Monday, January 23, 2012

You Can Take it or Leave it, Temptation; but You Better Believe it

Lets get back to early August in my story.  So what does a guy do when your infidelity partner has closed the door on you or you have closed the door or collectively you have parted ways?

Well, rather than those Heaven 17 lyrics above, I guess I could have used that Chumbawumba song as today's lyric as well because I always say "I get knocked down but I get up again; you're never going to keep me down."

Of course I could use that same song for the theme to my entire blog "pissing the night away!"

But of course I did what you would expect me to do and I logged onto good old Ashley Madison.  Actually I was excited.  I had been through a lot, had a lot of experiences now, had networked with bloggers both male and female and really wanted to see how I would do back on the market again.  It had really been almost a year since I was really trying.

So off I went.......  What would I find?

Well among others I found two wonderful ladies - Nature Girl and Santastic.

They really were almost carbon copies of one another.  Both liked the outdoors, were looking for excitement, wanted a guy that was smart and funny.  They were both 5'2"ish, 42 or 3, and around 120#'s.  Santastic was from a town about 25 miles away, more than within my range.  Nature Girl was actually from my county but the other end.  And when I say on the other end that means on the other side of a mountain.  So I honed in on her thinking she was close but not too close.

I put all my best stuff out there for Nature Girl.  I was a pro now, anybody would be able to see it.  Santastic was very interesting as well and since she was similar to Nature Girl I used much of the same stuff.

OK, as an aside more science (sorry this will be the last time for awhile).

There are a few basic irrefutable facts in the universe.  One, an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless encountered by an equal and opposite force.  Two, no matter how long we wait Riff ain't ever going to finish that Hannah story.  Three, whenever writing to multiple women on AM the one you want the most and think will definitely respond never will!

So the next day I open up my mischief yahoo e-mail and see 3 new notes.  Now, being an old pro at AM I know that when sending priority messages good things come in even numbers.  So the good news here was that it appeared I had a hit but who would it be!

Well if you bothered to read Ryan's 3rd Law of Physics above you know the answer.  Jesus, Nature Girl opened my note but didn't even look at my profile for Christ sakes (you can see that now).  But, there were those lovely 2 notes from Santastic!  Yep, 1 priority e-mail confirmation and 1 re:I don't always drink beer but when I do....

Wait, I didn't actually use that as my message subject to Santastic but I'm going to park that in the back of my mind for future potential use - I think that could be a good one.  :)

So to borrow/steal a phrase from Riff, are you ready to meet SanDeE*?

Stay thirsty my friends!

And take a listen to this song - a lot of good advice to those of us treading these waters and damn that girl has a soulful voice!


Kat said...

So, you're an AM pro now? I can't wait to see how it works out. :-)

Riff Dog said...

Oh, the pain of seeing that she didn't even look at your profile. Sadly, I too know it well.

I like the "I don't always drink beer" idea. And yes, as a matter of fact, I *am* ready to meet SanDeE*.