Thursday, May 3, 2012

Can You Take Me High Enough

I think I said before Sandee liked at lot of that 80's pop and "hair metal" stuff.

So what could be better than Damn Yankees, the Stadium Rock all-star team of Styx' Tommy Shaw, Night Ranger's Jack Blades, the Motor City Madman Ted Nugent, and Michael Cartellone.  Seen 'em all in concert btw (except for the Michael guy).  Nugent is one foul mouthed crazy dude but he is awesome in concert (saw him open for KISS along with Skid Row many years ago).

So where were we?  Oh yes, so Disney is such a wonderful place.  You know I spent a lot of time writing down my suggestions on how to enjoy a Disney vacation just last week but now I have thought of some more.  So here are my 101 ways to enjoy Disney!

Oh wait, I don't think that is the post you were waiting for.  Yeah, I'm sorry; remember I'm very obtuse and forgetful.  OK, now I remember it was the next piece of that Sandee story I owed you.

Hopefully this won't get a hammer thrown at me or lose cartoon drawing readers (hint ladies)!   :)

So I slid that rubber sheath over my member as I said "it's been almost 20 years since I've worn one of these things...." (specifically it's been since 1996 I think; Shannon had decided to go off the pill to give her body a rest, it lasted about 1 week).

I crawled on top of Sandee and kissed her.  Her naked body against mine felt so good!  I was so ready! I think she was too, she just didn't want to admit it at first.

Except part of my body was not.  In fact the most important part of my body was not.  Or at least it had been but apparently thought all the excitement was over now.  In fact all the excitement of the past (now-hour) of lunch and foreplay combined with the sudden restriction of blood flow to that vital organ had now produced what you might call a "half mast."

OK, stay calm Ryan.  This is a good thing you were just about to hop on top of her and bone her like a horny teenager.  That ain't your style.  Let's take the opportunity to slow down and get her worked up and you too.

I kissed down to her neck and down to her breasts and then down to her belly button and below.  I was moving down further but her left hand seemed to be blocking my ultimate destination.  I lingered there moving the tip of my tongue over her skin just below her belly button but she did not move her hand.  I thought to say something but again decided silence was best - no need to confront some unknown hang-up now.  I moved back up to her face and kissed her.  She did allow my hand in between her legs.  She sighed as I slowly massaged her clit.  After a few minutes I moved my body between her legs assuming I would "rise" to the occasion.  But I did not.

Now I'm getting a little nervous.  This does not happen to me!

I decided to just grind against her slowly hoping I would work myself "up" and then into her.

I did just that and slowly moved myself around the outside of her as if to slowly massage my way into her.  After what seemed an eternity but probably just a minute my penis finally completely woke up and I slowly moved into her.

And then a rainbow formed over our bed, woodland creatures and birds began to sing, and I heard that Carpenter's song "Top of the World" playing from above......

Except it really didn't, after a few minutes the sex felt rather mechanical, I just wasn't "feeling it."  To be fair I am sure I had build this up in my head to be such a culmination that the end result was not likely to match.  But more importantly sex with a condom, for me, was a major constriction and it just didn't feel right.  I again began to worry that this was going to be a disaster.  And I did truly worry, I wanted this to be good for Sandee and I was worried it was not.

But I started to focus on what did feel good.  Her legs wrapped around mine, our stomachs and chests pressed together, and the wonderful floral smell of her long hair were certainly very pleasant.  I love that glaze of sweat that forms between bodies that then forms the perfect surface to glide over one another.    I continued to kiss her and she seemed very turned on by this.  Shannon hates to kiss during sex but I do so this was very enjoyable.  This was working though, it felt good and I did hear her sigh gently a few times.

But then another hang up hit me.  Still in missionary position I raised up on my hands placed just above her shoulders with chest and head above her looking down as I thrust.  I looked down at her face, she was so beautiful.  And then it hit me.  Shannon.

