Sunday, July 1, 2012

I See Your Face Every Time I Dream

Not sure if Shannon is inside or out?
First of all I am alive and well.  Hopefully everyone else out in DC land is OK.  Of course I'm writing to you from the Land of Oz as our house blew away in the winds last night.  It's pretty nice here, they have electricity and the wireless is surprisingly fast.  The only problem is these little dudes who keep singing us a welcome song and talking about making lollipops in some sort of guild.  I think it is some sort of sex club for shorties but it sounds too kinky for me!  Maybe I'll write an AM Theatre piece about this place sometime.

Anyway of course I am not actually in Oz we survived the storm or Derecho as I guess it's called.  Apparently they are like a big tornado but just go in one direction like a giant bulldozer; which is about what it did to my yard.  Thankfully, it was at about the boiling point outside today so it was no problem cutting up three trees for about 3 hours (note sarcasm)!  :)

But actually I am here to today to give a big shout out to the Pres who had two big hits this week!  Of course the GOP did say tisk tisk to Barack's Attorney General but I think that will blow over.  Of course the big win for Obamacare is good news for a left of center DC elite, like myself :)  I have healthcare so I really didn't have a dog in the fight but somehow I think it's trickles down to me when everyone is healthy.

But that is actually not my main point.  What I am really excited about is the Immigration Announcement and how it affects a guy like me.  No, I am not an illegal immigrant!  I am just a concerned citizen.

Btw, if you have ever noticed while driving through all those big grape and veggie fields in California or perhaps around those chicken houses in Arkansas they don't have anybody named Dave or Steve or even Bubba or George working there.  Well, they might have a George but he'll spell it with a silent J like all the other guys.  Yes, if you expect food on the table and a lot of other stuff that lazy Americans won't do you better realize immigration illegal or legal is fairly important.

But that doesn't really interest me either because again, it doesn't hit home.  Remember I am a BIG ISSUES guy and here is the big issue for the week!

Ahh.... the look of Genius
The big news for me and what has me celebrating is that now Shera Bechard has gotton one of those "Genius" Visa!   Yes the Playboy Playmate has been declared a "genius" and vital person we need in our country and I for one agree!

See this is good government working for me.  I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the Pres' announcement the other week but I'm a results oriented guy and this is just the result I want; more blond female geniuses who take their clothes off in the good ole US of A!

So good job to whomever is responsible!  And Shera welcome home!


Luna Moon said...

Ah. Love it! Great post. Had me giggling.

We weathered the storm and even kept our power--although Drake was less fortunate. His area always has power outages when we have weather like we had Friday night. Brutal (at least for this area)!

Same sassy girl said...

So glad to hear you weathered the storm and have your priorities straight! And so lovely to have something new to read on a Sunday!