Monday, November 26, 2012

All I Want to Do is to See You Again

"Is that too much to ask for?"

I had thought about making today's post title from the Pearl Jam song "Better Man."  It's another one of my favorites from them and would have made for a nice trilogy of Pearl Jam songs for my end of summer Sandee posts.  But I heard that Depeche Mode song "See You" on First Wave the other day. Depeche Mode is Richard Blade's favorite band.  I thought the song fit for today.

But before I do anything else I want to congratulate PonyBoy, Tempting SweetsVanilla Mom, and Naughty Kitty for their inclusion in Rori's annual Top 100 Sex Bloggers.  That is quite an accomplishment!  Well, congratulations to all that were included but those above are the one's I tend to follow so I'm proud of them.  I'm particularly proud of Pony since his inclusion means there is hope for us ex-jocks of the world!   :)

Anyway, looking over the "Better Man" lyrics they don't seem like Sandee at all; although perhaps Shannon.

"She lies and says she's in love with him, can't find a better man...."

"She loved him, yeah...she don't want to leave this way..."

Yeah those are more Shannon than Sandee.

No, late summer was not a melancholy Pearl Jam song for me.  It wasn't a dark Depeche Mode song either but "See You" is not one of their typical dark songs.  Even though the song is from the perspective of a guy singing about a girl he hasn't seen in five years, it does have a hopeful beat!  I guess that is how I feel about Sandee.  Sometimes it does feel like a long time between times that I see her but I am always hopeful to see her again.

Late summer was indeed a nice time for us.  Sandee and I got back into a rhythm.  And it was not all about sex either.  In fact most of the time we met we were just kayaking or walking.  We even went to see The Campaign, we had been looking forward to sharing a Will Ferrell movie together for a long time.  It was the second movie we had seen, we saw the Hunger Games together earlier.

Those were some blissful weeks.  Paddling along a river next to Sandee bathed in the warmth of the summer sun and seeing her golden hair reflect the light from that afternoon sun was such peace.

Often we would paddle over to the banks at some point.  Alone, we would just sit and talk and often drift into more as the cover of the foliage might provide.  On the other side of the river we were in another state.  Of course that physical presence was overshadowed by the spiritual travels we made to that other state of peace on those banks that was separate from the life we lead on the other side of that river.  For those moments we were warmed by the sun and by each other.  Sandee always says I'm a calming influence on her.  I am glad of that.  It calms me to be that calming influence for her.

I felt connected to her at this point.  I was not sure where this would lead but I knew I needed her in my life as a friend or lover.  I could take either as long as I had days like this to look forward to and to enjoy.

So as summer fadded to fall all I really wanted to do right then was to see Sandee again.

Take a listen to that Depeche Mode song.  It starts out with a typical Depeche techno sound but then bleeds into a very Beetlesque sound in the chorus.

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Same sassy girl said...

So strange... I've been lying in bed praying those words... just let me see him again. *sigh