Yes, once Sandee had asked me what someone would say if they saw me with her.  At the time I laughed and said, "if they saw us from any distance they would just think you are my wife."  Sandee didn't pursue it at the time and I didn't linger on the thought.  But now I saw the resemblance in the face.  Sure the eyes were different colors but the outline of her cheekbones, the curve of their lips, the shape of her mouth.  It was a bit spooky.

I shook it off and returned to kissing her.

We changed positions a few times.  She rolled on top of me.  That looked and felt wonderful.  I am more of a leg and behind man but Sandee certainly has wonderful breasts.  Again she was doing the massaging thing with her fingers as she moved over me.

But as good as it felt I was pretty sure I was not going to ejaculate.  We rolled back over into missionary.  I was pretty sure she had an orgasm.  I say that just by her expression and her sighs.  Wearing the condom I was not as sure as I normally am.

Finally I slowed down, my penis still in her.  I think we looked at each other and giggled with exhaustion.  Sandee said "you are a machine!"

That felt good, I was pretty sure she enjoyed it.  We lingered in that position for several minutes and just kissed.  At one point she blew on my chest as if to cool me down.  I can't tell you how gratifying it was to have someone do a simple act to pleasure me.

It's funny, that ease of mind and tranquility of just being there with her turned me on more than anything.  I slowly started to thrust again faster and harder until we were fucking hard again.  I really thought I would cum but in the end I didn't want to turn this into an overheated machine.

Then, I did what I had never done.  I faked it (slightly).

I didn't want Sandee to think I didn't enjoy this because I truly did but I also didn't want to turn something that I was fairly sure had been good for her into a chore.  Even though I didn't ejaculate during intercourse I was very happy and satisfied.  Actually guys can sometimes have an non-ejaculation mini-orgasm and that is essentially what I had.

It was getting late now, almost dark outside.  We had to get home.

We cleaned up a bit and drove back to her car.  We talked about next week.  Things were going to be slow at work for me.  Most of my staff was going to be at a conference on Monday, perhaps I could "show her around!"

I said, I would like to have another "soup date" soon and she said that she would to.

Wow, that only took me 24 Sandee posts to get to the sex!  And some people say I over-analyze and delay commitment to the last possible moment.

Author's Note:    Please do not take this post as an admonishment of using condoms.  Obviously they restrict feeling but they are a necessary and highly advisable adaptation if you are going to be carrying out these types of activities.  So use them, at least until you are pretty damn sure you and your partner are not out roaming the prairies for other "hook ups."  Remember, if you are capable of cheating on your spouse, your partner is certainly capable of cheating on you!  So as they used to say on that Police Show "be safe out there!"

Damn, I'd of made a good politician.  Do you think a Conservative Super Pac would find out about all this Ashley Madison stuff if I ever ran for office?  Yeah, better stick to sanitation engineer as a career!


Gertie said...

Delving deeper into the mind of a man we know now how men fake orgasms, a much lauded topic recently on the internet. Do you think all men are faking it because they are thinking of their wives?

JK - Great post,glad you finally closed.

Anonymous said...

Atta boy Ryan!

I'm guessing things will "happen" easier next time.

I would imagine being with someone new would be both exciting and nerve racking.

Anonymous said...

You are not obtuse and forgetful. You, Sir, are a tease. LOL! Glad you finally told us what happened (after teasing us with the first couple of paragraphs). Faked it (slightly), huh? Well, at least it (the encounter) happened.

david said...

Raincoats kill it for me too.I've had to fake several times when using them in the past. These days if I can't skinny dip I just pass on the sex.I'm thinking of getting snipped but just have not got comfortable with the idea of shooting blanks for the rest of my life. As for STDs the risk is worth the pleasure to me. I have had myself tested twice this year already after questionable hook ups.

Elle said...

Ah, now isn't this such a metaphor for life. We put all our time, energy, and faith into chasing something we think we want, only to be underwhelmed once we get it... or worse yet to realize we've been chasing the same thing we've been trying to run away from.