Monday, January 7, 2013

Lord Almighty I Feel My Temperature Risin'

Before I go into too much I have to thank Kat for her post on Friday (here).  Her Las Vegas post reminded me that Elvis Presley's birthday is near (tomorrow in fact).  I had forgotten it last year and was mad because I wanted to do a food post about it.  Long ago during those days of my "flirtation" with Renee we had exchanged gifts at Christmas.  I am sure I just got her a bottle of wine and some chocolate.  Oh wait, I remember, I got her a mini Christmas tree as well as the wine and chocolate.  She in turn got me a cookbook of Elvis' favorite recipes.  I remember I was so touched that someone took the time to think about what I would really like in a present.

So thanks to Kat I am now remembering Elvis' birthday this year.  He would be 78 tomorrow if he were still alive.  Perhaps if he were still alive he would be doing a reunion tour or doing a sampling video with J Beebs and Ludicris or more likely he would have his own theatre now in Vegas or worse Branson, MO!

But here is my food post with some videos of my favorite Elvi songs (with notes) to follow:

Elvis' Famous Meatloaf:

1# of Ground Beef
1 tsp of Salt
1 tsp of Pepper
2 Garlic Buds - chopped
1/4 Cup of Chopped Onions
3 Slices of Bread - finely chopped into crumbs
1/2 Cup of Wheat Germ
1/4 Cup of Chopped Celery
2 Eggs
1 Can of Tomato Juice

Combine all ground beef, salt, pepper, chopped garlic, onions, wheat germ, bread crumbs, and celery into mixing bowl and stir until completely mixed.  Stir tomato juice into mixture until completely combined.  Beat eggs into mixture until completely combined.

Place into loaf pan and cook at 375 degrees for 35 minutes or until desired crispiness on top.

I would suggest removing from oven after about 25 minutes and pouring off some of the grease.

At that point I also suggest spreading ketchup on top or even glazing the top with a reduction of tomato juice or sauce.

Maybe next year I'll do the Famous Elvis Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich!


Now here are some of my all-time favorite Elvis songs with notes:

Cold Kentucky Rain - My all time favorite Elvis song penned by Eddie Rabbitt of I Love a Rainy Night fame.

A Little Less Conversation - Shouldn't that always be the point.  From the movie Live a Little, Love a Little and written by Mac Davis one of Elvis' favorite song-writers.

In the Ghetto - Another song written by Mac Davis, originally written for Sammy Davis but picked up by Elvis late in his career.

Burning Love - I cheat a little here as this version is sung by Travis Tritt but damn this is my favorite movie scene of ALL TIME period.  Flying Elvises - so delectably low class!  Like Me!

You Were Always on My Mind - Wiki says "Yesterday" by Paul Simon is the most covered song of all time but this one sure has been covered a lot.  It was originally recorded by Brenda Lee but Elvis' version sure seems the most poignant, you can almost feel him singing this to Priscilla.  Regardless this song is always sweet to hear when done by Elvis, Willie Nelson, or even the Pet Shop Boys

Susan When She Tried - Elvis covers a great Statler Brothers song here.  I always have liked his cross-over country songs best.  His sound fit well with that late 60's Countrypolitan Sound along with his past Rock-a-Billy friends like Johnny Cash.  This song is one of my all time favorites.  "There's just one, I remember, makes me feel funny down inside.  I'd trade 'em all for just an hour of Susan when she tried."  Boy I sure could say that of Shannon.

Suspicious Minds - I think this is tied as my favorite Elvis song.  I once sang this song at a bar to Karaoke to impress a young lady.  It worked!  I wrote about her (here).


Same sassy girl said...

Mmmmm... I would adore you if you made meatloaf for me! But no tomato stuff! Gravy! I would make you the pb and b sandwich!! Very delicious post!

Red Shoes said...

I wrote a poem about Elvis once... a group of us were white-water canoeing up in Nantahala Gorge, NC... we decided to have a poetry night... I wrote of Elvis.

I remember the crescendo of the poem...

'Hunka Hunka, Burnin' Love...
There in Memphis-Town...
Did Elvis really cash his chips all in...
With his pants pulled completely down?'

Meh... I thought it was funny.

I've only been to Graceland once... I went in with a bit of an attitude, but quickly got to feeling sorry for Elvis.

He simply wasn't an educated person, and everyone from his manager on down were taking advantage of him.

Poor guy...

I always liked 'Viva Las Vegas,' but Ann-Margaret may have had something to do with that... :oD

Happy New Year, Ryan!


Red Shoes said...

PS: Elvis being 78 really doesn't shock me...

What did shock me is that Andy Summers, guitarist for 'The Police,' turned 70 last week!!!!



Ryan Beaumont said...

@ Sassy - Thanks, but I was looking for more of say a pBJ sandwich!

@ Red - Love the poem, exactly the type of elequance I would expect from a whitewater rafting trip!

My only feedback is that you might want to qualify the "cash(ing) his chips all in, with his pants pulled completey down."

As I'm thinking just now I'd like to cash in MY chips with my pants pulled down but I suspect I'd rather do it on the receiving end of a BJ from Ann Margaret as opposed to say why Elvis had his pants down! IDK? :)