Friday, August 16, 2013

FFF - Obligation

Stop screwing around and get over to Adz Blog and Go FFF yourself! 
The girl speaking...... 
You know a lot of times it really wasn't that bad.  Often the guys were kind of cute and sometimes even sweet; they just wanted to feel important and fantastic.  They were under no obligation but for that self actualization they were willing to provide a significant return.
Oh wait, it's not what you think.  Yeah, I was a girl working it but I was not a working girl.  It was a choice really.  And looking back a good one.
You know my sis did all the right things getting her degree from NYU.  She was going to be an Arbitrageur but now she just does re-fi's for rich suburbanites in Stamford.
Me, I was just trying to make ends meet in this new "yellow color" career in dispensing coffee futures, that's a Wall Street term for barista!  :)
But at those late night Black Tie exclusive exotic sex parties some of those guys said things like...
"I'm not sure about this dot com thing, the PE Ratios don't support the growth in share price.  I'd rather be sitting with the company that sets the technology rather than simply uses it.  I'm putting my money into Cisco."
"Mark my words it will be a volatile ride but invest in China and the Indian Subcontinent, the third world will be the first world one day."
"Mitt's right, I think people can affect their bottom line with office supplies."
"Invest in health and wellness, it will be the new aristocracy.  Whole Foods and WellPoint may be in different market sectors but they achieve the same end."
"News, scores, and all human knowledge at the click of a button?  Someone aught to be able to turn a buck on that, I'm moving some money into Yahoo!"

Yeah, back in the mid-90's I was pouring $4 cups of Starbucks, but after trading a bit of passion for some good stock tips I had a $4 million stock portfolio and a corner office overlooking the Manhattan Skyline!


Sillyone said...

Huh - so that's what I should have been doing with my time in college. Then I would have these loans taken care of! Great take on the picture

Simplicity said...

Excellent take on this!

Plus just love the!

Advizor54 said...

So, is this how Martha Steward got all of her inside information?? I thought she was smiling too much.

I love listening in on other people's conversations at the mall, on the plan, from under my ex-girlfriend's bed. We can learn all sorts of things, and, especially one-sided phone calls as people completely forget they are in the vegetable aisle.

Great take on the picture. thanks for playing along!!

Seeking Connection said...

Yes, I do it all the time, But my guests are always surprised when i add a comment to the conversation and I know something. Lol I am just a waitress, non suspect.

Same sassy girl said...

Wow, when you FFF you really do it up! I adore it when the "little people" can make it big. Great take! Happy FFF!

Anonymous said...

Love this!