Monday, May 7, 2012

And as the Muzak Played Sooner or Later I Knew

Do you ever get the feeling that you have not brought enough Disco into your blog????

Yeah, me neither!   :)

But anywho, there you have it.

In 1977 Paul Nicholas became a "one hit wonder" with his song "Heaven on the 7th Floor" about an elevator hook up.  Of course he also charted in the UK with memorable hits like "Grandma's Party!"  But to be fair he is more well know as an actor appearing in stage, BBC sitcoms, and movies (including a lead roll in that wonderfully tacky Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with the Bee Gees)

So what does that song have to do with me?

Well you know I like my music and I was really trying to think about a song about "hookin' up" at work and I just couldn't remember one.  I'm sure it will hit me as soon as I send this post out.  So this song was the closest thing I could think of to a song about doing what you are not supposed to do at work.

And why are we talking about this?  Well, after Sandee and I finally consummated our attraction at that motel we followed that up with a visit to my office the following Monday.  It was near the holidays and all my staff was going to be at a retreat type thing.  I was really going to take a vacation day but decided to stop by just to answer the phone so to speak and empty my e-mail inbox.  I thought it would be a great opportunity for Sandee to stop by for lunch and I would show her around.  Who knows what might happen?

So Sandee stopped by around noon.  We met slightly off site and I drove us back to my office.  I had picked up some Chinese for lunch and we were just going to eat it in a meeting area just on the chance someone stopped by (it would look legit).  We talked over lunch and everything was quiet and relaxing.  After lunch I showed her around the office, though not much to see.

We ended up in my office which is fairly private in that there is an ante room before you get to my office so to speak.  Nobody was in the ante room or the room outside the ante room so we were in good shape.

Sandee leaned back on my desk.  I stepped in front of her and we kissed.  After about a minute I couldn't help myself.  My hands hand moved around to her behind and now I lifted her up and sat down on a chair behind me.  Sandee is small and I'm fairly strong so I enjoy picking her up.  She was now on my lap and we were kissing passionately.  I moved down to her neck as my hand moved between her legs although still outside of her tight jeans.  With her head above me, Sandee's long blonde sweet smelling hair dangled in my face.  In fact at one point I leaned my head back and she slowly wave her hair over my face.  This was very hypnotic and I was loosing my inhibitions.

I was thinking some "oral action" might be attainable.

One slight challenge though.  While my office is private it is on a first floor and does have a window to the outside.  As we were kissing I see to my right a van pull up with two electricians.  They stop right in front of the window, not more than 15 ft from where we sat on the other side of the building's wall.  Don't worry though, my lights were off and I do have louvered shades (and of course I don't think they were expecting someone to be "messing around" in my office).

But I was quite sure they were coming in the building.

Why is it when you need an electrician or plumber or cable guy you have to wait from 9 am to 5 pm but when you don't want them they are right on your doorstep.

I decided to be proactive and go out and meet them.  I knew the work they were to be working on but just hadn't expected them so soon.

Again, why is it when you want an electrician their feet are practically burning to get onto the next stop but now that I want them to get the *uck out of Dodge they are now practicing their best customer service training by giving me a history of electricity and a schematic review of the entire electrical design and layout of the building.  Jesus!  Change that damn plug to three phase and get the *uck out of here or better yet come back later, I'm busy!

Well actually they were apparently just checking on something.  They told me about it and went on.

I returned to Sandee and we giggled.  She said "are you OK, I don't want to get you into trouble."

I said it was OK and soon we were back to kissing.  My mind was spinning.  Blow job?  Hand job?  A quickie from behind?  All that would be tremendously satisfying not to mention a fantastic blog entry!

But just as I was about to make that first move toward taking a crowbar to those tight jeans she had on, Mr. Electrician decided he had not been friendly enough to me and pulled up again.

We spoke again and decided any time would be fine to fix that outlet.  I reiterated nothing was going on today or tomorrow or anytime soon so go ahead, have at it.

Mr. Electricity left again but that kind of broke the momentum.

Sandee and I decide we needed another "soup date" later that week!

You know I was thinking about this post last night and it occurred to me that one of the guys that stopped by that day was in fact an electrician as I know him and he does a lot of work in the building.  However, the other guy who was with him was in fact not a guy but a fairly attractive women who is in fact not an electrician but one of the lead groundskeepers in this little area.  Again, I am familiar with her.

And so as I was drifting off to sleep it hit me, what if that Mr. Electrician and Ms. Groundskeeper were in fact in the market for the same activity as I was in and had gone to my building do just what I had hoped to do.  That would be just too funny!  I love a good paradox!

And of course I got an idea for a mini post.  So here is my addendum for today's post a faux blog.

The Sexy Adventures of Mr. Electricity! 

Who needs a "BoB" when you've got Mr. Electric!

Sometimes Idiots Just Don't Take a Hint!

So it's near the holidays and the building would be quiet. It's winter so Flora (I call her that because she's a groundskeeper - get it) is not too busy. She is so hot and it's been about three weeks since we've gotten together. Boy do I love tappin' that ass! I was talking to one of the office ladies in Suite 4B and she said everyone would be at a meeting on Monday. I asked if Mr. Beaumont would be there and she said she thought he was taking a vacation day. Perfect! This was the opportunity I was looking for. This guy Beaumont has a nice office. I can just picture Flora's tits hanging over his desk as she braces herself and I slap my dick between those two tight Ass cheeks!

This Beaumont guy is a total DIPSHIT so he will never notice we screwed all over his office.  Beaumont has a pretty hot wife and I would like to be doing Flora from behind while looking at wifey's shiny smile looking back at me.

So at lunch Flora and I go over to the building for our "special lunch break" and who do we see but that idiot Beaumont.  I tried to get his stupid ass to leave for about 30 minutes but the jerk just wouldn't take a hint.  Jesus, the guy doesn't do anything on a normal day why does he have to be here when nobody else is?  I guess for once he just wanted to be the most productive person in the office.

Oh well, time was getting short.  Flora and I went into the boiler room and I screwed her against the hot water heater.  I was drillin' her while standing up with her left leg wrapped around me.  As I was screwin' her from the front she enjoyed the warmth and vibrations of the boiler from the back against her pert ass.  She came so hard we were both got drenched.  I had to go to the mop closet to get a bucket and clean up!

Oh well, next time I'll just turn the water off to the building, maybe it will get that pompous jerk Beaumont to leave!  Or maybe I should turn off the router, what the hell does that guy do on that computer all day; probably blog about his yard or trips to Disney.  'Effin idiot is all I know!  Anyway, hopefully I'll have titty pictures of Flora up Thursday for HNT day!


Gertie said...

Poor Flora and Mr. Electric that silly Beaumont Guy seemed to really get in their way. Maybe Mr. Electric should carry a hammer.

Great post glad that the resemblance to Shannon didn't throw a wrench in your plans. Cheers to Soup!

Max said...

Funny story - but only in hindsight, and if next week's soup date actually did happen. :-) And yes, that's funny to think that maybe the electricians had the same thing in mind!

Ryan Beaumont said...

@ Gertie - thankfully I don't have a mind that lingers on things so very long

@ Max - hindsight is always 20/20!

Anonymous said...

Yup! I think you're probably right about the electrician and partner. :)

Elle said...

Wow. I just realized that my job is borrrrring.