Monday, July 9, 2012

Kat's Chain - It's Good to Touch the Green Green Grass of Home

Outdoors with Shannon

This is a beautiful song most often heard performed by Tom Jones about some dude's fantasies and hallucinations just before he goes to meet his maker at the gallows.  Beautiful but not too sexy.  But this story does involve my sweet Shannon (not Mary) and it does involve a trip home and it does involve some green green grass!

But maybe just to get a happier visual let's take a quick listen to that other great Tom Jones song "It's Not Unusual."  Did I mention I look and sing like Tom Jones!  Oh wait, there's that blog thing where you can say anything you want to even if you know you are full of it.  Anyway, I like that song even though what Shannon and I did was a bit unusual!  :)

So one week in one of those early summers when Shannon and I lived in that small town in the deep south I put her on a plane to fly home to visit family.  I was busy and couldn't go.  We had only been married for about 6 months so I missed her greatly.  I was so excited to pick her up the following week.

Let me preface this briefly though.  I am not really one of those Alphas or Doms.  I'm not a sub either.  Really I don't think I'm anything, in fact I had not really heard many of these terms until I started reading these blogs.  But a few months before Shannon's trip I had been on a business trip and I had bought her this really sexy, tight denim outfit.  Shannon as yet had declined to wear it out in public.  To be fair it was in a word "trashy" as in "trailer court trashy."  It was as I said very tight.  A sleeveless v-neck denim top with very tight "Daisy Duke" denim shorts that were so high cut her cheeks hung out.  God, I loved it!  But yes, Shannon's view on fashion and my views did collide a bit here so the outfit remained in the closet to my displeasure.

But here is where the Alpha comes in.  In anticipation of being horny upon her return I insisted (well beg would probably be more like it) that Shannon take that outfit with her and wear it on the returning flight.  I told her how sexy she was and how much I wanted to see her in it as she walked off the plane!  As I said, I begged and this time she agreed.

And so on that mid-90's day (when you could still go down to the gate to greet people) I waited for my Shannon to walk off the plane.  And sure enough she did.  F*cking Jesus I thought to myself (as my jaw hit the floor) when she walked off the plane.  My god, her long sleek sexy legs were on perfect display along with her tight ass in that tight denim outfit.  And yes there was a single file just behind her of every guy on that plane all looking at her gorgeous ass.  She saw me and she smiled and had that glint in those blue eyes that always kills me.  It was all I could do as I hugged her and kissed her to keep from grabbing her ass and going down on her right there in the middle of the terminal!

But I did hold off and we got her luggage and got into the car and started driving back home.

Now in today's world we have developed a lot of needed social mores around driving.  We now frown on texting, eating, smoking, etc. while driving.  Back then we didn't think so much about that while driving.  With that I have to mention as I drove down that interstate my eyes were often drifting to Shannon's long shapely legs.

Soon gravity pulled my hand to her soft pale thigh for an affectionate pat.  But my hand remained as she softly placed her hand on mine.  Soon my hand, as if moved by force, started to massage that soft beautiful thigh.  Each time moving further toward the knee and then moving back further up her thigh.

Shannon exhaled deeply and relaxing into her car seat.  I could tell she wanted "it" as much as I.

I moved my hand inside the material of her pants.  But those "Daisy Duke's" were far too tight to get much further than a fingertip.  And so I took the overland route and firmly moved my hand between her legs.  She sighed in encouragement.  I slowly unbuttoned her shorts and quickly was inside her panties.  I probed for her easily finding my target amid the wetness.

I slowly worked my middle finger around her and then inside.  But again those tight pants were a hindrance.

But with a little encouragement by the time we were about an hour down the road Shannon was eagerly  rolling those tight blue denim pants down her legs and onto the floorboard along with those soft and now wet cotton panties.

Over the next 30 minutes I pleasured Shannon and yes she did some massaging on me from the outside.

But we still had another hour before we got home and that was going to be far too long a wait in our current state.  We had sex once before outside in a lake (another story) and now I was craving another outdoor adventure.  Shannon agreed.  We took the next exit that looked the most rural (which was basically every exit in this part of the world).  Once on the state road we ventured down to what looked like a desolate county road and from that road ventured down what appeared to be a fire trail.

We drove probably about 100 yards down that fire trail through low hanging trees and by heavy brush.  It emptied near a field and a slight clearing in the trees.

In an instance I knew this was our spot.  Shannon was very nervous and I could tell very tentative.  I told her how hot she looked and how much I wanted her.  She now sat next to me with only an open denim vest on.  I assured her this would go very quickly if needed and that I could pleasure her in the car or at home later.

I kissed her deeply in the car plunging my finger into her as I plunged my tongue into her mouth.  She took off my shirt and unbuttoned my pants.  She would have given me a blow job right there but I wanted to be in her.

I got out of the car and walked around to her door and opened it.  She gingerly stepped out.  I kissed her again, hands now fondling her soft bare ass.  I moved my hands up to remove that vest, her final article of clothing.  I fondled her breasts and slightly bit at her nipples between teeth and tongue.

I then turned her around.  She faced the car, hand pressed against the top of the car door.  I reached down and grabbed her waist.  God I love the look of a naked woman standing with hips back and torso slightly bent forward.  I reached around with my right hand to her, she was now dripping wet; in fact well down her thighs wet.  I positioned my dick between her legs and slowly glided into her.  She hummed with pleasure.  I started slowly but worked up to a quick hard stroke.  She was so wet I slipped out several times but easily moved back inside.

But Shannon was nervous and asked if I was going to cum soon.  I thought it would be quick but sometimes it doesn't happen quickly for me.  I asked if she wanted to go behind a tree and she nodded.

I had a blanket in the car so I took it out and we walked to a more covered spot.  I spread the blanket out and she layed down.  Her soft, slim, porcelain body was so exquisite against the backdrop of the blanket and the green grass.  I moved on top of her.  I slipped in effortlessly and began fucking her again.  This time it didn't take long.  Feeling a bit more comfortable she orgasmed first and I closely behind.

We didn't linger in that position long post-coital.  Shannon doesn't like bugs and she was worried that we were in a bug friendly zone.  We went back to the car put our clothes back on and resumed our drive home.

Once at home later that evening Shannon asked me to settle onto the couch.  She turned all the lights off save a burning candle, turned on some soft music, and then performed the most erotic stiptease I have ever witnessed.

We had sex again on that couch and then later in the middle of the night and again the next morning.

Yes, these were the happy days of early marriage when nothing was sweeter than the green green grass of home.


Same sassy girl said...

So you CAN write about sex! Yowza! Nothing like the great outdoors. Glad you're part of the chain.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Ryan. great story.