from kids in case anything happens… can we meet somewhere here where we can have some privacy… there are some hotels close by”

Note:  this spot is about 30 minutes away from me but would be an hour for Alecia

Wow!  Alecia never ceases to amaze me and take my breath away.  I google hotels in ****ville (her town) and pick something I think will be discrete.  Alecia says the location is fine.

So I call and make a reservation.  Then I learn that the local Shariotte Resort and Comfort Suites doesn’t accept credit cards with zip codes within a 50 mile radius.  What gives, how is a guy supposed to pull off an affair with these types of rules?  OK, so I lie and say it is a business card and my regional office is local but I live in Outer Mongolia and give them another address and that works.  So I have a reservation with an early check in and Alecia says she will meet me around 2 pm.  She says call her when I check in.

I drive over not really sure of what to think, it certainly was the longest 20 minute drive of my life.  And of course I am thinking it has been awhile, I hope I don’t embarrass myself.  I check in and call Alecia; she says she will be right over.  So I brush my teeth, make sure I look OK, and just try to relax.  She calls me about 20 minutes later and says she is pulling into the parking lot.  I see her car and go out to meet her.

God she looks so great!  I said she looks a bit like Pink (the singer) for anyone a bit older I would say she also looks a bit like Stevie Nicks, at any rate she is beautiful, cool, and confident.

OK, so I diverted.

So we go into the room.  She sits on a chair between the window and bed crossed legged and facing me, I am on the edge of the bed.  We spend a few minutes with small talk about the day, etc.  Then as always Alecia asks those penetrating though obvious questions “so do you think we will have sex?”  Hmm, well I kind of expect it at this point – I am not sure what guy wouldn’t under the circumstances but I am sure you should never assume (remembering that when you ASSUME you make and ASS out of U and ME).  So I say given where we left things on Tuesday and what we were doing today I was certainly hopeful and btw way “you look fantastic.”  Not sure if it was a test but I guess I didn’t fail.  Alecia says “let’s order pizza, you have to feed me before we have sex.”  So we order a delivery and talk while we wait.  Among other things she seems to be intrigued on whether Shannon is still having an affair with her boss.

Pizza comes and when I walk back in Alecia is sitting on her knees on the bed.  I walk up to her facing her about a foot apart at the edge the bed and place the pizza down on the bed.  She looks at me with those sexy dark brown eyes and then at the pizza and then at me again.  She says “sex or pizza?”

Thankfully, she ends the drama by leaning forward and kissing me passionately.  She pushes her tongue to mine, she is a great kisser!  I kiss my way across her cheek and down to her long beautiful neck and then back to her mouth.  She finally leans back slowly and lies down on the bed and lifts her legs up to me.  I move my head down to her with her legs around my shoulders.  I slowly unbutton her pants and then stand up as I remove her skinny jeans.  She has a beautiful black thong underneath.  I slowly kiss the inside of her legs as I move back down to her.  I kiss her belly and then run the back of my tongue down one of my favorite female areas that beautiful gentle soft valley just inside the hips and thighs that leads from the torso down to between the legs.  I slowly pull back her thong.  I lean back to pull her thong off and then kiss my way back down her legs and to her belly button as I slowly move my thumb first around and then into her and begin rubbing her clit.  She groans with pleasure.  I then move my fingers deeply into her rubbing inside and along the pubic bone.  Soon she says “you’re hitting all the right places.”  I then take my fingers out and put my tougue around and then into her.  After about a minute she orgasms.

She looks up at me and says “are you sure it has been 3 years for you, you’re not playing me are you.”  Unfortunately I am not, it has really been even longer than 3 years but I am embarrassed to admit that.  Alecia leans up and unbuttons my shirt and pants.  I stand up and disrobe.  Alecia slides back on the bed and I crawl next to her and we begin kissing.  I role slightly over her so I am rubbing just outside of her.  She is again sighing and says she is going to come again.  At this point she is so wet that I slide easily into her.  She wraps her legs around my hips and starts grinding into me.

I enjoy many positions but I have to say the good ole’ missionary is the best for me.  For me it’s not simply the act of penetration.  I get knocked out by that total melting of bodies together.  For me the feeling of stomachs and particularly the pelvis pressed against one another is what drives me.  And for the next 30 minutes + we are certainly melting into one another. 

That being said she did get on top of me.  She looked fantastic; Alecia has a spectacular body and is very athletic looking with great abs.  She had a very intense orgasm that I could definitely feel.

I did have to slow down a bit because I start to sweat.  And, oh wait – I was worried that I wouldn’t last 5 minutes and we are now into 30 minutes and I think Alecia is ready for a break, that second orgasm happened several minutes ago.  Now I realize that I have built this up so much in my head that premature ejaculation is not going to be the problem; in fact quite the opposite I am going to really have to concentrate on coming L

Finally after much concentration I was able to but Alecia could tell it was a bit of a challenge and I think it hurt her feelings.  At any rate our bodies are so soaked in sweat that we are slipping off each other; Alecia giggles and says “we smell like sex.”

After that we ate pizza and just chatted.  The time went by and I actually enjoyed it as much as the sex.  We cuddled in bed and actually dozed off for a while.  I think Alecia has a fairly hectic life with her career and her kids and I don’t think her husband helps much.  I know she really just enjoyed cuddling and I think she was exhausted.  We finally woke up and had a quickie before we both had to leave.  As good as Alecia looked on top and under she looked even better from behind – Wow what a body!

So we walk out together and Alecia goes her way and I go mine.  She does call me on the way home and asks “how do you feel, are you OK…. Are you smiling?”  Yes I was smiling!

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Gertie said...

Great old posts one of my favorites. Closure is something you want until you receive it and then it is never really what you expected it to be.

I think giving yourself closure is much more satisfying. It's like orgasms, be responsible for your own and be happy if that leads to other people getting theirs!!