Monday, January 30, 2012

A New Road's Waiting

So one of the first questions I asked Sandee was "what was your favorite 80's trend."  I think I prefaced that by asking if the 1987 in her e-mail was a graduation date.  She said "the hair dude!  I single-handily ruined the ozone!"  But she also mentioned a lot of music she liked including in her words "all that cheesy 80's music."  She also mentioned a crush on John Bon Jovi but I tried to ignore that.  Anyway, what music is more cheesy than Journey.  And although the above lyric is actually from a song released in 1978 I think it fits here.

Right from the start we were clicking.  And I truly believe it was because I was just being myself with a sprinkle of IJDGAS, that's texting lingo for "I just don't give a (well, you know)."

It worked at the start and seemed to be working now so I figured I should stick with it.

On her first e-mail response back to me she referred to me with my real name combined with a vulgarity.  Then she apologized by saying she was in her words a "(wait for it) yak-ass (you know because I like to kayak) WAH, Wah, wah."  Yes she wrote out that little joke/sound thingy.  I really liked this girl!

Of course I had been picking on her.  Because she said she liked to have F.U.N., I asked her if that was some new texting acronym I was unfamiliar with?  :)  She just said she was emphasizing that she likes to have fun but then signed off that note saying she "had to get back to changing bed pain (talk about F.U.N.); you are so jealous!"

She did say that she had never experienced a guy who enjoys being in the kitchen and that she was "excited about this!"

But I think more importantly we were both looking forward to each others notes throughout the day just to see what the other would say.  I'm pretty sure I was entertaining her and she was definitely entertaining me.

Considering what Sandee said about her excitement with my culinary skills I continued to pour on more food stuff to hopefully turn her on some more.  I also complimented her again on her photos.  I said "you have a rye and witty smile!"

And then she said 2 things that really sealed the deal for me:

1)    "I have to laugh at your use of the word "rye" (as opposed to wry) describing my smile..was that intentional- since you love food? Or were you being, as you say, obtuse again?? I can never tell with you. Yes you're right, I am a tad devilish..and ornery...part of the package deal. Take it or leave it. It's how I roll!! ;)"

She then went on by saying she was "born and bred (not B-R-E-A-D) in the Midwest.  Conceived to...."

2)    "You know, are very witty , charming..and cute!!! You remind me a lot of- ME! lol..."

OMG, it was like the clouds parted; I think this girl gets me.  In fact she is a bit like ME!  She is such a little scamp!  

It's like that cheesey scene in Wedding Crashers when Owen Wilson says "true love is the soul's recognition of it's counterpoint in another."  Except here it's just a sense of humor.  Regardless, I liked it!

No, Sandee is probably not going to lavish praise and drool all over me.  She is going to poke fun at me and let me poke fun back.  But what is important is that I can tell she is smiling when she is saying that.  Isn't that always the fine line between poking fun and ridicule.

Oh yeah and I dropped the question and asked if we could meet for coffee between bed pan changings?

She shot back "so coffee..would heart to do that witcha sometime!! Are we bringing our a double date?? (just kidding..calm down...sheesh!) "

Yeah, if I ever get a chance to meet her this Sandee is going to be fun.  I may go down hard but the ride may just be worth it!

Oh, we also started exchanging YouTube and videos of Will Ferrell and talking about our favorite episodes of the Office.  She likes "Diversity Day" I like when Michael tries to "youth-anize" the office.  Yes, Sandee just might be my soul mate???  I just have to meet her now!

And now enjoy this clip of Journey from the Midnight Special.

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