Friday, January 25, 2013

FFF - Dark or Light

It's FFF Day (a little late)

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I have to say this did not immediately speak to me as when I first saw the picture the guy seemed to be in a certain position (not sexual).  The type of position most guys do most of their thinking in (if you catch my drift).  And that material he was working with, well that just looked like TP to me.  But then again my teachers used to scold me for having "potty mouth!"

But after talking to Kat I started to think about some old school escapades.  I started to think about driving over to the other college near Big State U, the one that was 75% female and the one with girls that supposedly like BSU guys.  I also remembered a certain frat party I went to once where a guy was spying girls in the bathroom from his room from certain pre-positioned mirror placements.  It seemed funny at the time, now I supposed you'd get arrested.  Either way I'd rather be in this guys position rather than looking at a girl through a reflection doing her business; but then I guess that's all a part of growing up!  :)

So here is my perspective on this:

When we saw JMU on our schedule we were psyched.  I was #6 singles as a freshman but at UVa that didn't mean squat if you weren't a 4th year law student.  Consequently as of April I'd still not had my first college "encounter."

But hope springs eternal and I had heard that JMU girls loved UVa boys.

I noticed her as I was finishing off her boyfriend 6-2, 6-3.  I could feel the heat of her eyes on my ass as she was getting progressively embarrassed by her boyfriends cursing.

After the match she breezed by me as I untapped my ankles.  "My dorm is just over there, past the light of the tennis court.  Care to tie me up with that stuff," as she pointed to my tape smiling.

"Do you know that guy," as I motioned my head toward the player I had just smoked.  "Oh he's my boyfriend.  I won't be seeing him tonight, he'll be drowning his sorrow in a keg of beer over at the DeKE house."

"I don't have much time.  The bus leaves 1 hour after doubles.  That's maybe 2 hours and I need a shower."

She replied confidently, "you sure do sport and luckily my roomy is back in Annandale.  I'm in a suite so you can shower there and 2 hours is plenty for what I want to do!"

Still befuddled, I decided to take my chances and go with it.  I pulled on my jeans and a shirt and followed her.

In her room she shimmied out of her pants and bounced onto her bed.  "I want to be as dirty as you before we shower.  Tape me up and *uck me as hard as you beat Stuart on the court!"

I blindfolded her and bound her legs and then undressed myself.  My first thought was to screw her fast, but I wanted her to beg.  Straddling her I rubbed myself between her legs outside of her.  She sighed and grinded against me.  I held my ground still massaging the outside of her pussy with my dick.  She now moaned and reached back and grabbed my balls.  "Fuck me now," she cried.

And I did....

Ooops, way past my word budget


Kat said...

Haha.. Nice. I'd have nothing but fun things to say except for the fact that you went over your word budget. There are RULES, ya know. Respect them! ;-)

Same sassy girl said...

Ryan's post is long? Shocked I say! I liked it anyway. Sometimes the photo just keeps talking! Great take. Happy FFF!

Advizor54 said...

Kat, you have permission to punish Ryan in anyway you see fit, since it sounds like you got him in to this mess.

Thanks for joining in Ryan!!!

Word said...

Ryan, I'm glad you played even if you went right past that word count. :) Great story and I love the competition in it.

Ryan Beaumont said...

Oh my dear Kat surely you among all of us know that if you obey all the rules you miss out on all the fun!

I should probably site Katherine Hepburn for providing that sage wisdom! I just saw it on a bathroom wall once! :)

Anonymous said...

Great job, word limit or no!