Thursday, January 19, 2012

Every Man's Got Patience and here's Where Mine Ends

And watching football as usual
Yep, you got it - this is real folks an HNT from Ryan!  I just couldn't hold off anymore! :)

Can't you see the sexuality dripping from this picture!  You say you are confused?  Don't you know anything about testosterone?

Here is an article about testosterone I saw recently, check out the info on the correlation with finger size.

OK so what you are looking at is my digit ratio which is about 0.923.  Well actually it's just my hand but it shows you what I calculated.

The mean digit ratio in males is 0.947 with a standard deviation of 0.029.  In terms of lowest to highest digit ratio the 10th percentile of men are at a 0.91 digit ratio while the 90th percentile are at 0.984.  At a digit ratio of 0.923 I come in somewhere around the 27th percentile.  Females tend to have ratios close to 1.  I think if I am reading the data correctly my low digit ratio makes me high on testosterone and makes me a raging sex machine!  :)

And while low digit ratio is linked to higher fertility, assertiveness, and athletic prowess it is also potentially linked to bisexuality and a lower socio-economic status.  However, I can assure you there won't be any guy on guy adventures down the road on this blog.  But given the socio-economic status correlation, not only does the digit ratio correctly display my sex drive it also correctly identifies me as NOT Sugar Daddy material!   :)

As if you needed that reminder after reading this blog!

So now, isn't that better than one of those cheesy Ab photos in front of the mirror?

Oh and my apologies for more stats, I guess I am on some type of numbers binge so far this year!

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Kat said...

There's that math again. Puuurrrrrr.

Sexy hand, too. ;-)