Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Bright Spark Might Corner the Market in this Year's Girl

I love Elvis Costello.  One of my all time favorite songs is Allison.  In fact I always wanted to name a daughter Allison and call her Allie (boy I hope Shannon never reads this, I'm nailed now).  For some reason I love girl names you can shorten to y or ie (such as Maddie, Addie, Kathy, etc).  Unfortunately Shannon never went for Allison so I had to settle for naming my dog after my favorite Grateful Dead song.  I did have a roommate who's dog was named Aggie; I liked that name too - for a dog.

But let's not talk about dog names today, let's talk about that Elvis Costello song above or more specifically "this year's girl" or really last August's girl since that is where I actually am in my blog story although for you in the blog-present it will be this year's girl.

So I left you with a reply from Santastic.  You know most of the replies I have gotten over time have been brief - "you sound interesting tell me more about yourself, why are you here?"  They kind of say, yes I see you, now tell why I should be interested.  Well, OK I guess if you have 100 notes in your inbox I should feel good that I got a moment of your time.  But really, as a guy you have that feeling of Charlie Sheen in front of Gordon Gekko "son I get 100 offers a day, I accept 2; so why am I listening to you today."

But from the start there was something very different about Santastic.

Santastic did ask me several questions but she was in no way like any other.  I will paraphrase her response below:

"Ahem.... cue the mike (tap) (tap)..... hello, my name is Sandee I have blond hair stand about 5 ft 2 and weigh in at about 123# (you asked).  I love to have F.U.N., I love to cook and love to eat even more.  I am a lot to handle, some people say I have a big personality and a bit of a challenge!  Just warnin' ya'.  I move pretty quick so you may have trouble keeping up.  I am a nurse so I like to take care of people but don't assume I'm taking care of YOU :) (at least not at first)!  I love to kayak and other stuff that gets me out in this lovely weather around here.....

So R, what do you do for a living?  Is that your full name or do you have letters that follow the R?  What are your interests, you said you like the outdoors and like to cook - what are you fixing me for dinner?  I'm hungry!  Sorry, I ask a lot of questions but I'm a girl you know; you do know that I'm a girl, right?"

Hey are you cooking, I said I was hungry!  :)

Yes she actually typed out that cue the mike and tap tap as if she was stepping up to a microphone.  This girl had some spunk!  However, I don't know why she said what she did about her weight I didn't ask, it was on her profile.  Maybe she was giving me her standard response.  But at any rate, she had my attention!  This was one cool lady, the fact that she was great looking was just value added now - I just wanted to meet her regardless!

Oh yes, she had private showcase photos as well.  Nothing crazy but very cool.  One sitting over a plate of BBQ at some type of festival and another "haming" it up with a very big feather boa drapped around her and dressed in a tank top and "Daisy Dukes."  She was very cute and I could tell VERY sassy - I liked her immediately!

So I told her a little more about myself, complimented her on her pictures and more importantly on her choice of food (that jerk chicken from the photo looked wonderful) and asked her about kayaking in the area - it's big around here.

And of course I cut right to the chase and asked for her e-mail and got back a quick response (obviously slightly changed for dramatic afffect here)!

Of course at this point I knew that meeting her was still less than a 50/50 shot but something told me this might just be a really wild ride; a ride of a lifetime you might say!

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Same sassy girl said...

So, Ryan honey, you like sassy girls? Hmmm... *looks at my name* *bats eyelashes* Hee!

I'm caught up reading your fabulous blog, so you can post the really hot stuff now.